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The Benefits of Online Gaming Market in Brazil

Partial Legalisation of Gambling ActivitiesThe country's government has allowed sports betting activities within the country. Moreover, negotiations are underway to legalise the casino business
Tolerance of the Population to GamblingBrazilians are people with hot temperament. They like to play various casino games (slots, poker, blackjack, roulette and others) and make big bets
Low Level of Competition within the MarketThe Brazilian gambling market is not overloaded with a huge number of operators. Hurry up to take your rightful place in the Brazilian gambling industry
Focus on Mobile Online Gambling ProductsOperators wishing to develop their mobile projects will be able to gain the trust of a broad audience thanks to the extensive spread of mobile gambling
Simple Process of Obtaining a LicenseBeginning entrepreneurs willing to work in Brazil can obtain the necessary permission in any offshore zone on favourable terms and at an adequate cost
Profitability of the Brazilian MarketBrazil is considered the most profitable market in South America. The gaming industry of this country generates over $4 billion in revenue annually

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How Beneficial Is It To Buy An Online Casino in Brazil?

The gambling business in Brazil is about to turn from an uncontrolled environment into a regulated industry. The reason for that is the government’s understanding of potential profit from the taxes. Even though online gambling is illegal in the country right now, a lot of Brazilians have no obstacles accessing foreign-based websites and enjoying their favourite activities.

Online Casino Market decided to shed some light on the situation with the gaming environment in the country. Also, our experts will provide you with a detailed explanation of why it is the perfect time to buy an online casino in Brazil.

Brazilian Gambling Laws — Key Aspects

Brazilian gambling laws: prospects

It is not a common experience for a businessman to open a casino in Brazil. A lot of things have to be considered, and the legal aspect is one of the main elements. Similarly to many other developing countries, online gambling is not regulated here yet. However, the good news is that Brazilian gambling laws are most likely to be changed in the near future.

Here is a detailed background for this prediction:

  • back in 2016, Brazilian football club Corinthians partnered with a gambling site on a $5-million contract that was not completed but was the first sign of the possible regulation;
  • according to statistics, the gambling business in Brazil collected roughly $3.7 billion that goes to foreign-based websites and the taxation systems of the jurisdictions they are licensed in;
  • in August 2016, a special group announced about the creation of SB 186/2014 — a potential addition to the gambling law that would regulate the online environment and add extra clarity to land-based control;
  • high demand and years of adjustment bring Brazilian gambling laws to the inevitable change in favour of legalizing online business at least on a basic level.

For now, if an operator wants to open an online betting in Brazil or start an internet gambling website, he needs a foreign license from one of the available jurisdictions. Recent market research shows that people from Sao Paulo, Rio, Salvador, Brasilia, and other big cities spend on average $800 million only on sports wagering, considering how popular football is in the country. Therefore, these grounds bring us to a logical conclusion of how close the online gambling business in Brazil is to its final regulation.

Restricted Casino Providers in Brazil

The importance of legal gambling operations is particularly crucial in destinations where regulations are about to be adopted. Brazil is one of the closest countries to adopt new iGaming standards in the nearest future.

Online Casino Market meticulously monitors all aspects of regulative measures added since they directly influence the presence of software providers on the market. Currently, there is only a single known gambling supplier that is explicitly restricted from the Brazilian iGaming arena — Nolimit City.

The availability of entertainment components and their creators is expected to remain so wide, but Online Casino Market keeps track of all potential changes and informs our clients as soon as new information appears.

If you are in search of fresh solutions (games or managerial tools) for an official operation in Brazil, Online Casino Market is an excellent choice for an aggregator. Order our turnkey project elaboration or individual services for enhancing platform performance.

Market Analysis

While the full gambling legality is yet to be established in the country, entrepreneurs can already target locals with offshore platforms. But for achieving maximum efficiency, it is crucial to understand the region and the audience that occupies it.

General information to ensure a smooth adaptation to the Brazilian market:

  • The state is the biggest and most populous country on the continent, which contributes to the audience and entertainment variety.
  • The religious nature of citizens is combined well with their progressive mindset, causing no problems with gambling participation.
  • The average salary is R$2800, which equals $550 — the amount that a middle class generates creates solvent layers within the country.
  • Portuguese is a prevailing language, so the corresponding localisation of the platform is highly advised.
  • Internet penetration levels stay at 90% and continue rising, thanks to more affordable technologies.
  • The availability of smartphones is lower (70%), with cheaper Android devices being more widely used.
  • Google is the prevalent search engine, while Facebook is the main social network — the information relevant for building an advertising campaign.

Background knowledge is highly beneficial while planning a strategy for accessing a new gambling arena. But up-to-date research with the professional aggregator Online Casino Market can grant more insightful data about relevant notions. Order expert assistance at our company for smooth business planning.

Portrait of a Brazilian Player

A typical gambler from the country is a devoted patriot. It means that operators can benefit from utilising national symbols and colours in their advertising campaigns. 

Furthermore, since the average salary is around half a thousand dollars, there will be a dispersal in the audience distribution. Some punters might want to spend quality time, while others will likely try to earn with gambling. High-rollers are rare, but with the right marketing approach and relevant entertainment, a platform can attract big players.

