Adriver: Tools and Capabilities of Online Casino Marketing

Adriver: Tools and Capabilities of Online Casino Marketing

Updated 10 february 2023

The owners of gambling clubs are well aware of the position occupied by оnline casino marketing in the gambling business, so they open up marketing departments or turn to companies offering advertising technology. AdRiver is one such companies, which has been on the gambling market since 2001, and offers a high-tech platform for online advertising.

Online casino marketing in gambling business

We suggest you order a promotion strategy to develop an online gambling project from the specialists of casino advertising, such as working in the OnlineCasinoMarket. The representatives of this agency will share their experience, tell you everything about оnline casino marketing and help you buy gambling traffic.


What’s the Intended Purpose of a Casino Marketing Strategy?

Each business owner knows the simple truth: to sell a product, it’s important that customers are familiar with its strengths. Similarly, the directors of gambling companies advertise their products (games, services, payment systems), and thus promote an Internet casino. Businessmen do this to have the players coming to a casino and invest money in it by making bets. It’s important that there’s as much of such visitors as possible.

In other words, online casino marketing, if done the right way, can significantly increase the operator's income.

The Best Methods of Gambling Advertising

You have to bring the diverse information to users about all the good qualities of your club: games, bonus systems, huge jackpots, amazing odds of winning. Next, you should know how many players will visit the resource, what games they will choose. The analysis of the promotion campaign together with statistics can help in identifying the errors and preventing them henceforth.

If you don’t yet know how to promote online casino, the following list of instruments will be helpful.

For those interested in how to advertise online casino we offer top 11 popular methods.

Marketing Strategy of a Gambling Club: Key Factors

Casino marketing strategy

Targeted audience

To ensure the productive work of your Internet club, you must first study your targeted audience, i.e. your potential players who will be betting. It will help to indicate the direction of future advertisements. It's hard to determine the target audience on your own, so the experts advise to contact the marketing companies to do the targeting, that is building a profile of a future consumer.

SEO promotion

This one includes optimizing the game resource for the search engines by using keywords to raise to the top positions in Yandex and Google. It’s a painstaking effort that requires knowledge of certain rules and schemes. You can study them and act as you believe is right but in order to save time it’s better to resort to the assistance of SEO specialists. There are many companies in the marketplace that are ready to assist in analysis and promote.

Promotion of online casinos with CPM

Online casino marketing method presupposes showing the advertisements encouraging users to visit a casino website on third-party resources. People click on the bright and attractive modules, visit the websites, and, if everything goes well they start playing. Advertisers will pay for clicks, visits, and other activities by previously set price for each of them.

Direct ad links to game resource pages

This type of online casino promotion is the least expensive one in terms of time and money. You just need to define the nature of the link and specify its URL. The rest will happen without your involvement.

Casino advertising on the pages of social networks

Casino advertising on the pages of social networks

This is the most popular and effective method, despite the need to devote time to its implementation. Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram and Telegram messengers allow placing advertisements, banners, and videos, while the offline advertising campaign is impossible in many countries.

Promotional newslettering for clients

It will be a useful practice to send short, unobtrusive information about your online casino to emails of the customers from your base: the new games that have recently appeared there, the dates promotion events are held on, who and when won the jackpots, other announcements.

Users who visit entertainment resources will be delighted to see a colorful casino banner, or even play. Placing the advertisements is usually inexpensive, and there’re many tourist sites and cinema resources on the Internet, so the quality online casino advertising using banners is ensured.

High-loyalty programs for players

Any user will be pleased to visit a game site if he is treated with care and respect there. For example, awarded prizes, bonuses, free spins, and so on. Players will not only return to your Web resource but also bring in companions.

Posting interesting news, articles, and releases about the upcoming events

Let's imagine a person who first came to your casino. The player will have to gain the insights of the game, get acquainted with the new games, tips from other players will be to the place as well. Users will probably be interested in the gambling news. All of this information can be placed in articles and blogs on your resource, which means online casino promotion will procede faster.

Partner programs

Articles and banner exchanges offer the entrepreneurs posting materials about their companies on information resources. By entering into an agreement with such agency, you’ll be able to advertise your club incessantly through publications and active links. In addition, if you bring in a new customer to such an exchange your organization will pay a percentage for the time you and your partner collaborate.

Video advertisements

The effectiveness of such advertisements is really unnecessary to be mentioned: it’s much more comfortable, pleasant and quicker for a user to watch a video about a product (service) than to read an article about it. Media videos usually last 30 to 60 seconds. They are colorful, positive, and useful. You can set up video playback any time during the game process.

In addition to these 11 points, there are several other ways of online casino promotion, and if you do most of them, the casino marketing strategy of a gambling club will be successful. Also, all of the above can be used in a mobile format too.

Casino Advertising With AdRiver

Online casino marketing implies putting all the above formats to the effect. They should be launched approximately at the same time if you want them to produce the proper result. However, there are many nuances in this process that are not easy to account for, so the marketers will come to help you here. For example, the representatives of AdRiver rightly note that online casino promotion and advertising management are necessary for its effectiveness.

Advertising guarantees the 100% payback if promotin is performed at all stages under the guidance of professionals.

Online casino marketing

The AdRiver marketing platform allows performing the following tasks:

  • Differentiate and select the targeted audience.
  • Optimize user coverage.
  • Manage the frequency or density of contacts with clients.
  • Analyze player actions.
  • Monitor the results of your ad project.
  • Use a large number of online promotion formats.
  • Run multiple promotion campaigns.
  • Effectively manage all advertising sites.
  • Add more features to suit your customers' wishes.
  • Automate all reporting.

The AdRiver system was created by professionals, and its software is designed to provide an integrated implementation of large-scale advertising projects. Today, the efficiency of the marketing platform is very high, as it is capable of realizing more than 2 billion displays each day and covering 25 million unique visitors.

If you want the online casino promotion to bring tangible results and a solid income, contact the AdRiver company, even if you are already working with another marketing platform. It's very likely that you will make lots of interesting discoveries.

In any case, you can count on the maximum reach of the target audience, and the increase in the number of players on a website, the guaranteed frequent bets and, as a result, the increase in profits.

You can read a lot of articles on the Internet on how to promote gambling website but there's too much information really, so it’s difficult for an unprepared user to choose the most important data. But you can contact the OnlineCasinoMarket company, which experience in implementation of such projects is quite extensive. Additionally, оnline casino marketing has its nuances and the experts know exactly how to use them.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023