SEO Marketing for Gaming Sites in 2024: Key Trends

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Updated 04 october 2022

Experts of the Online Casino Market company will tell you about the advantages and nuances of SEO promotion of internet platforms that offer entertainment for money.

SEO marketing for casinos: general info

We will acquaint you with the key trends and give recommendations for their proper use in the iGaming industry.

What Is SEO Promotion of a Digital Casino

Search Engine Optimisation is a set of measures aimed at improving the position of a gaming site in search results.

Most often, marketers focus on the Google global network. When working with a post-Soviet audience, it is also necessary to take into account the ranking algorithms of the Yandex search engine, and for gamblers from Asia, we recommend that operators use Baidu.

SEO promotion is aimed at advertising iGaming projects on the Internet. At the same time, the task set can be very different but among the main ones, we can name the increase in the traffic of the resource.

A good strategy can also increase the percentage of conversion. This is the number of players who not only opened the online casino platform but also performed a target action, for example, made an initial deposit. As a result, entrepreneurs receive interested users and the growth in profit for the reporting period.

Benefits of SEO Instruments for a Gaming Site

SEO promotion of gaming sites: benefits

Key advantages of the described marketing trick:

Increase in the coverage of the audience

SEO is an effective method for driving organic traffic. In this case, gamblers decide to visit the site and play the selected entertainment.

This type of marketing does not involve artificial traffic cheating, the use of bots, or other kinds of manipulation. Business owners receive an inflow of the target audience, as well as an increase in conversion and profits

Long-lasting effect

With a competent approach, an online casino will be at the top of queries (Zero-click search results) for a long time. Specialists only need to follow external links and timely update the gaming site

Democratic price

SEO will cost less compared to other promotion methods: SMM marketing or contextual and native advertising.

Savings are achieved due to a lasting effect, the use of free analytics tools (services from Google and Yandex), and mass traffic.

In general, the marketing budget depends on the starting positions of the resource and the customers’ goals

Improvement of image indicators

A stable presence in the TOP of search engines contributes to the growth of the iGaming brand recognition.

Such a gambling site evokes greater confidence on the part of the audience. Players will be happy to register on the platform, make deposits, and launch their favourite games

The Main Trend of 2024: the Update of Google Algorithms

The ranking of platforms on the Internet is based on built-in mathematical models. Search robots evaluate pages according to the given parameters: the more matches, the higher the position of the resource in search results.

How the Global Network Functions

The benchmark for most marketers is Google algorithms. The global network is constantly updating the ranking rules, which has become a trend in recent years.

Mathematical models process real data (Real User Monitoring or RUM) for the last 1–1,5 months. The more user-friendly an iGaming platform is, the better it is indexed.

How Google uses artificial intelligence technologies:

  1. MUM. The solution is designed for the fastest possible recognition and evaluation of videos, images, and texts. The program analyses the context of the proposed types of content. The multitasking product was translated into more than 75 languages.
  2. LaMDA. The engine is based on machine learning. It studies multimodal models (text, sound, video, and pictures) in order to collect as many facts as possible for various search queries. Moreover, the program automatically builds dialogues with users based on their previous requests.

Ground Ranking Rules

The most relevant algorithms from Google in 2024 are:

  1. Mobile-First Indexing. The program analyses the mobile version of an online casino and evaluates its technical characteristics and content. If a project has only a desktop site, the chances of getting into Zero-click results are significantly reduced.
  2. Core Web Vitals. These are performance parameters of the gambling resource. The system focuses on 3 key factors: content loading speed, layout stability, and the waiting time for the interaction with pages. If the duration of the page loading is more than 4 seconds, the algorithm evaluates it with a minus sign. To meet the requests of gamblers, a digital casino should work quickly and without delay.
  3. Page Experience. It means the usability assessment of desktop and mobile versions of the casino. The algorithm examines the resource for compliance with the rules of Core Web Vitals, the presence of the HTTPS security protocol, and the absence of intrusive advertising. An important role is played by compliance with the Mobile First trend, according to which the site and entertainment content are developed first for gadgets and then adapted for desktop PCs.
  4. Passage Ranking. These are rules for assessing long-reads where only part of the content meets the user's request. The system ranks long texts to find specific fragments and automatically breaks the material into short thematic paragraphs.

The task of marketers is to adapt online casinos to Google algorithms. All subsequent work (technical interventions, publication of materials) must comply with the new ranking rules.

SEO Promotion Trends in the Gambling Business

Gambling business SEO promotion: trends

Let us consider the key areas in the work of SEO specialists in 2024.

