How to Start an Online Gambling Business in Malta? The Online Casino Market Expert Answers

Updated 24 september 2019

Malta is one of the most popular offshore destinations to launch online gambling business. A lot of Online Casino Market clients have already registered their projects in this country and can gladly share with you the entire process.

Online gambling license in Malta: how to register a casino

So, in order to start your online gambling business in Malta you will need to:

  • submit the application;
  • get verified by LGA regulative authorities;
  • ensure you have at least two shareholders in the company;
  • pay registration fees;
  • receive VAT number;
  • arrange your legal address;
  • assign financial, executive directors, as well as other employees;
  • submit your business plan.

These steps will allow you to receive a gaming license that will make you proceed with launching your business establishment.

What are the Necessary Documents to Get a License in Malta?

The list of all the documentation that you will need to collect before applying for the license is quite long but make sure you miss none of them since you probably don’t want to return to the initial stage:

  • copies of birth certificates and IDs of the company’s founders;
  • copies of the Statute and Founders contract; 
  • shareholders’ photos;
  • clean record certificates;
  • financial reports on the current activity;
  • guarantees from banks that confirm available funds on the accounts;
  • recommendations by business representatives and financiers; 
  • documents providing proof for office location: utility bills or lease payments;
  • company’s business plan;
  • information about partners and copies of contracts with them;
  • operator’s application for a casino license.

How to Get a Gambling License in Malta with Online Casino Market?

Of course, it isn't easy to collect all the necessary information to be able to apply for the license. Luckily, there is a professional company that can offer you a turnkey business option. Online Casino Market can set up your business so that you will forget about all the problems and issues. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 24 september 2019