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Updated 12 july 2024

Since the introduction of the blockchain technology, the world has two different points of view: some people unequivocally believe in the future of the cryptocurrency, and others consider it as another pyramid.

Blockchain technology in online casinos

But it can’t be said about the gambling industry. Almost every experienced casino owner has already discovered immediate and side advantages of a blockchain casino, which makes such a business a must have for anyone who wants to create a reliable income stream. Below, we are going to tell you how the blockchain casino has quickly got the upper hand in the gambling market and why it continues to attract more and more fans.

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The Main Advantages of a Blockchain Casino

Иконка чекбокса

A quick start. You can launch a blockchain casino in just two or three weeks. It is worth noting that to create a standard online casino that accepts various currencies for payment and is required to operate in a certain jurisdiction you will have to waste up to two months.

Иконка чекбокса

Simple monetary transactions in comparison with transactions with cash currencies. When you pay in rubles, euro or dollars, you need to indicate your bank account and other data but when you deal with the cryptocurrency, all that is needed is to indicate the number of your e-wallet. It is applicable both to owners of blockchain casino and to gamblers.

Иконка чекбокса

A license is not needed. Since cryptocurrencies do not belong to any state, and, accordingly, are not regulated by any of them, are not placed in bank accounts or connected to data, on the basis of which it is possible to identify the user, the license for the conduct of the gambling business related to the blockchain casino is not necessary.

Иконка чекбокса

Low competition. This parameter is comparative. We mean that, in comparison with traditional online gaming clubs, competition among blockchain casinos is much lower, which means that it is easier to enter this market.

Иконка чекбокса

A minimal commission. You can forget about various conversions and high bank commissions. In the world of the blockchain, funds are transferred directly from one e-wallet to another, and there is no intermediary who will take out your money.

Bitcoins are transferred directly from one e-wallet to another

What you will read below is not a straight argument in favour of the opening of a blockchain casino but it is also impossible not to mention it. Even if you are not going to create an entirely new gambling platform yet, it will be useful for you to know about the changes in the industry. We hope that you will also think about opening a blockchain branch in an already existing gambling establishment.

What other benefits can the implementation of a blockchain channel bring you?

  • An increase in customers who are not ready to invest cash in games but who are not against spending bitcoins.
  • A blockchain casino has a huge potential already at the beginning. This potential lies in the number of gamblers. Now there are still not so many people that have bitcoins but, with each passing month, there will be more and more of them.
  • To earn money and keep savings on a crypto-wallet is beneficial for countries and regions with an economic insecurity.

Instead of the Conclusion

The share of the blockchain casino in the online gambling market is barely 15%. However, taking into account the rate of development of the industry, it may safely be said that this number will grow, and very quickly.

At the current stage of development of the cryptocurrency, there is only one potential risk: the rejection of electronic money by central banks of major countries. But considering the fact that even some countries, for example, Kazakhstan, have initiated the creation of the state cryptocurrency, this assumption seems absurd. Anyway, it is less dangerous than if your bank account will just be blocked because of some «suspicious» activity. Exactly this problem can be solved by the blockchain casino.

Blockchain casino solves the problem with banks

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Karen Fill

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Updated 12 july 2024