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Updated 10 july 2024

According to the statistics, the number of those who want to become entrepreneurs increases each year. It is not surprising: to run own business, earn a regular income and depend on no one is a tempting perspective. The Internet just provides more opportunities for it.

Buying an online casino franchise

Modern technologies have touched gambling business, too. Today you can open online clubs similar to land based casinos. It is a profitable affair, as betting has been existing for thousands of years not losing its popularity even today. The number of online casino business opportunities has been increasing year after year; a lot of new products such as bitcoin casino software appear on the market.

An online casino franchise is one of the ways how to create a gambling establishment. In this article, we will discuss what franchise is, what its advantages are and how to buy it.

What is an Online Casino Franchise?

It is the right to use the name of a well-known provider (a franchiser), its unique style, license and other paraphernalia of its business that is bought by other company or a natural person (a franchisee). As a result, the franchisee acquires a ready-made casino that does not need promoting since everyone has already heard its brand.

The parties shall conclude a concession contract where all the rights and obligations of the parties, conditions and other essential aspects are stated. The franchiser receives a lump sum (single payment for joining the franchise) and royalties (periodical charges paid by the franchisee). Royalties can be a fixed sum, an interest from a margin or a percentage of turnover.

The advantages of a franchise:

  1. It is a fast and straightforward way to open a business. To prepare and launch a casino will take a few weeks. Other methods of creating an online casino require much more time.
  2. It saves time and nerves. In addition to the brand of the franchiser, the franchisee acquires its experience and business processes. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and learn from mistakes: the franchiser has already been through all the problems and knows what is what.
  3. It optimises marketing expenses. To build a strong, successful business is a painstaking and expensive process. In case of a franchise, these concerns will not be your job, as the brand of the franchiser has already had its value and popularity.
  4. The franchiser consults participants of its network and often helps run the business: develops marketing campaigns, estimates budgets, creates the design and so on.
  5. It provides staff training on all the levels. The owner of the franchise is interested in the success of its partners, as its royalties depend on it. That is the reason why it is a builder of franchisee’s staff capacity.

For the franchiser, it is an excellent way to expand its business without making any financial investments for its part. Of course, the franchiser has to control operation of other companies; nonetheless, many successful enterprises choose to provide a franchise.

How Much Does an Online Casino Franchise Cost?

Everything depends on many factors, but first of all, on the popularity of the brand. Promotion of the more popular establishment will be much cheaper. What is more, internal processes are set better. For a less popular franchise, fewer funds may be required on the first stage, but the total number of expenditures can even exceed investments in a more expensive product.

Generally speaking, various companies offer different prices varying from several hundreds of thousands to several millions of roubles. Besides, do not forget that apart from an entrance fee, the franchisee has to pay royalties that we have already mentioned above.

Comparison of an Online Casino Franchise With Other Ways of Launching an Online Casino

Opening own business is an important step; it is worth considering alternatives.

In gambling business, there are the following variants:

  • To create a casino on your own. As an operator, you will have to investigate the issue and go through all the stages of launching a business alone. So everything from negotiations with jurisdictions about getting a license to signing contracts with gaming software providers will be your and no one else’s job.
  • To order a turnkey casino. In this case, a contractor will be responsible for the whole process of creating a gaming business: obtaining a license and other needed documents, opening an account, developing a platform, selecting games etc.
  • To buy a casino script (a ready-made code that needs integrating into a website). A script is a product that can be used here and now, but it is often raw and needs some improvements to work properly.

  • To purchase or rent a casino. Gambling software for sale is a common business. For example, you can buy a White Label establishment and brand it with own logo. It is a convenient variant, but all in all, it is not a unique product.

Of all these ways, of course, the first one is the most complicated. If you do not have enough relevant experience, to create a functioning legal business is almost impossible. Also, the whole process will be time-consuming, as just obtaining a license may be as long as several months.

If you purchase a franchise, you will get rid of all these fears: a customer can be sure that he/she will acquire a ready-made casino in the end.

Ready-made online casino

How to Choose an Online Casino Franchise?

Though a franchise is an attractive way of opening an online casino, you have to choose it responsibly. If a potential franchiser is reluctant to provide you with all the information about the franchise, its terms and conditions but requires advance payment without any preparatory work and reading documents first, you had better not cooperate with such a company.

An entrepreneur should review the timeline of the enterprise, feedback about its work, documents on operations. The franchiser has to provide all the information about the business even data concerning prior or current court cases. Ideally, it is better to apply to a mediator that will help choose a reliable franchise.

Online Casino Market is a Provider of Popular Franchises for Online Casinos

If you desire to purchase a franchise from a reliable provider, Online Casino Market is your choice. Online gambling business for sale has been the company’s speciality for many years. That is the reason why it possesses outstanding experience in this sphere.

Why is it worth cooperating with Online Casino Market?

  • An experienced company that has been on the market for more than 10 years.
  • A wide range of products: not only franchises but also payment systems, live casino software, promotion services and so on.
  • Gambling software from such leading producers as NetEnt, Playtech, Igrosoft, Amatic and others.
  • Specialists who know all the ins and outs of the gaming business.
  • Individual approach to each client.

To start cooperation, please contact us via email, Skype, feedback form or call back. Our manager will tell you about all the products, their peculiarities and ask leading questions. As a result, he/she will select the product that will suit your needs the best and allow you to achieve success.

Choose the type of gambling business
Turnkey online casino
Live casino
White Label casino
Bookmaker’s office
Choose the type of gambling business
Turnkey online casino

Start a profitable iGaming project in a few months with minimal upfront investment. The solution includes a catalogue of slots, a well-thought-out website, a payment module and other useful services.

Live casino

Launch a live platform with an atmosphere of the best casinos and poker clubs. We offer exciting games with live dealers, broadcasts of HD quality, and an attractive bonus program.

White Label casino

Order a casino with a licence issued in a prestigious jurisdiction. Working with the parent company will speed up the process of launching a gaming site with a portfolio of games and financial tools.

Bookmaker’s office

Launch a betting project with the widest event line and predictions from leading niche analysts. A huge selection of licensed software solutions for accepting pre-match bets and organising live broadcasts is available.


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