Effective Guide on Fantasy Sports: A Profitable Gaming Niche

Updated 30 november 2023

Fantasy sports, being a great substitute for betting and web casinos, are now gaining much popularity among gamblers. Many players are fascinated by the style of these entertainments and are excited to test their knowledge of sports and analytics skills.

Fantasy sports: basic information

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General Information

Fantasy amusements are based on sports statistics, and over the past 2 decades, this niche has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, reaching nearly $19 billion in 2019. For instance, in the United States, this amusement is favoured by 60+ million people.

How do gamblers play fantasy entertainment? Here are key features:

  1. From a few people to thousands of participants can take part in the game.
  2. Punters make up virtual teams of popular athletes before the sports season starts.
  3. Gamblers can trade or drop their contestants, aiming to have high-record groups.
  4. Each sport has its exclusive scoring system and draft rules.

The most popular activities are:

  • baseball;
  • soccer;
  • cricket;
  • racing;
  • golf;
  • hockey;
  • basketball.

Historical Facts

The roots of the entertainment date back to the 1950s with baseball-themed table games like the American Professional Baseball Association (APBA) and Strat-O-Matic. In such amusements, punters used dice rolls and stats from past seasons to determine winners.

In the 1960s, Wilfred "Bill" Winkenbach, a participant of the Oakland Raiders, collaborated with sports reporters Stirling and Ross to invent the initial fantasy American football game.

In the late 90s, the Internet fueled a surge in the popularity of the niche, making the necessary data easily reachable.

By the 2000s, fantasy sports had become famous enough to inspire the TV show "The League," which aired from 2009 to 2015.

Virtual Sports VS Fantasy Sports

Virtual sports rely on Random Number Generators (RNG), making every outcome completely accidental, like a slot machine. They are separate from real-life events and are pitched as an off-season alternative for traditional sports betting, also aiming to attract punters to casino games.

On the other hand, fantasy sports revolve around building imaginary teams based on authentic performances. This fosters competition among participants who strategise and compete based on real-life sports statistics.

Traditional Betting VS. Fantasy Sports

This entertainment was a way to enjoy bidding in the USA when regular activities were prohibited. However, fantasy sports are different from conventional bidding. Popular in the US, they reward knowledge and strategy, operating in a legal grey area in several states.

Some other countries have unclear or absent wagering laws regarding fantasy sports. For instance, Estonia considers it sports bidding if there's a wager or prize involved, while in states like Ukraine and Japan, the regulations are less defined.

In Argentina, Brazil, and India, the federal stance is unclear, leaving it to local authorities to decide on legality.

The Main Things about Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports games: key notions

The popularity of the sector keeps growing, showing a lot of potential. In several states, fantasy sports are still not regulated, and in some places, they are not even seen as gambling.

Here are the key things about this type of entertainment:

  • Fantasy sports rely on skills, letting punters manage teams with real athletes.
  • Lots of people enjoy these games for friendly competition, socialising, and big wins.
  • They are easy to play and cover various sports like basketball or hockey, baseball, football, and others.

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Updated 30 november 2023