Where is Online Gambling Legal in the EU? The Online Casino Expert Answers

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Updated 05 december 2019

More and more businessmen are eager to start their gambling business in Europe. Not surprising, because the largest number of gamblers live in this region. Moreover, this type of business is absolutely legal in many European countries.

It is worth highlighting such popular markets as:

  • The United Kingdom;
  • Malta;
  • Cyprus;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Serbia.

Online gambling in the EU

The Online Casino Market experts note that in addition to well-known directions, lots of businessmen are trying their hand at other promising countries, for example, in eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Poland). Before opening your new project, you should explore the main features of gambling activities legal regulation. Here is a brief overview of some European countries and their juridical characteristics.

The United Kingdom as a Gambling Services Market

Gambling is officially allowed in this country. Moreover, the authorities provide fairly favourable conditions for conducting business in this area. Due to this, the UK is one of the most popular gambling markets in the world. Residents of this country love football very much. That is why sports betting is more popular than other types of gambling here. However, there are many large and small casinos and gaming halls in the country. The representatives of the Internet business is also satisfied with the legal conditions of this country, which are guaranteed by the Gambling Act.

Online Gambling in Malta, Luxembourg, and Cyprus

Many European countries allow gambling activity on their territory. Moreover, they support the gaming business in every possible way, creating ideal conditions for owners of online casinos and betting sites.

For example, Malta is known worldwide for its luxurious land-based gaming establishments. In addition, the authorities of this country have developed laws that allow you to conduct online gambling business without any limitations. By the way, tax rates are minimal here.

Such small countries as Cyprus and Luxembourg are considered well-known offshore zones. That is why the owners of online casinos choose these states for registering their business. The activity of gambling platforms is absolutely legal here. A simplified procedure for company registration and low taxes are attracting more and more investors from around the world.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Gaming Business

Bosnia and Herzegovina is also characterized by favourable conditions for online casinos operating. The authorities of this country are cooperating with foreign partners, offering them low tax rates and the opportunity to obtain a license for a five-year term.

Online Casinos in Serbia

The Serbian gambling market has a long history, which dates back to the Second World War. The laws of this country have changed over the years and become more beneficial for online casino owners.

The European gambling market: new promising areas

New Promising Areas

The European gambling market is developing very actively. In addition to the most significant areas, it is also worth mentioning new, promising variants, such as:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Poland.

Legal Regulation of Gambling in Bulgaria

This country has attracted the attention of many potential investors. Local laws are very favourable for conducting a gambling business. Both land-based establishments and online platforms are allowed here. Despite the rather high taxes, the Bulgarian authorities are encouraging gambling business promotion.

Gambling Activities Legality in Poland

This country seeks to attract foreign partners, creating beneficial conditions, and improving the legislative framework. All types of land-based and online gambling (except online poker) are allowed in this country. Despite the high tax rates, the Polish authorities provide qualified support to foreign investors and monitor the quality of gambling business by closing underground casinos and illegal online platforms.

As you can see, there are many European countries where online gambling is legalized. We tried to make you understand the juridical aspects of this business more. If you want to clarify some points, please contact the Online Casino Market consultants.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 05 december 2019