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Updated 23 september 2021

Digital marketing of online gambling establishments involves utilizing as many channels as possible. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, email targeting are all capable of bringing a significant number of players to a platform. However, affiliate marketing is by far the most efficient way to acquire new clients through gambling-related websites.

Online Casino Market wants to present to you an overview of this advertising method from the operators and affiliates’ sides. Our experts will explain to you the tricky notions that you might have not considered during the elaboration of your promotional campaign.

Affiliate marketing for online casinos

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Focusing on Dynamic Aspects between Operators and Affiliates

It is essential to bring clarity towards creating a beneficial and successful commercial deal between operators and affiliates.

The creation of a profitable agreement in an affiliate program is conceived by these factors:

  1. The basic start of every affiliate program is the understanding of the margins and players’ values. Otherwise, it is complicated to develop a win-win model that is going to satisfy both parts of the agreement.
  2. An operator has to perceive its value before making an offer to an affiliate. Those companies always have traffic and want to send it to someone who is going to appreciate, retain, and maintain it to grow their business. People used to offer 70-80% of revenue share for some affiliate programs. It is almost unbearable to survive at such a rate.
  3. A lot of inexperienced operators immediately request for exposure. Affiliates also want to ensure their traffic is directed to the right resources and is not wasted. So, they analyze operators and rank them according to the preferences of their visitors.

Choosing the Right Remuneration Method

The commercial deal between an operator and affiliate usually utilizes two main payment models — CPA and fixed fee:

  • The cost per action model works the best when an affiliate has already gotten into the relationship with operators, and they want to launch a new site. In this case, both sides know what the player value is likely to be.
  • When an affiliate works with a new operator, the player value is still going to be clear, considering the working experience with similar websites. But the turning aspect here is the operator himself, as a lot depends on his choices. So, fixed fees work better for both sides in this case.

Perceiving the Transparency in an Affiliate Program

Affiliate program: transparency in cooperation

The notion of transparency between an operator and an affiliate is another crucial aspect in the cooperation of the sides. The ability to perceive what you are working with can be a good starting point of mutual understanding and benefit. The affiliates that are more transparent with their traffic and value tend to have a stronger relationship with an operator.

Let us review the importance of transparency from the operators and affiliates’ sides:

Affiliate’s Transparency

Operator’s Transparency

When an affiliate exposes the amount of traffic they have monthly and presents it as a reason for cooperation with an operator, the reliability of such an offer jumps to a high level immediately.

Otherwise, mentioning that client acquisition is substantial without presenting any exact numbers does not inspire any trust

On the operator’s side of this issue, it gets a bit more difficult. Usually, casino managers do not want to give away their selling points. But it is still beneficial to have some level of transparency of what the indicated program does. This will make an affiliate appreciate honesty.

Either way, affiliates have capabilities to test it and find out the real numbers in case an operator conceals the truth. The point of being proactive is beneficial rather than make affiliates dig out everything by themselves

The focal point of mutually beneficial cooperation is that the more transparency there is, the better the sides can work together.

Reviewing Common Communication Pitfalls

The ideal scenario of a cooperation between an operator and an affiliate is a clear indication of goals from one side and the possibilities of another. If these two aspects match, every participant of the process will be satisfied with the result.

If an operator hides the real data from an affiliate without providing assets to measure quality and conversion, the communication nature no longer works for the benefit of both sides.

An operator must see an affiliate as an extension of his marketing arm. Surely, confidential information is meant to be hidden, but turning potential beneficial cooperation into a guessing game is a waste of time for both sides.

Without further hesitation, affiliates quickly get rid of such burdening operators and switch to other programs that are more profitable and transparent.

Learning Operator’s Considerations Before a Commercial Deal

Every self-respecting online casino manager wants the promotional campaign of his platform to be perfect. That is why it is essential to understand the way your business works and its key notions to be able to operate around them accordingly:

  1. Budget. Affiliate marketing is a long-term game. An operator has to understand that a fruitful affiliate program requires constant financial support for lasting at least 12 months.
  2. Product. Understanding the possibilities of the product can significantly boost the performance of an affiliate program. If we consider the Bingo game, it is all about an enjoyable pastime while poker is meant to be more competitive and assertive.
  3. Player value. Once the budget and product are considered, an operator should perceive the player value. The understanding of what is sustainable to offer in the commission model and what is not will help set up beneficial cooperation with an affiliate.

The Main Things About Embarking on an Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate agreement: cost of traffic

Every operator has to understand what the cost of his advertising is. It is essential to perceive how much you spend on obtaining traffic. Consequently, it is important to conduct researches and analyze the cost of certain verticals. It allows understanding whether cooperation with a certain affiliate is worth.

Online Casino Market understands the importance of concluding mutually beneficial affiliate agreements and wants to remind the key notions about this type of advertising:

  • The basic start of every program is the understanding of the margins and players’ values as well as considering affiliates’ interests.
  • For new operators, it might be beneficial to start with fixed payments to affiliates while experienced online casinos utilize CPA.
  • Transparency in an affiliate program allows both sides of the agreement to maximize their efficiency and work for each other’s benefit.
  • Communication problems can become an obstacle towards receiving maximum profit from a particular affiliate program, so it is necessary to avoid them.
  • The budget of an advertising campaign, the essence of the product, and the players’ value must be the operator’s primary considerations before concluding a commercial deal.

If you are looking for high-traffic resources to conduct an affiliate agreement with, you can resort to professional assistance. Online Casino Market has an expert marketing department that approaches each program development with unique consideration. We cooperate with reliable affiliates that bring high-quality traffic.

Order digital marketing solutions at Online Casino Market and increase the player acquisition of your platform significantly.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 23 september 2021