What Is a DDoS Attack: Expert Advice on the Most Important Matters

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Updated 23 december 2022

The online niche is constantly evolving. The digital space has become home to hundreds of companies that cannot imagine their existence without access to the Internet. However, not everything in the virtual world is as smooth as it seems.

With the development of technology, the threat of hacking or spam is also growing. Even with the improvement in the quality of security systems, many online resources remain unprotected from skilled hackers.

The gambling industry also suffers from frequent attacks, the most common of which is DDoS.

Casino DDoS attack: general information

Online Casino Market experts explain the essence of this phenomenon and offer help with ensuring the highest level of protection for online casinos.

General Information about DDoS Threats

To conduct the attack, criminals need the main tool — a network of gadgets with the help of which they will manage to overload the server, block access, or spam. This is exactly what the botnet is.

Usually, an unsuspecting user receives an innocent e-mail and clicks on a link to a site. This activates a script that is programmed to spread malware on the computers of such people.

Once installed, the program maintains contact with the control device as long as there is an internet connection. When devices are infected enough to appear in the botnet, criminals can launch an attack.

The more computers are involved at the same time, the stronger the result of such a wrongful action. Although when skilled hackers use a minimum of devices, there are exceptions.

What Is the Essence of Such an Attack?

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing illegal here: several “users” request the specific function of the resource at the same time. This can be related to the growth in popularity.

The truth is hackers give the command to reboot devices that are used to provide services to an internet company. As a result, the system receives such a huge number of fake spam requests that it stops responding to appeals from users at all.

Types of DDoS Attacks

DDoS attack on a casino: main types

There are 4 versions of such illegal activities that sometimes are even combined to cause maximum damage:

Extensive Attack

This is the most popular option. In this case, functions of the site are saturated with spam requests to the extent that normal visitors cannot use them. It requires a maximum number of infected devices.

Connection Attack

In addition to the functions of the platform, hackers can target servers and their important connection nodes. As a rule, no matter how many requests the devices can handle, the botnet can reach even larger sizes.

During such an attack, users lose the ability to connect to the server.

Fragment Attack

The very essence of internet data transmission lies in the fact that information is sent in fragments, which are divided in the sender's device and collected at the endpoint.

As a result, some pieces are simply removed, preventing the request from being correctly assembled on the recipient's gadget. One bad request will not cause serious damage but the system becomes overloaded and is unable to serve normal visitors.

Application Attack

In this case, there is no need to use millions of hacked computers. Instead, criminals take advantage of the features of online apps.

Such an attack prevents regular users from launching a site or service and does not require a large number of infected devices.

The Main Things about Protecting Casinos from Hacking

The owners of gambling platforms should turn to professionals. The expert team of Online Casino Market will do everything necessary to provide your clients with effective services.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 23 december 2022