Three Stages to Open My Casino Business

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Updated 11 december 2019

The decision to open a casino is one of the most promising. Especially, if you have decided to start casino online.

Open my casino business: start an online casino

In order to give some useful clues to organizing casino business, it is better to consider its creation stage by stage. The first stage involves planning and careful consideration of all the details. The second one required some actions on casino business setting up. The third stage presupposes promotion and advertising activities.

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Stage 1. Planning

Legal Aspects Review. To start with, check all the data. The first thing to know is the situation with legal matters regarding the gambling business in your country. You have to study the regulatory framework on these issues in order to prevent facing the situation of performing unlawful activities.

From the very beginning, you shall have the clear understanding of your casino profitability and terms of investment returns. Moreover, you are supposed to invest huge amounts of money. Make sure these funds are not spent in vain.

Feasibility Study. For this, a preliminary feasibility study shall be provided. Engage a professional specialist who can calculate properly all future expenses and profits.

Basing on this feasibility study, prepare a business plan and choose the proper marketing strategy. In order to know more, study your competitors business, taking into account all the aspects they engage to make their business more profitable.

Raise the Funds. Make sure you can raise all the funds which may be required during the process of your gambling business registration. You shall also open a banking account to implement the transactions.

Stage 2. Setting Up

License and Permits. If your country really prohibits gambling, it does not mean you cannot open a casino. In this case, you have only to buy the gambling license overseas.

Online gambling license

In some countries, the gambling license is relatively cheap. You have to pay only up to 30 thousand EUR per year. Costa Rica or Curacao are such jurisdictions. Other countries are really expensive. For example, Malta takes over 150 thousand EUR per year for your gambling license.

Platform. Purchase the platform to house your gambling software. The reliable platform, secure management system, and understandable payment interface are the baseline conditions to take into account. The situations of hackers intrusion or system failure are not acceptable for any kind of gambling business, as it concerns the issue of reputation.

Age Restrictions. In order to prevent access of minors to your online casino, some restrictions shall be provided. When entering the gaming platform, a user shall see a popup form with the relevant age confirmation request and a link to the terms of use.

Arrangement: Features and Tricks. The website shall be arranged in a way to make users forget about the time they are spending for gambling. That is the reason why the vast majority of the land-based casinos removes all clocks and have no windows.

For a gambling web platform, the relevant links, attractive advertising, interesting propositions and other features shall be included to produce the needed effect. Engage professional developers for your online casino and they will implement the best experience of the whole industry in your project.

Software Franchise. Engage a development company to produce an exclusive and unique gaming product for your platform. The slots used in your online casino shall have the unique storylines, catching design and enhanced functionality.

Online casino software under a franchise

The best way is to purchase the software under a franchise. In this case, you possess the product developed by the greatest players of the industry and implement the best solutions developed directly for this software.

Stage 3. Promotion and Advertising

Promotion and advertising are particularly important steps of your casino development, as this activities directly involve users to visit your online casino.

In this view, pay attention to the following:

  • Proper positioning: Your casino business shall have the proper positioning. Ask yourself: What advantages can propose my casino business to the users? Make your casino conditions more attractive than your competitor’s.
  • Contextual advertising: order this service to involve those surfing the web for this kind of entertainment.
  • SEO optimization: activate all necessary tools to promote your casino.
  • Advertising: Make sure that advertising is convincing enough and produces the desired effect inspiring various categories of Internet users to visit your website.
  • Bonuses: The special system of bonuses and member promotions shall be elaborated. There should be introduced effective incentives for making deposits. The same thing shall be provided to prevent too soon leaving the casino.
  • Multilanguage: Your platform shall have the multilanguage interface in order to cover all possible gamers from the whole world.

To reach the desired effect, all these measures shall be implemented consistently on the regular basis.

Website for Sale

A turnkey solution: online casino website

Some companies propose turnkey solutions for the online gambling websites. This is particularly effective, as they have the integral features of unique character and perfect functional characteristics. You may order various options to customize the gaming content according to your vision.

Franchise Opportunities

Online Casino Market provides opportunities to integrate a franchise from any gambling company into your online casino platform. Order the software from the best developers now and create your business to see the profits tomorrow.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 11 december 2019