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Updated 03 june 2024

Crypto gambling is growing rapidly: new iGaming projects and safe content with good feedback from the audience are constantly emerging.

Crash games: Blockchain-based content

According to forecasts, by 2030, about 80% of all online payments in the industry will be made in digital assets, so Blockchain entertainment needs to be thoroughly researched today.

One of the most promising business areas is crash content. Experts from the Online Casino Market company will tell you about the features and benefits of a multiplayer solution.

What Is Crash Content?

Games of this category are an innovative type of product characterised by clear rules and instant results. They work based on Blockchain, thanks to which the outcome of sessions is securely protected against forgery.

Crash entertainment has simple gameplay:

  • In the centre of the panel, there is a virtual object (a rocket, an airplane, or a cat) that moves in a parabola from point A to point B. It is also accompanied by bright animation and an original background sound.
  • Each point of the parabola has its coordinates. X displays the amount of time that the object spent in motion (in flight or on a walk), and Y is a unique multiplier. The higher the XY value, the more players win.
  • At a certain moment, the object crashes (explodes, falls, lights up), which means the end of the round and the calculation of the prize money.

Crash solutions kind of imitate trading on a cryptocurrency exchange, and it causes genuine interest of a solvent audience.

Mark McKinley, CEO of FunFair Games, said:

The younger generation has grown up in the digital era playing board and social entertainment. Crash content will be the best continuation of established traditions and help to diversify the user experience.

Core Features of the Innovative Product

Crash gaming content: core features

Let us consider the key characteristics of crash solutions:

Blockchain architecture

The content was created using decentralised technology. Turnkey solutions are highly secure and operate autonomously.

The placement of crash positions on a gaming site does not require licensing or certification. Operators simply add products to their online casinos and make good profits

Cryptocurrency payments

Users can place bets and withdraw funds in Bitcoins, Altcoins, Ethereums, Thrones, and other promising tokens.

Cryptocurrency gateway provides a wide variety of bets: from 0.0001 to 1 BTC or even more in 1 session. Money is instantly transferred to a user account without any commission fees

Social interaction

Gamblers can monitor the actions of opponents, place bids in several rounds at the same time, give presents, share their results in instant messengers, and much more.

Most crash games are complemented by interactive tables. They show the bets of other participants, the size of their winnings, the time when players leave the site, the final multiplier, and other metrics

Multiplayer mode

In one session, 2–10 gamblers can take part. Due to this, the average check increases, and casino owners earn much more than usually

Advanced settings

These are automatic bets and payouts, the ability for gamblers to view replays and game statistics, multiple bets, and take advantage of other exciting options.

Each developer introduces unique features into the content in order to diversify the user experience and attract a new audience

How to Play Crash Games

Branded content is distinguished by simple and clear rules:

  1. Acceptance of bets. The selection of the bid takes place before the launch of the session. Gamblers can bet from 0.0001 to 100 cryptocurrency units or more, depending on the payment policy of the Blockchain casino.
  2. Activation of the multiplier. Once all wagers are accepted, the multiplier is activated. It always starts from x1 and increases over time as the game object moves across the interactive panel. The final value of the coefficient can reach x100 and even x1000.
  3. Withdrawal of funds. It is possible to end the multiplayer mode at any time by cashing out the initial bet. The total prize money is calculated as the basic cost of the move multiplied by the specified coefficient.
  4. Reduction in the size of a multiplier. When a moving object crashes, the multiplier stops working. If players have not managed to cash out cryptocurrency before this moment, they will lose the bid that was placed during the round.

Why Gamblers Prefer Crash Content

Users appreciate this type of entertainment for the following advantages:

  • acceptance of money and payment of prizes in cryptocurrency;
  • provable fairness of the results;
  • amazing graphics;
  • multiplayer mode;
  • cross-platform environment;
  • multilingual support;
  • an ability to play anonymously from anywhere in the world.

Offers from the Best Developers

Let us consider what solutions you can buy from well-known software vendors:

Zeppelin by BetSolutions

This is a fast, simple, and profitable game from a European casino provider. The product was released in 2020 and was included in the collection of the most popular offers of the company.

