Bitcoin Casino: How to Legally Implement the iGaming Project in 2023

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Updated 08 july 2021

There is an opinion that electronic money was created specifically for gambling sites. A turnkey Bitcoin casino is an almost perfect version of a gaming platform with plenty of unique features unavailable for those who use fiat money.

Digital assets are recognised by the largest representatives of the global economy. These are Visa and Mastercard banking corporations, the PayPal international payment service, and Google, which has lifted the ban on advertising virtual exchanges and wallets in the US.

Bitcoin casino: general info

Experts of the Online Casino Market company will tell you about the nuances of developing a BTC site within the legal framework and the benefits that business owners get from working with electronic coins.

What Is a Crypto Gaming Platform?

A Bitcoin casino solution works on specialised programs that make it possible to process transactions in digital tokens.

In this case, casino sites are created based on decentralised technologies that help businessmen manage financial turnover and process databases of any type.

Information about all processes within the system is stored as a chain of blocks. All participants in the game (the operator and gamblers) take part in its formation. They can also view the contents of the block without the possibility of changing it.

Crypto technologies have gained mass popularity thanks to such features and benefits as:

  1. Work without a single data storage server. Thanks to the Bitcoin casino software, all data about the actions performed within the system is stored by project participants. Thus, the operational burden on the gambling platform is reduced, and there is also the possibility of having constant external control of the security and fairness of the gameplay.
  2. Multilevel data protection. The info from which the Blockchain chain is generated is automatically encrypted by the system with high-level cryptographic algorithms. Any attempt to influence the encrypted archive is instantly detected and blocked — it is impossible to intercept user data or a monetary transaction.
  3. Confidentiality of participants. All parties involved in the transfer are protected against data leakage and transmission of personal data to third parties. The system itself is built in such a way that you do not need to specify private information to make a transfer — it is enough to provide a wallet number.
  4. Absolute financial security. System-generated blocks are available for viewing but cannot be changed or replaced. Any third-party intervention instantly changes the entire chain and is automatically blocked. It is impossible to intercept, cancel a transfer, or freeze a digital account.

Advantages of Launching a BTC Entertainment Start-up

Bitcoin casino launch: advantages

The decision to buy Bitcoin casino platforms has more benefits compared to the implementation of a traditional project. Working with this technology allows entrepreneurs not only to stay on trend but also to increase the efficiency of the institution’s internal operational processes and reduce the percentage of inevitable risks.

Advantages of choosing the segment:

Quick Start

The development of a crypto casino script takes much less time than the launch of a typical gaming site with slot machines.

When working with a qualified contractor, you will need only 2–3 weeks to enter the market.

Audience Coverage

A Bitcoin gambling script is designed in such a way that it is compatible with all segments of internet users, regardless of their geolocation, legal restrictions in the sales markets, and the type of platform.

Variability of Work

There are 2 types of the system to choose from:

System with support for digital wallets

The iGaming platform accepts electronic coins and does not support alternative transfers.

At the same time, the resource can offer any type of content and accept traffic without reference to the geolocation aspect

Gaming site with hybrid payment modules

From our company, customers can order such a service as a Bitcoin casino for sale with several versions of payment programs.

The system can support both crypto wallets and local/international financial services that work with fiat tokens

Transaction Speed

Unlike traditional banking services, decentralised payment systems operate without any limits, including the volume of one-time transfers, their frequency, or speed.

Inside the service, all processes are performed in a matter of seconds. Moreover, no matter how many simultaneous requests there are or what is the geolocation of the participants in the transaction.

Work without Intermediaries

Electronic transfers do not involve banks or other financial institutions. User accounts and the turnover of the enterprise are not controlled by external authorities — cryptocurrency wallets cannot be frozen, just as it is impossible to cancel or interrupt the transfer.

Working directly with gamblers, casino owners can:

  • accept traffic without geographical and legal restrictions;
  • offer users minimum game limits of $0.001;
  • charge commissions for financial transactions or provide punters with an opportunity to place commission-free bets.

Transparent Operation

Any client can check the honesty of gambling establishments. To do this, it is enough to check the result of the draw or the history of personal transactions with the data encrypted in the chain of decentralised blocks. It is publicly available and can be viewed by all participants in the system.

At the same time, the blocks cannot be adjusted, and they are additionally protected by personal passwords.

Legal Regulation of BTC Projects


Crypto casino regulation worldwide

The creation of a Bitcoin gaming site is an ambiguous business in terms of the law. The nuances of legal regulation of Blockchain platforms are related to their dual nature. Some countries have officially recognised such systems as a type of means of payment, while others consider the tool a way of structuring and storing information bases.

In any case, to implement a full-fledged Blockchain gaming project, operators need to obtain a licence. This is the main document that regulates the work of the site and gives the right to legal support in case of disputes with traditional financial regulators and end-users.

Let us have a look at the list of jurisdictions offering the most loyal legal framework for organising a Blockchain-based business:

The United States

The federal structure of the country allows operators to choose the optimal region for casino licensing. The market is regulated separately at the state level and offers entrepreneurs:

  • advanced opportunities to buy/sell coins and pay for goods and services in cryptocurrency;
  • a structured legal framework for the use of electronic money as property assets;
  • tools for working in the domestic market (in this case, an additional certification is required);
  • technical base and capacities for launching mining farms, cryptocurrency exchanges, gambling platforms, etc.;
  • a special taxation system to stimulate the growth of the sphere.


The country has chosen one of the most radical ways to control the market. Instead of creating a special legal framework for the cryptocurrency niche, the local regulator completely changed the current financial legislation, giving digital coins the official status of a property asset.

Swiss banks have become safe organisations for storing electronic deposits and converting them at the most favourable rate.


Since 2018, Blockchain wallets have had the official status of a full-fledged monetary substitute. Additionally, the taxation system in the crypto segment is provided only for representatives of the commerce sector. Any individual can make payments in electronic coins or use them as alternative financial assets without any commission fee.

Business platforms are charged a single flat rate of up to 45% of the volume of cryptocurrency transactions per year.


The local regulator has already issued work permits to more than 500 companies that work with a cryptocurrency casino script. Moreover, all operators who bought an Estonian licence received international status and the ability to accept traffic without any geographical restrictions.

Another advantage is the absence of tax fees. Blockchain-based platforms are exempt from VAT. Fees for interaction with casino systems are charged from clients following the legal and financial rules that are in force in their countries.

The Main Things about the Lawfulness of Crypto Gaming Platforms in 2023

The question of how to start a Bitcoin casino has become one of the most frequent search queries in the last year. This market is growing so quickly that the largest legal and financial regulators in the world have to reckon with it.

  • It is more profitable to start crypto casino projects than to launch regular resources with slot machines. It takes only a couple of weeks, while the development of a traditional gaming site can last from 6 months to several years. Additionally, the level of competition in the sector is much lower, and managers have no geographical limits.
  • The largest representatives of the traditional market began to reckon with the cryptocurrency segment. The programs supporting decentralised technology are implemented by such international payment services as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, and many others.
  • To guarantee the stable operation of an online business, you have to obtain a licence. There is no unified control system for BTC projects but the world’s leading regulators have developed a relevant control framework. For example, since 2019, more than 500 decentralised platforms have already been registered in Estonia, and each of them has automatically received international status.

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