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Updated 12 july 2024

Where do people gamble the most? For sure, your first thought was the Old or New World, and that is Europe and America. And it is true. In these parts of the world, gambling has been allowed for a long time, and the casino market has been mastered. Now it is very difficult for a new gambling project to force its way through.

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It is logical that you pay attention to those countries where the gambling market is still developing. The niche is empty, and the potential is high. Let us talk about how to open an Internet cafe and casino in South Africa and why businessmen prefer this format.

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A Casino Market in South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost country of the African continent and an economic centre with a multinational population. If you want to master the territory of Africa, South Africa should become a starting point.

But there is an atypical situation here that is related to gambling: land-based casinos are allowed but online services are prohibited. Therefore, businessmen have to invent workarounds that will allow them to meet the demands of players and remain as clean as a whistle.

For example, it became very popular to play slots in an Internet cafe. It looks like in all parts of the world — a small institution with installed computers, hardware, and access to the Internet.

Internet cafes are different from gambling halls with slot machines in three aspects:

  1. This business may act like both an Internet cafe and a casino. It means that you can let out PCs for business, educational, and entertainment purposes.
  2. Gamblers will play slots not on special machines but on computers or laptops.
  3. An Internet cafe does not provide gambling services but only lets out a PC, on which a visitor can launch online slots.

Besides the registration with government authorities in South Africa, you will need to obtain a license in one of the offshore countries — Malta, Gibraltar, and Curacao — because you can open an Internet cafe in South Africa but it will be necessary to obtain a license for the provision of online gambling services.

Slots That are Very Popular in South Africa

Slots in South Africa

South African players prefer the same games as gamblers in other parts of the world. Bright, colourful slot machines with good graphics and interesting mechanics are always in demand.

It is recommended to install slots from world-famous developers since players in South Africa already know and trust them — Novomatic, PlayTech, Microgaming, Amatic, Igrosoft, NetEnt, etc.

The development of unique slots with unusual mechanics also pays its way. As in any other country, non-standard games attract visitors and make them leave other gambling establishments and start visiting your casino.

Nuances of the Work of an Internet Cafe

Of course, it will not be a good idea to implement slots directly into computers in the Internet cafe. However, by allowing visitors to connect to any casino via the Internet, you can lose part of the income. Local providers will probably be against it as well.

The solution, in this case, is quite simple — you need to install the specialised gambling software that will help you to monitor the activity of each computer and save you from unnecessary losses.

The gambling software for Internet cafes should be installed on all computers in the room. The administrator’s computer will be the one, from which you can manage other equipment, monitor the actions of players, etc. At the same time, owners of such an establishment can be located anywhere in the world and control everything via remote access.

There are several requirements for gambling software:

  1. It should be as secure as possible, successfully deal with external attacks, and be resistant to internal interventions (illegal actions of gamblers and staff).
  2. All programs must work quickly, without delays and failures.
  3. It is important that you can install new slots on your gaming system at any time, in other words, the system must be flexible and compatible.

That is why it is very important to purchase the licensed software, which has already gone through paces and successfully brings profit to owners of other gambling establishments.

How to Find Good Suppliers?

To open a lucrative internet cafe casino South Africa is a perfect choice. The main thing is to start cooperation with reliable providers.

To find a good vendor, pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. The subjects of internet cafe slots. Choose relevant solutions from respectable firms. Outdated themes and game mechanics cannot attract enough potential customers and generate decent revenues.
  2. The reliability of internet cafe gambling software. Worthy suppliers are confident in the high quality of their products. Such solutions are tested by the best iGaming laboratories for the correct operation of program components, in particular the random number generator.
  3. The recognition of internet cafe casino software. Avoid cooperation with little-known brands. They may entice you with too low prices. However, this should alert you. Often, such offers hide products of dubious quality.
  4. The ease of connection. The integration of gambling software for intenet cafe establishments should be simple and fast. API tools allow operators to achieve this result. After the installation, an entrepreneur can make the desired changes to the system without any programming knowledge or skills.
  5. Modern technologies. If you want to try VR and AR internet cafe software South Africa is a great environment for getting new experiences. This niche is not occupied today. Therefore, you have a chance to take a worthy place in this promising field. Crypto gaming solutions deserve special attention. They will allow you to attract a wide audience due to their high security and anonymity.
  6. Various cooperation formats. When launching an internet gambling cafe, an operator should receive access to a wide range of possible work schemes. Studios with a limited budget prefer franchising, which involves renting software. A good supplier should provide a broad selection of options for internet cafe casino start-ups of various scales. At the same time, large projects buy finished products or develop their original solutions.
  7. The promotion of internet cafe online casino projects. The right approach to the advertisement and marketing activities proposed by a provider will let you quickly reach a wide audience, retain promising customers, and get significant profits.

How to Open an Internet Cafe and Casino in South Africa Legally?

Internet cafe in South Africa

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Updated 12 july 2024