Income Access: The Best Casino Affiliate Program

Income Access: The Best Casino Affiliate Program

Updated 10 february 2023

Online gambling business is closely related to the tools of web-promotion, SEO and context advertising. Owners of online casino pay a lot of their attention to the Google Ads settings or Yandex Metrics. It is a very super complicated task to be in the TOP-3 of online search results. If you want to buy a casino and make it profitable it is needed to use available online communication channels. 

You can easily find any solution in gambling business. Income Access step forward to help casino operators by offering an affiliate partnership.

Affiliate program is a variety of online partnership. Its sense can be explained in the context of Internet-shop.

Let“s suppose that there is some new company that sells the phones with guarantees and for a very reasonable price. But it is unreal to compete with networking professionals and big Internet-shops, and it is needed to hire one or even several experts to set up context and measured advertising. In this case company-seller refers to the affiliate services that place their partner link on the top sites which sell the phones.

It is a genius В2В solution that will save small and medium business from the bankruptcy and the market from monopolization. 

Auto dealers and tourist agencies were the first who applied this model of online partnership. There is also an online casino affiliate program. You can buy casino affiliate program from Income Access immediately in order do not waste your time for concluding agreements and negotiation with partners.

The Essence of Income Access

Casino affiliate program is a pure В2В solution when companies cooperate on equal terms for similar profit. Big online casinos, bookmaker sites and other giants of the business earn by receiving fees from transfer/action/advertising online casino affiliate programs. Companies related to these links get traffic and new users.

Affiliate software from Income Access

Income Access affirms that their goal is to cooperate with all the representatives of iGaming industry. Many large casinos and suppliers place partner links on their sites, such as Ikibu, Rush Street, sports operator Argyll Entertainment, bookmaker Betcenter, VGambling, BeLucky and Tiplix casino. This list is constantly being updated. Income Access already has 250 platforms. 

Digital Marketing From Income Access

The base of a good web-analytics consists of the monitoring and reporting.

Income Access suggests their customers the range of the following services and tools: 

  • multi-channel solutions for tracking and reporting;
  • complex payments and fees; 
  • fixed management; 
  • CRM tools;
  • full data volume for analytics.

You will be able to see the key information with the help of these digital tools. Casino affiliate program Income Access will take on all the hard work. 

You may also set up the tools for your business or requirements and choose any metrics: from demographic overview to currency rates. All data will be protected.

Affiliate Software: How do Casino Affiliate Programs Work? 

Casino affiliate program is very simple and can be divided in five steps: 

1. Install a platform

Everything is considered in casino affiliate program: whether you are going to work in several regions or you want to get promoted to a new market. You create selective profiles of users in order to review the language, currency and regional statistics in the future. You will be able to manage several companies from a single administrative account. You do not need to pay for each project.

2. Set up a company

There is a possibility to manage the settings of core audience, optimize search of players in browser, gadget, dates rate, time, days of a week. It is recommended to adjust geo targeting and monitoring of URL addresses. 

3. Assign tracking and reporting

The most efficient company rates are chosen at this stage. Analytics is more profound due to the user’s actions are tracked from the click to transaction. You can see the volume and quality of your leads (potential clients) and player of each brand, communication channel, product and affiliate partner. 

4. Connect to Income Access partners

Just a step to make casino affiliate program work. You will be able to send requests to your traffic partners, media agencies, casino through CRM and communication tools. This process is automatized: choose the category of affiliate and send requests for placement. 

5. Payment settings 

Each partner charges his fees for a certain action on his site. You may choose an action by yourself to pay for: 

  • CPL — lead pay;
  • CPI — installation pay;
  • CPA — purchase pay.

Also, it is allowed to pay for placement or choose several actions at one time. Payment settings are defined individually or automatically for each partner. 

There is nothing complicated here. The system reminds accounts installation in Google Ads or advertising in Facebook. Only casino affiliated program Income Access cooperates with gambling brands exclusively that provides access to the specific audience. Why is it needed to pay for bad leads, isn’t it?
All the settings work for mobile platforms as well. There is no issue of you want to optimize companies for mobile devices. Moreover, you will see a comparative analysis of mobile traffic and web-channels in the statistics. 

Casino affiliate program from Income Access offers casino software for placing advertisements. The process is similar: set up the core audience, define communication channels, choose payment method and then you watch users visiting your website and their further actions. 

There is one more good benefit form Income Access — demo version of casino affiliate program which can be received for free. You will evaluate casino software, its advantages and then you will take a decision to buy it. 

Casino affiliate program from Income Access may replace an entire marking department. Software provides set of tools that you can easily manage, and this is a huge competitive advantage. If you plan to buy casino first of all you need to think about its promotion. But it would be better do not complicate your life and immediately start working with Income Access.

Digital marketing for online casino

You can buy casino affiliate program from Income Access from Online Casino Market company with long-term experience in gambling.

Also, here you may buy turnkey casino and get a free consultation on any question concerning fresh online casino. The experts would be glad to help you in any matter. 

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023

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