VR Casino: a Marketing Vehicle or the Future of Global Gambling?

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Updated 08 july 2024

VR technology becomes more and more popular, and for this reason the idea of a "virtual casino" is hardly anyone's surprise. Moreover, today it is so-called new era in gambling, and VR-technologies play a significant role in it. SlotsMillion has already presented a full-fledged virtual casino and continues to actively work on other projects.

VR technology in online gambling

Leading software providers have also began to put this technology into production. High-tech online casino software allows operators to create a unique atmosphere that can take players’ breath away as good as real gambling establishments.

So what is a VR casino and it what way it will develop? We are going to try and cover the topic in this article.

Virtual Reality: its Particularities

Today, by virtue of a rapid increase of the virtual reality technology, thousands of gambling establishments on the Internet work on and actively promote their services. It provokes competition, and for this reason operators have to look for new ways of customer acquisition.

Modern players are no longer fall for welcome bonuses. The online casino development should make a provision for multiplatform, because many gamblers prefer to use smartphones for their entertainment. The more players are satisfied with services, the better it is for owners of casinos.

First of all, operators should aim to create favorable conditions for their clients. The usage of the latest technologies has made games incredibly rich and realistic. We mean not only three-dimensional, but live dealer online casino as well.

Livestream from a studio, gaming equipment and good-looking dealers — online casino software of this kind creates special atmosphere.

Nevertheless, today’s users require something more interactive. Demand for modern technologies is constantly growing, so classical and familiar software in the form of 2D games will soon become irrelevant. Today we can say that virtual casino is the future of online gambling!

This is where people who were born in the 2000s will want to play. And a software provider, who knows it, should invest a lot of money in the VR development, because sooner or later ordinary online casino slots will fall by the wayside.

The gambling world is ready to respond challenges of time and demonstrate all capabilities of a VR casino. And we should say that they can impress even the most skeptical gambler.

What is a Virtual Reality

VR makes it possible to recreate any environment. Computer simulation of reality, multimedia with the effect of presence, etc. — in fact, this technology has many names.

Users feel themselves in like they are in the game. For this purpose a VR-headset or other special devices are made.

The use of such technologies will be relevant in many areas. So far, VR is mainly used for creation of video games, 3D movies, etc.

Virtual reality is sometimes used as a training tool. Thus, you can imitate a certain situation, which may occur in our everyday life (flight simulator, martial exercises, etc.).

It should be highlighted that VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are not convertible terms. The first one creates a unique world, and the second one simply adds elements to a certain situation. AR is usually used for additional information layers (3D photography).

VR Headset and Oculus Rift

The VR headset is needed for those who want to play in Internet casinos. It can be a helmet or special displays that are put on the head. Almost all famous manufacturers of electronics have presented VR helmets.

Users are isolated from the outside world thanks to special designs that subdue all sounds, creating the effect of maximal immersion into a virtual world.

For the first time something similar was presented by the company SEGA in the 90's. Nowadays many people prefer Oculus Rift from Oculus VR. Those who like to spend time playing a virtual casino game have probably heard about this device.

Oculus Rift: virtual reality headset

Oculus Rift boasts a wide coverage area, and integrated headphones create a 3D sound. Due to the presence of an infrared sensor the device is can instantly keep track of even the slightest change in a position.

The presentation of new Oculus Rift glasses took place in 2016. Such glasses were created specifically for a VR casino.

VR in Gambling

Such a technology will surely turn the gambling world on its head. Full soon gamblers will have an opportunity to play video slots, board games and poker under almost real-life conditions while sitting on their sofas. Significance of VR can be compared with mobile technologies, which made it possible to play usual online casino slots via smartphones.

A technology called Google Cardboard is considered to be no less promising. This product is going to make virtual reality as accessible as possible. All you will need is a smartphone and an inexpensive pocket-sized device.

Virtual casino from Microgaming

Microgaming is a pioneer in the gambling world. This innovative firm has always pleased gamblers with different innovations. Now it has made up its mind to keep abreast of the times by allocating long green for the development of the VR technology.

For your reference:

  • Microgaming was the first company which has introduced a full-fledged online casino software;
  • in 2004, the firm has completed the online casino development for mobile devices;
  • in 2014, the developer has excelled itself and introduced online casino slots for smart watches;
  • Microgaming has created many applications for Google Glass using VR and AR.

Recently the company has presented a prototype of VR-roulette that makes gamblers feel like they are in space. Robots accept bets and spins reels (just like dealers). Games are made in such a way that gamblers place bets with their own hands. They see it in nonexistent reality, and it appears very cool. A new roulette was originally shown on ICE Totally Gaming 2016.

VR casino: technologies from NetEnt

This famous Sweden brand does not want to be behind competitors and give up on the title of one of the most innovative developers. The firm pays attention both to a visual component and 3D sound. Sweden software provider has choosen another way while its competitors do not bet big on the sound.

In the framework of ICE 2016 it has presented a slot “Jack's 3D World” on the basis of a popular storyline.

If you are interested, you can visit an official page of the firm on Youtube and get into the spirit of the new virtual casino game. Gamblers can also play Jack's 3D World using Google Cardboard.

What is Waiting for Virtual Reality Technology Down the Road

With the benefit of such a technology you can to improve educational and training apps by several times.

But how exactly will VR be applied in the field of gambling?

Many experts believe that in due course time VR will become a dominant platform. The rest believe that today it is too early to say anything concrete.

Nevertheless, new technologies are successfully used for marketing purposes, and the main barrier for their development is the reluctance of consumers to buy expensive gadgets.

How Much do VR Accessories Cost Today?

As we have already mentioned, the high price is a net detractor of VR. Thus, Oculus Rift will cost $ 600. On the contrary, brands like Sony, Samsung, HTC and Razer have presented more budget choices.

Also, you will need a high-power computer to be able to launch applications. And will cost not less than $ 1500.

However, this factor remains the only sticking point. Today, many companies work on the costs reduction of accessories, so in the near future virtual reality will be accessible to everyone. Technologies forge ahead. Therefore, only those people who live for the now can stay skeptical.

Hot news on how this or that software provider began to enhance efficiency of his online casino software in relation to VR technology appear regularly. You can be 100% sure that those who have once experienced a VR roulette or other virtual casino game will remember these feelings for life, and they will certainly want to play more.

Online Casino Market is in step with the times and already offers the creation of a turnkey casino with the usage of VR technologies. Operators should understand that the online casino development should take into account all prospects for the development of the niche.

If you ask experienced specialists for help, you will be able to occupy the market in time, when new technologies begin to gain popularity.

In case you have decided to buy online casino — stay ahead of the curve. And it will be a pleasure for the Online Casino Market company to help you.

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Updated 08 july 2024