Belgium Online Casino License

Belgium Online Casino License

Updated 10 february 2023

When governments of Russia and many CIS countries have banned gambling, businessmen had to look for other ways to develop online casinos. It is worth noting that if you want to buy a casino, along with the registration of a company in one of the offshore zones, you will need another important detail – an online gambling license.

Clients and new players will pay attention to which country-regulator had issued your casino license. The stricter the legislation in relation to an online casino will be, the better: the status of your gambling establishment will enhance, and visitors will be guaranteed a security and quality of services.

Buying a gambling business license seems rather a bureaucratic procedure. If you need advice or full legal support, please contact specialists from the company AZART. It is important to remember that Belgium is a major international trade center and an economic hub, and therefore, the kingdom has a very serious approach to such service as casino licensing. The state has created on its territory an offshore game "hub", where entrepreneurs can obtain an online gambling license and register their companies.

The committee, which deals with casino licensing, is called the Gaming Commission. This is the only structure in Belgium that has such powers and works together with the government. This situation is very convenient, because all issues can be resolved through a single instance. 

A Casino License and its Features

Belgium online casino license

The gambling law in Belgium was approved in 1999, but since then it was repeatedly corrected and supplemented.

According to the law, it is possible to gamble or even to visit online casino websites only from the age of 21. The player must log in and confirm his ID or passport number. If online casinos break this rule, this will be the ground for initiation of a criminal case. Even if there will be no court verdict, the competent commission has the right to impose sanctions, that is, fines of up to 25 thousand euro.

Another important feature is that people who work for the government are prohibited from conducting any gambling activities.

Those who do not renew their licenses are automatically excluded from the list of licensees.

On the Commission's website you can find a classification of licenses. The "+" sign refers to online gambling license.

The main types of licenses

  • А-А + – is a Belgium gambling business license needed to own land-based casinos within the country. Owners of this casino license may also request the addition of A +;
  • B-B + – is a license for casinos with slot machines. B + is available to those who already have a casino license of the category B;
  • C – is gambling license for saloon bars where there are slot machines;
  • D – is a casino license for the personnel who works in a gambling establishment;
  • E – is connected with casino licensing for manufacturers, installers and companies, which deal with the maintenance of gaming equipment;
  • F1-F2-F1 + – is a gambling license for sports betting and horseracing (F1), for betting companies (F2), and F1 + is issued for online betting houses;
  • G1-G2 – is a casino license for gambling via TV and telephone.

You may have probably noticed that an online gambling license is an addition to the main gambling business license, and it is not issued separately. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a full package of documents in order to receive such permission.

The application to the Gaming Commission may be accepted only when you enclose the following documents:

  • an extract from the court report, which establishes the date of no later than three months;
  • a certificate of compliance with civil and political rights;
  • copies of the last three tax bills;
  • ID cards which confirm identities of all shareholders and founders of the company.

Besides, licensees are obliged to pay 11% from GGR, and also to have 250 thousand euro on the company's account. The main online gambling license of the category A-A + is issued for 15 years.

The procedure of obtaining a Belgium online gambling license may seem a bit complex, but the trust of your clients is much more important. Especially, if we take into account that this permission will be issued for a long period of time.

You can buy a casino license or open a casino with an already existing package of licenses and permits on the Online Casino Market website.


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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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