White Label Casino: New Easy Way to Open a Casino

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Updated 08 july 2024

However, there is a way to avoid licensing. For example, you can open a White Label casino. This kind of gambling business solution has become extremely popular because it requires no big money and time investments. The Online Casino Market company is provident in this respect as well. The list of its collaborations features a number of acknowledged agencies providing the named service on particularly high level.

The White Label service implies the start of gambling business from scratch. A beginner agency gets the right to use the ready solutions like platform, games, tried-and-tested programs and methods, corporate partners of the big gambling company, while also promote own brand with its particular design, logo, campaigns and bonus programs.

The developer company undertakes market research, traffic, customer acquisition, advertising and other things that can help the online casino achieve success and increase income.

Income from an online casino

Generally, the White Label casino package includes the following services:

All these things are very important for a subsidiary partner that aims at attracting new clients. To open a casino and perform all the steps associated with it requires big expenses. But in case with the white label solution there will be no need to do all that.

White Label Casino Software: the Pros and Cons

Though a patron company bears the responsibility for providing all programs and services it expects an affiliate agency to initially give something in return. First of all, an affiliate partner has to present a clear plan of development that shows potential income and some original ideas.

White Label casino is an original idea

Secondly, there has to be minimal startup capital, otherwise the beginner may look unserious to the senior company.

But for these little requirements an associated company gets a whole pack of advantages:

  • minimum amount of time to open a casino.
  • no need to take care of a license for gambling activity.
  • small start-up budget is enough;
  • no need to select the necessary software and programs: the best games, payment systems, and other functionality will be installed by the parent company;
  • ready-for-launch software that meets all international standards;
  • all major winnings are paid by a large company, which eliminates the risks for an affiliate company to go into bankruptcy;
  • opening a new business is a matter of days, and you don't need to trouble with big financial and time expenses;
  • quality tech support.

The last one is extremely important for the parent company itself. If a player addresses an establishment and gets no competent advise, the reputation of a mother company is put at stake. And big firms value their image, and provide customer support on a mandatory basis.

All possible disadvantages of such business solution are associated with the complete dependence of an affiliate partner from a larger company:

The white label casino is a finished product. It means that a subsidiary receives a package of gambling equipment that can be changed or expanded only after the prior consent from the senior company. 

There is no opportunity to provide own promotion scheme, because the parent body has an already developed marketing plan, which is in most cases cannot be amended.

Marketing plan for a casino


A White Label casino is a real catch for a gambling business beginner. While featuring a great list of favorable terms for affiliate partners it is now widely available due to Online Casino Market. Visit the website of the company to see what it has to offer in this respect or contact its specialists to get profound consultations on how to open a casino yourself.


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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market

Updated 08 july 2024