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The Benefits of the Gaming Market in South America

Partial Legalisation of Gambling Activities

The Chilean and Colombian governments have allowed online casino operators to conduct gambling businesses. This is a great benefit for entrepreneurs

Opportunity to Work with Offshore Licenses

In addition to obtaining a license from Chile or Colombia, businessmen have the possibility to work under licenses obtained in offshore jurisdictions

Demand for Online Betting and Gambling

Many people from different countries of South America are big fans of different entertainments (sports betting, card and board games, video slots, etc.)

Development of Advanced Digital Technologies

Residents of Latin America are interested in the development of the latest gaming technologies. They always try to follow the current gambling trends

Popularisation of Modern Payment Tools

South Americans are increasingly using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They also apply electronic payment systems and online wallets more often today

Loyalty of Public to the Games of Chance

Residents of South American countries have a good attitude towards online and land-based entertainments, even if they are not gambling enthusiasts

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Internet Gambling Business in South America — Online Casino Market Experts Explain the Basics

The online gambling market in South America is a complex mixture of different regulations that vary from country to country. While such leaders of the region as Brazil have already made several steps towards legalizing a profitable industry, many other states make no serious moves towards licensing. However, a lot of operators from around the world are still eager to start an online gambling business in South America with a foreign registration due to high demand.

The experts from Online Casino Market decided to research the ambiguous relation of different countries to the internet gambling sphere as well as prove why it is beneficial to set up a gaming business project exactly here.

Online Casino Laws in South America

Сasino laws in South America: features

The gambling law in South America in 2020 is still outdated and addresses very little to the online sphere. At the same time, the market is on the rise for the time being. Brazil, for example, has already attempted to legalize the basic regulations of the internet gambling business in South America (the rejected SB 186/2014 bill in 2016). Other countries are determined to install the necessary control in the nearest future. Let us see, on which stage the biggest of them are now.

South American country

Local online gambling regulation


The gambling law in this country is regulated on a provincial level rather than federal, and the country’s government is currently trying to shift the focus to the national level as well as install online gambling control


The local government tries to regulate the local online gambling market since 2016 when the first attempt to approve the SB 186/2014 bill was denied, but the law is imminent and will eventually be adopted


The online gambling became legal in the country in 2016, and since then, the local gambling regulator Coljuegos blocks unauthorized gaming websites and issues casino licenses


Ecuador has a unique gambling market in South America since the 2011 referendum made all gambling establishments shut down forever as well as no possibility to receive any online gaming license from the government. So locals often visit foreign online casinos


This country is also open for the online gambling business in South America, but operators should be particularly cautious here as the local internet market regulations are outdated and weak


Quite recently, new online gambling laws have been proposed and submitted to the local congress, and we expect that a brand-new internet gambling market in South America will be soon available for obtaining licenses

If an operator wants to provide services on this territory, it is advisable to open gambling in South America via offshore jurisdictions and their licenses. No local laws forbid citizens to access such sites. But what exactly do operators receive when they start online gambling in South America?

Advantages of the Online Gambling Market in South America

Gambling market in South America: advantages

South American gambling laws are extremely favourable for starting an online gaming business in this region. The ability to enter the local market with a foreign license makes the organizational process straightforward.

Apart from that, here are a few other reasons to start a casino in South America:

  1. Increased demand. The problem of the online casino law in South America is solved by foreign operators that enter the local market with legal gambling establishments. Considering that the people from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and other big countries do not have access to local internet gaming platforms, they look for the best offers on the internet.
  2. Excellent reputation. Many providers of casino software in South America eagerly cooperate with the entrepreneurs who choose particularly this region. It means that such world-renowned manufacturers as Nomovatic, Greentube, Microgaming, and Amatic will ensure that your clients will receive only high-quality entertainment.
  3. International market. Once operators start casinos in South America, they immediately become participants of the international market. It opens a lot of doors in the future and allows them to develop in other directions. Legal online betting in South America and abroad is another excellent business opportunity for a new operator.
  4. Innovative technologies on the market. Online casino software in South America can impress the local audience very much. Such trendy achievements in gambling as virtual reality casino games, live poker, TV bets, and other innovative techs generate increased demand for entertainment.
  5. Healthy rivalry. Considering the lack of online gambling regulation in most of the countries in the region, scammers have no point in accessing the market. It means that operators have a healthy competitiveness level and can make their offers as attractive (yet beneficial) to locals as possible.

Since the South American casino license is still complicated to obtain, a lot of operators look for a reliable and cheap way to legalize their business in this region. Good for them, there is a perfect opportunity to open online gambling in South America.

Turnkey Casino in South America

Hardly any new operator is aware of the option to transfer all responsibility of the organizational process to the experts. Online Casino Market offers such an opportunity for the efficient launch of a South American gambling website in the shortest period possible.

A turnkey casino in South America includes the following advantages for new operators:

  • the access to the best online casino software in South America, including the collaboration with top brands;
  • high-quality technical support from our specialists that will keep close maintenance of your gambling business in South America;
  • individual development of an elaborate advertising campaign to launch South American gambling promotion with the right focus on the latest trends;
  • installation of local payment casino software in South America (MercadoLibre, Boleto, Elo, MasterCard, Visa) to maximize customers’ appeal and their depositing convenience;
  • efficient licensing that does not contradict the gambling law in South America in 2020 and considers the budget of a casino operator as well as any other preferences;
  • the individual design of the website according to the latest trends of the region and improved functionality of the simplified interface.

An efficient turnkey casino in South America from Online Casino Market is a perfect way to start a profitable internet gambling career. Our experts will ensure you receive maximum assistance on any possible problem that you may encounter.

The Main Things about South American Gambling Possibilities

Gambling in South America: possibilities

Even though a turnkey casino in South America remains the most efficient start of an operator’s career, it is still essential to understand the modern realities of the sphere in general.

Therefore, every beginning operator who plans to buy a casino in South America should keep in mind the following:

  • South American gambling laws are hardly regulated except for a few countries (Brazil, Colombia, Peru);
  • to open gambling in South America on the internet, an operator can obtain an official operation permit in one of the available foreign jurisdictions;
  • the most popular software manufacturers in South America are EGT, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Nextgen, Amatic, Greentube and Microgaming;
  • when operators buy casinos in South America, they receive several advantages that include increased demand for the entertainment, excellent market reputation, international recognition, availability of innovative technologies, and healthy competition;
  • one of the most efficient ways to start an online gambling career is to order a turnkey casino in South America from professional guide companies.

So the anwswer to the question «Is gambling legal in South America?» is yes. Online Casino Market can help you with choosing the most popular software providers, developing an efficient promotional campaign and launching a project from scratch. Contact our support team in any convenient way. We are patiently waiting for your orders!

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