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Updated 11 august 2020

The online gambling business in Tunisia is on a red level for the major of activities and manifestations. It means that the local regulation is extremely strict in this jurisdiction. The governmental bodies made it illegal for foreign gambling platforms to operate on the territory of the country. The only way to enjoy lawful activities of this kind is to access the regulated sites inside Tunisia. However, it is extremely complicated for a self-respected operator to find reliable software to start working effectively. 

Therefore, the experts from Online Casino Market want to introduce to you the Amatic gaming provider — a long-standing team of professionals with extensive experience in the local market.

Why Amatic is a Perfect Choice for the Gambling Business in Tunisia

Amatic casino provider in Tunisia

If you decide to start your gambling career, Amatic casino software in Tunisia will be the right choice. The company originally started its path in 1993 as a land-based slot developer. Later on, in 2011, they entreated the online gambling market, focusing on internet entertainment.

It is fairly complicated to find innovative Tunisia casino software. Few gambling providers want to work in such cities as Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, and other big destinations in the country.

Amatic gaming provider tries to spread its influence all over the world, and successfully achieves it due to several distinctive features of the brand:

  1. Amatic was one of the first software manufacturers (and definitely the first Tunisia casino software provider) to develop a project that allowed launching gambling content on big screens and play in multiple windows.
  2. If you are also the owner of the land-based gambling business in Tunisia (particularly in Sfax or Sousse), you also have a chance to combine your order. Amatic also supplies everything necessary (software, hardware, etc.) for brick-and-mortar facilities, mobile platforms, gaming terminals, roulette activities, and lotteries.
  3. The loyalty programs and bonus systems that Amatic offers is an incredible acquisition tool as well as an invaluable retention instrument. Apart from that, unique jackpot layouts (including mystery prizes) will appeal to any audience that you work with.
  4. Amatic casino software in Tunisia also includes the installation of the most popular payment services. The company works only with the transaction systems that have a transparent transfer process and demand in the operational region (for Tunisia these are BitPay,, PayTabs, etc.).
  5. If you look for secured software for casinos in Tunisia, Amatic is one of the best possible options. The company’s experts involve the latest protection patterns to ensure no breaches are possible during the operational process of a gambling platform.

Apart from that, the principle of responsible gaming is the driving aspect of each individual project for the Amatic software provider in Tunisia. The company’s specialists always offer additional tools for players to control their gambling process. The majority of operators around the world utilize these functions to increase the trust level from players and ensure their clients feel safe and sound.

Basic Characteristics of Gaming Content from Amatic

The extensive range of services makes the Amatic casino provider in Tunisia keep the leading position in the selection of software manufacturers. The company’s experts approach each individual project with in-depth research of the market situation.

For example, the cultural background of Tunis, the country’s capital, is more diverse in comparison to the country’s second-largest city — Sfax. So, Amatic gaming provider utilizes a wide range of essential features for every offer.

Unique Characteristic



Due to an increased time devoted to innovative technologies, one of the latest addition to the company’s functionality is the ability to launch the software regardless of the format of the operational system

Mobile Content

Amatic casino software in Tunisia is one of the most demanded mobile-based amenities, based on the HTML5 technology

Risk-Game Mode

It is a brand-new addition from Amatic gaming team — it involves doubling round immediately after each start, regardless of the prior result and provides an opportunity to quadruple a player’s initial deposit

Spectator Mode

When operators start online casino Amatic in Tunisia, they should not only orient on players but also on clients who want the show — just observe others play and, eventually join the gaming process by themselves

Most Demanded Content

Amatic slot machines for sale are the unique offers that the company is most proud of since the content includes not only impeccable individual design (for Tunisia it is particularly important) but also a meticulously elaborated functionality


Tunisia is a Muslim country with 98% of Tunis citizens following this religion. So, proper visual effects are

Best Examples of Online Casino Games

Online casino games from Amatic

Even though the personal development of internet casino content by the Amatic software provider in Tunisia is a must, there are still a few games that are successful regardless of the location. By combining absorbing graphics, audio accompaniment, and extensive functionality, these games attract thousands of players from all around the world.

So, the best examples of online casino content are:

  • Roulette Royal;
  • Bells on Fire;
  • Dragon’s Pearl;
  • Deuces Wild;
  • Hot Scatter.

Of course, when you order a business solution that includes a turnkey casino Amatic in Tunisia, the company’s experts will offer you to develop a few unique games, particularly for the audience of the country. Statistics say that such an approach to the players increases their loyalty and provides the necessary selection.

Professional Software Support in Tunisia

As we have already mentioned, the gambling business in Tunisia may be quite complicated to set up. This is all because of the lack of governmental support. Moreover, as a result, few software providers can offer genuine assistance with the content. Amatic casino provider in Tunisia is an ideal choice for new and experienced entrepreneurs who plan to expand their gambling influence and earn a trusty audience.

Good to know that such professional content creators provide a wide range of the necessary services:

  • the usage of innovative approaches in design and functionality allows to adjust the software to each individual group of players, even considering their origin from different zones (in Tunisia, those will be a distinction of clients from the biggest cities: Tunis, Sousse, Sfar, etc.);
  • the list of characteristic features includes crossplatformity, mobile-oriented content, innovative risk-game mode, the ability to spectate others’ games, and individual design of Amatic slot machines for sale;
  • apart from the basic package of existing and most popular games, Amatic clients also receive an opportunity to develop unique gaming content, that is particularly essential for such special countries as Tunisia.

Considering the peculiarities of this exotic location, an operator can achieve impressive results in running an online gambling platform in this region. Therefore, if you are trying to find out how to buy an Amatic casino in Tunisia, you are welcome to collaborate with Online Casino Market.

We have cooperated with this incredible software manufacturer for already a few years, and will gladly organize another unique project together with you. In case of any questions and inquiries, reach our customer support team via any convenient communicational method.


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Karen Fill

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Updated 11 august 2020