Top 5 most distinctive features of a Brazilian gambler:

  1. Usage of a smartphone. Even though the percentage of mobile penetration is just above average, 79% of all casino and betting activities are conducted via portable gadgets.
  2. Standard selection of software. Slots are undeniably popular in the country. At the same time, the percentage of trying other gambling entertainment is also high: roulette (78%), blackjack (66%), baccarat and poker variations (64%).
  3. Passion for the lottery. Besides iconic gambling activities, Brazilians are known for their love towards a local sweepstake game — Jogo do Bicho.
  4. Understanding of English. International brands can offer their services in different languages. However, Portuguese is preferable even though English is widely spoken, especially by youngsters.
  5. eSports betting. One of the trendiest activities among residents is wagering on popular video games. Such titles as The League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, and similar entertainment are widely played, watched, and bet on.

It is also important to consider the relevance of integrated payment methods. The legislation of the country does not allow conducting financial operations connected with gambling via credit cards.

The distribution of online payments in the state is as follows:

  • credit cards — 56%;
  • e-wallets — 12%;
  • Boleto and similar local vouchers — 10%;
  • international credit cards — 9%;
  • bank transfers — 6%;
  • debit cards — 5%;
  • others — 2%.

Considering the inability to utilise the full financial capacity of Brazilians (lack of access to credit card deposits and withdrawals), operators look for other efficient methods. One of the trendiest approaches used in gambling is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is quite spread among citizens, meaning they can omit long processing periods while using fiat means and resort to instant transactions with crypto.

Revenue Estimation

The online casino business is not a typical entrepreneurial activity in Brazil. Yet, it is one of the most promising. Constant improvements to regulations incentivise operators to seek entrance to the local iGaming market and slowly but steadily adapt to the evolving environment.

Consequently, experts have estimated the GGR growth over the few upcoming years:

  • 2023 — $400 million;
  • 2024 — $800 million;
  • 2025 — $1.1 billion;
  • 2026 — $1.3 billion.

Considering that the gross revenue of this area in 2021 was less than $100 million, such a rapid increase in value speaks for the region’s progress. Order professional elaboration of the project at Online Casino Market and ensure a smooth and beneficial entrance to the iGaming future of the country with an up-to-date casino or betting project.

Online Gambling Business in Brazil — Main Expectations

Online gambling business in Brazil: expectations

Since the country is about to finalize the regulation procedure, operators must be aware of all reasons why this country is profitable for running a business project. Apart from enormous demand and favourable environment, there are a few other grounds that have to be mentioned for additional conviction.

Profitability reason


Online gambling popularity

Not only does sports betting attracts local citizens but online casino games as well, allowing the middle-class people to spend their free time in a cosy atmosphere with an enjoyable activity

Possibility to earn a good reputation

Since the rivalry on a gambling market in Brazil is based around foreign platforms, they all have equal chances to win the audience with their appealing offers, tempting promotions, and beneficial loyalty programs

Focus on modern trends

Total digitalization is everywhere, so regardless of whether an operator focuses on the audience from Rio, São Paulo, or any other big Brazilian cities, they all demand the most popular content that is currently available online

Quick pay-off rate

The financial statistics of the Brazilian gambling market is impressive, meaning every operator can grab a part of it, providing the right preparation is conducted

The decay of the black market

There is no need to work without a license anymore since all Brazil-based platforms are immediately blocked, so by obtaining a foreign permit, an operator can have no worries about possible restrictions from local authorities

Covid-19 influence

Unfortunately, Brazil suffered a lot from an international pandemic, with hundreds of land-based establishments being suspended; as a result, people started looking for alternative online gambling methods that would feature their favourite games

These reasons are the main support for an operator to buy an online casino in Brazil. Moreover, there is an excellent opportunity to ensure no mistakes during the organizational process are made.

A Turnkey Online Casino in Brazil — Amazing Quick-Start Option

When a businessman thinks of launching the first project, usually, he resorts to several marketers, analysts, and economists to assist him. However, in the online gambling business, there is no need to look for specialists individually.

Online Casino Market is ready to provide a wide range of organizational services, including a turnkey online casino in Brazil. It is an ultimate development possibility that makes the company’s experts take the entire responsibility for the project creation.

Online Casino Market services are distinctive from others for a number of reasons:

  1. Quality online casino software in Brazil. We cooperate only with the best manufacturers on the market, including EGT, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Aristocrat, and others. Their products are the top-rated gambling software in Brazil.
  2. Marketing experts approach each advertising campaign individually. Our specialists work with clients personally and consider the location of the target audience, potential preferences, and set up promotional and loyalty programs accordingly.
  3. Most used payment systems installed. The developers of our company constantly track the popularity of widely used transaction casino software in Brazil. These are Itau, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, and others.
  4. Juridical assistance during the entire cooperation. Online Casino Market offers high-quality legal counselling on any obstacles that might appear before and after the launch of your online gambling platform.

The Main Things About Starting an Online Casino in Brazil

Online casinos in Brazil: key notions

The summary of the Brazilian gambling market is quite simple. Since the industry is not regulated in this country, the potential casino owners can not receive the local operational permit.

Apart from that, it is also essential to keep in mind a few other things about Brazil:

  • the local government is most likely to legalize the online gambling market in a few years as well as make a few adjustments to the existing land-based gaming bill;
  • Brazilians spend a lot of money in foreign-based gambling establishments that are registered outside of the country, leaving the South-American giant without taxes;
  • the local industry attracts potential operators with a number of reasons, including high online gambling popularity, possibility to earn a good reputation, attractive modern trends, the decay of black market, consequences of COVID-19;
  • the possibility to order a turnkey online casino in Brazil appeals to a lot of operators since in this case, the owner shifts all responsibility of the organizational process onto the company’s experts.

You are welcome to contact Online Casino Market and discuss the possible service provision as well as the opportunity to order a turnkey online casino in Brazil. Also, you can order such software providers as Amatic, Greentube, Microgaming and others. Just reach our support team via any convenient method.

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