Skrill: Online Casino Payment System

Skrill: Online Casino Payment System

Updated 10 february 2023

A payment system Skrill was registered in London in at the beginning of the XXI century. Previously, its title was Moneybookers. Despite of the fact that this is a relatively new company, today the service is very popular and is used in over 180 countries, and the number of its users has reached 7 million. Currently, the development of the Skrill service continues, the company is expanding its geographic boundaries.

Features of Moneybookers are similar to a well-known online casino payment system PayPal, which does not offer e-currency, but allows depositing with all known currencies in the world. 

The Payment System

The described casino payment method enables customers to pay for products and services in an extremely easy way. All what you need is to pass the registration procedure on the system’s website, and then to receive an access to any of its services. However, you should remember that operations are limited in their size, although it is possible to get increased with a procedure of verification of the client’s personal data.

How to Register in Skrill

Simple steps needed to register in Skrill

The process of registration and creation of an account won’t need any complicated manipulations – only your personal e-mail box. You will be able to send money to another recipient very quickly by entering his e-mail, and he will receive them just after he has logged in and created a personal account.

Restrictions connected with the registration exist only for those who are under the age of 18 years.

While transferring money from a banking card or an account it is necessary to type-in your personal data indicated on the credit card, or banking particulars. It is worth remembering that all personal data must be reliable, otherwise the further work in this online casino payment system will not be possible. The correctness and reliability of data are strictly controlled, and its analysis is done by the security service of the Skrill system.


You must also pay attention to the verification process in Moneybookers. It was developed to increase a limit of payments and could be undertaken in three ways.

Besides, it is possible to verify with your banking account, on which the system transfers a small amount of money along with a secret code. After you enter it in the online casino payment system, the verification is passed.

The verification in Moneybookers may be carried out also by the usage of a banking card, for which the system must remove a little sum of money. The customer will get it back later. You can find out how much money has been removed through extracts from the bank. Then you will need to enter it into a special form on the system’s website. This makes the administration sure that your personal data are reliable.

To make a successful process termination you should provide the Moneybookers system with a scan of your passport and a proof that you really live at the indicated address – for instance, copies of utility bills. The result of these actions will be an increase of the limit to 2.5 million euro.

A deep verification of the identity may be a good way to increase limits even more. In this case the administration of Skrill sends a verification code to your e-mail, and you are to enter it into a special form. When you will pass through this procedure the limit will be increased to 3 thousand euro.

Online casino deposit and withdrawal methods become available to customers, who have made all the above mentioned steps.

According to statistics, during the existence of the company more than 36 millions of users have registered in it, and now they have created their accounts and they carry out financial operations in 200 countries worldwide in forty currencies. In the meantime, all personal information about the Skrill users is completely confidential.

Advantages of This Casino Payment Method

  • ability of payment for products and services quickly, and a replenishment of the Skype account;
  • passage of the verification process in a short period of time – a maximum of 48 hours;
  • ability to open several accounts to make transactions in multiple currencies;
  • presence of the Russian-speaking technical support service, which can give personal advice;
  • provision of a card Skrill Prepaid MasterCard;
  • ability to increase limits of transactions;
  • possibility of reducing fees for financial operations within the usage of the Moneybookers system;
  • ability to withdraw funds in ATMs in every country without a commission fee;
  • provision of simplified requirements for the VIP-status;
  • favorable conversion rates;
  • possibility of withdrawal of $ 500 cash per day.

More About Skrill

  • As for the usage of the described online casino payment system, it doesn’t require any special software – all operations are made right in the browser.
  • However, it is better for you to remember about the impossibility to exchange funds for money in other systems; if the administration finds out about it, the customer's account will be blocked.
  • All payments that have been made through the casino payment method can’t be returned, because these funds are electronic.
  • All transactions carried out in the Moneybookers system are limited, all attempts to use the account for other purposes are tracked by the security service, and such accounts will also be blocked.


So we can say that the online casino payment system Skrill is a service, which provides you with an opportunity to carry out payments in a quick and safe way.

All you are going to need is an e-mail box (which in this case serves as an identifier) and a password. There is no need to indicate any personal data, for example from the passport or driver's license. To transfer funds, you will need to enter your credit card or a banking account data only for once – all further transactions will be carried out automatically. An account with the funds is not a banking one – it is a kind of electronic money.

Among all online gambling payment methods this one is considered to be very easy to use, and it may be applied successfully in online gambling establishments, especially in poker rooms, were players receive an opportunity to transfer their money from one poker room to another.

Casino with Moneybookers provides customers with simple and effective online casino deposit and withdrawal methods. Depositing in betting houses and online casinos is free for all customers.

Replenishment of an account

Two ways of account replenishment in Skrill

In order to make transactions with Skrill you are going to replenish the balance on your account in two ways: from a banking account or a credit card. However, for the depositing option you will have to pass the above mentioned verification procedure. Replenishment of an account can also be made from banking accounts and credit cards of other people who have registered in the system.


This online casino payment system allows you to withdraw money on your credit card or personal banking account. It is possible to connect several accounts to your banking account, but the most profitable one is the account of that bank, which is situated in the country where you live. In this case, the fee for withdrawal will be approximately 50% lower than from other accounts.

Besides, it is worth remembering that the withdrawal of funds is possible only after you have passed the verification process.

All the described advantages enable us to classify this online casino payment system as a great choice to make.

It is possible to buy the Skrill payment system from OnlineCasinoMarket.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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