Adcash: How to Promote an Online Casino and Drive Traffic

Adcash: How to Promote an Online Casino and Drive Traffic

Updated 10 february 2023

Adcash is an advertising platform that generates traffic for advertisers and allows the sites to earn on placing partner links. One of the main features of this network is the quality of traffic. Thanks to the segmentation tools and targeted audience settings you can provide smooth pure traffic for online casino. If you decided to buy casino traffic we would recommend you to use Adcash functions to promote online casino.

Efficient advertising for online casinos with Adcash

The company was launched in 2007 in Tallinn. At that moment Estonia was a country of advanced technologies that is why СЕО of the company Thomas Padovani relocated to Tallinn from France to create Adcash.

Every year Thomas Padovani is nominated for various awards in Estonia. In 2015 he was awarded «Innovator of the year» and Adcash was announced the most competitive company at the gambling market.

Nowadays Adcash includes 100 thousand sites and apps. Advertising platform provides huge traffic flows to 250 countries around the world so the network offers services in 15 languages.

Adcash head office is located in Tallinn and employed about 200 people.

If you want to buy organic traffic from Adcash, contact Online Casino Market.

Effective Online Casino Advertising From Adcash

Adcash system includes tools and methods that optimize links placement in a real time and evaluates audience. Operator can estimate probable casino traffic before advertising is launched.

There is also a range of unique technologies that ensure an excellent conversion:

  • Anti Adblock. Advertising block is a serious rival for advertisers, especially if they need gambling traffic. But central part of Adcash program uses a traversal algorithm Adblock, means, you do not fail and do not overpay.
  • Anti fraud system. There is a place for frauds even in such industry like online casino advertising and gambling traffic. Sites participants of affiliate program may increase traffic by dishonest means or redirect stream of people from your site to another resource. In order to avoid this Adcash created an internal anti fraud system.
  • Malware protection. This option is developed for the sites that place advertising and partner links. If the link with virus or malicious program is discovered in Adcash it will be deleted immediately.
  • Targeted audience segmentation. Many marketing managers insist on the importance to define targeted audience and charges big fees for this service. But operator is able to set up targeted audience by himself using Adcash because nobody knows his customer better than he. It is not enough to buy casino traffic: you need to work on it in order to get leads.
  • Placement settings. Thanks to Adcash you can get users of certain devices. For example, operator needs to buy casino traffic for mobile version on Android. He mentions only this platform in placement settings and then links or banners will be shown only for devices on Android.

These technologies include complex algorithms, forecast and big database. Adcash interface is quite simple and convenient for business owners and operators.

Online Casino Multi-Format Advertising

Online casinos miltiplatform advertising

Advertising format via partner sites has been already overcome limits of a banner long time ago. You can use video content, streams, pop-under and adapt ads for PC, gadgets and third platforms.

The following formats are available for In-app advertising:

  • video;
  • local ads;
  • installation link;
  • block in the lower part of app;
  • Interstitial in app.

Traditional banners and new formats of advertising are available for PC:

  • banner at the heading of a page;
  • rectangle;
  • long side line;
  • Slide-in;
  • banner in the lower part of the site; 
  • Interstitial pop-up window;
  • stream-video;
  • Pop-Under;
  • Background.

How to Buy Casino Fraffic From Adcash?

Adcash system allows to calculate effectiveness of advertising campaign. You will know the fees for a click with minimal error. Once in a month upon partner’s request advertiser pays for the ads placements services.

Advertising platform from Adcash offers the most convenient and safe payment methods: WebMoney, PayPal, Payoneer and others. All financial operations are done in euro. The fees in national currency are converted. Minimal price for partner services is EUR 100.

You choose what you pay for:

  • a click;
  • 1000 views (mile);
  • one view;
  • an action;
  • application.

Casino traffic is a key factor of your site success. You should remember this before you buy or open casino. Product relevancy depends on the number of visits. Search services range the sites proceeding from resource attendance.

There is a huge competition in gambling business. Online casino operators can only dream about organic traffic. You can pay to search services for high rating of the site but it is not guaranteed that you will get a media outreach. Moreover, Google Ads or «Yandex Metrics» tools often exaggerate the rates.

The best solution of this problem is to buy gambling traffic. You will reach your targeted audience with its help. Adcash has everything you need to do this task.

How to buy traffic for casinos from Adcash

If you decided to monetize gambling site and get an additional income for your business you have an opportunity to become a partner of Adcash.

If you want to buy gambling traffic for online casino you should fill an application on the site of Online Casino Market company. The specialists will help you launch a successful gambling club and will advise you how to monetize gambling traffic and drive traffic to online casino.

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Updated 10 february 2023