Schema and Open Graph Micromarking

Correct placement of video, graphic, and text elements on the page is the key to the successful indexing of a site. The program must clearly evaluate the content of the resource in order to show platforms that are relevant and useful for players.

Micromarking is not a new phenomenon for SEO but in 2024, Google has paid much more attention to this issue. The changes are caused both by the releases of new algorithms and the desire of the global network to become as close to casino visitors as possible.

The ranking rules focus on 2 types of micromarking:

  • (for the search engine);
  • Open Graph (for social networks).

It is worth taking into account both options since, through the search engine, you can immediately go to the online casino page in the messenger (for example, on Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram) and back. rules are made for Google but internet start-ups are also well indexed in Yandex, Yahoo!, and other search engines.

Basic microformats that should be highlighted on a gaming site:

  • organisation;
  • product;
  • review;
  • article;
  • publication in a blog;
  • FAQ;
  • video.

Promotion Using the Voice Search

In 2021, more than 50% of requests were made using voice (such software as Alisa and Siri), and by 2025, this figure promises to grow by another 20%. Gamblers choose voice search because of its convenience and practicality. It is much easier and faster to say a key phrase than to type it on the touch keyboard.

Optimisation of sites for this SEO trend will attract a new audience to your internet platform and allow you to retain regular customers.

Ways to improve the gambling resource:

  • addition of “tails” to the key phrases — clarifying words that help to find the most perfect match on the question;
  • inclusion of the words “where” (for example, “where to play”), “how” (“how to withdraw funds”), etc. in headings, subheadings, and other structural units;
  • a thorough check of the site for compliance with the microformats of a layout.

Optimisation according to the EAT Evaluation Principles

The EAT ranking algorithm is focused on 3 parameters:

  • expertise — authors of publications have a deep knowledge of all the nuances of the industry);
  • authoritativeness — impeccable reputation of the internet resource;
  • trustworthiness — truthfulness of posted information, organisation of fact-checking.

Each evaluation criterion is applied to all materials on the portal: texts, graphics, video, audio, etc.

Compliance with the EAT principles is mandatory for education, medicine, finance, and law platforms. For the casino industry, the application of the concept is more of a recommendation. However, internet-based establishments with expert, authoritative, and credible content always get higher positions in search engines.

Factors that help operators increase EAT indicators:

  • the “About the company” page with copies of licences and certificates of conformity;
  • the FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions;
  • a page with feedback from real players (on the operation of the casino, the catalogue of entertainment, the interaction with the support service, as well as the deposition and withdrawal of funds);
  • references of the iGaming project on third-party resources and good ratings on special platforms;
  • high-quality link mass.

Local SEO

In the context of the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, local searches have become very popular. People use Google My Business, Google Maps, and other tools to find the necessary object (company, store, post office) nearby.

Local SEO is more relevant for land-based casinos. However, the owners of iGaming sites should also consider this trend. At the very least, operators can enter their company information into Maps. Players will see that the brand has a real office with the necessary registration and staff.

Google has taken several steps to develop this business area:

  • statistics of maps and searches were improved using the Maps tool;
  • a personalised feed in the “What's next” section was introduced (gamblers can find out about the upcoming events where the operator will participate);
  • the company's age is now shown in the search results;
  • the Guaranteed mark was added (it confirms that the entrepreneur has been verified and qualified by Google).

Optimisation for the Answer Boxes

It is aimed at improving the gaming site’s snippet. This is a text preview of the content of the page that the user sees in the search engine. The proper creation of the snippet will ensure that it gets into the block with Google answers and improves the general indexing of the platform.

Recommendations related to the optimisation of the snippet:

  • use Rich Snippets — special markup for data structuring;
  • publish informative and reliable materials;
  • correctly create the Title and Description (concise information with contact details, available bonuses, and benefits that are offered to players);
  • analyse the actions of competitors.

The Main Things about the SEO Promotion of an iGaming Project

The tool is aimed at increasing the site’s position in the search results of Google, Yandex, and other global systems.

  • The advantages of the marketing method include an increase in audience coverage, a long-term effect, affordable cost, and improvement of the image indicators of online casinos.
  • The main trend of 2024 is the update of Google's ranking rules. These are Mobile-First Indexing, Core Web Vitals, Page Experience, Passage Ranking, and other algorithms. Search bots work based on artificial intelligence. It is possible thanks to the use of advanced MUM and LaMDA technologies.
  • Among the key SEO trends, we can name Schema and Open Graph markup, voice search promotion, answer boxes, local SEO, as well as optimisation based on EAT algorithms.

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