The panel here is divided into 3 sectors:

  1. An information table is placed on the left. It displays the betting history of users and their opponents, the ratio of successful and unsuccessful sessions, and other statistics.
  2. The main object — a yellow airship — is located in the middle. It moves along the XY trajectory, which indicates the duration of the session and the size of a multiplier. The task of gamblers is to cash out bets until the airship explodes.
  3. An interactive chat is located on the right. It helps casino visitors to communicate with other participants, share the results of successful sessions, and send donations to friends. The built-in chatbot announces the “Hero of the day”, that is, the luckiest user.

The calling card of Zeppelin is 2 progressive jackpots. The first one can be obtained at the moment when the airship is on the segment from x500 to x900. The second jackpot is activated after the multiplier exceeds x900.

SpaceXY by BGaming

The provider's solution is characterised by a minimalist design, high performance, and a wide range of support functions.

The plot is built around a rocket that is launched into space. It flies across the starry sky and brings good payouts. The round can be stopped at any time (by jumping off the rocket).

Space XY includes the function of multiple bets (up to 3 different values ​​during 1 flight). Due to this, the average check of a gambler increases since they are not afraid to part with their money and place additional wagers.

Features of the solution:

  • autoplay and automatic withdrawal of funds;
  • good winning potential (up to x10 thousand of the size of an initial bet);
  • excellent musical accompaniment;
  • high level of RTP percentage (97%).

Rocketman by Elbet

This entertainment has laconic gameplay and pleasant payouts.

The main symbol — a white rocket — flies through the dark blue sky, collecting generous multipliers along the way. The minimum bet is 0.5 crypto units, and the maximum is 99.5 tokens. Wagers are accepted in digital and fiat assets, including US dollars, euros, and pounds sterling.

The size of the maximum prize can exceed the initial bid by 20 thousand times.

Rocketman is a provably fair game where the result of the round is determined by a random hash value. It is generated before the launch of the session, so it is even theoretically impossible to fake or delete it.

The product has 3 bonus features:

  • draws of 2 progressive jackpots — Rocketpot and Boosterpot;
  • acquisition of advertising credits;
  • free bets (from 10 to 50 moves depending on the amount of time spent by the player on the gaming site).

Aviator by Spribe

A helicopter is climbing on a steady incline and can collapse at any moment. Crash entertainment is characterised by high dynamics and huge payouts. The RTP percentage here is 97%.

Features of the solution:

  1. Social orientation. The entertainment contains an internal chat, live bets, a module with statistics, and other tools for creating a community that consists of a loyal audience.
  2. Free bets. The branded Rain option adds a random number of free bids to the chat. Any participant can claim them by clicking the “Get” button.
  3. Cross-browser compatibility. The product can be launched on many devices. These are gadgets, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops, and other compact equipment.

JetX3 by SmartSoft Gaming

This crash entertainment has amazing 3D graphics and good payouts.

The action takes place in the intergalactic universe where 3 spaceships are sent. Players can place 1, 2, or 3 bets on the same flight, thus increasing the chances of winning big prizes. The round continues indefinitely or until all 3 ships explode.

The developer’s offer contains:

  • interactive advertising blocks;
  • internal chat;
  • game statistics;
  • history of bets.

The Main Things about the Installation of Crash Entertainment

Blockchain-based casino: key notions

Content of this type is characterised by simple mechanics, clear rules, and decent payouts.

  • The solution is built on the basis of Blockchain technology, which ensures provable fairness of the results, as well as anonymous and smooth operation. Outcomes of the sessions are encoded using cryptographic means, so it is even theoretically impossible to fake or delete them.
  • Bids are accepted in Bitcoins, Altcoins, Ethereums, and other tokens. The betting range varies from 0.0001 to 100 BTC or more. Players can set up such a function as an automatic deposition and withdrawal of funds.
  • Crash content features good social interaction, multilingual support, and multiplayer mode. The product includes a built-in chatbot, session statistics, bonus payouts, and progressive jackpots.
  • High-quality offers were created by such brands as Elbet, Spribe, BGaming, BetSolutions, SmartSoft Gaming, and others.

You can buy or rent crash content from the Online Casino Market aggregator. We provide products from the best manufacturers at affordable prices.

From us, it is possible to order the following gambling services:

  • development of unique HTML5 slots;
  • assistance in licensing and certification;
  • installation of a turnkey online casino;
  • integration of the White Label platform, and many others.

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