V8 Poker Casino Software: the Best Selection of Licensed Products

V8 Poker Casino Software: the Best Selection of Licensed Products

Updated 10 february 2023

In this article, we are going to talk about a Taiwanese software vendor that offers solutions for both offline and online entertainment and owns a gaming site with free sweepstakes and games for real money.

V8 Poker casino software: licensed products

The product is licensed by the prestigious regulator of the Philippines and was tested in the eCOGRA independent laboratory.

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Launch a Casino by the V8 Poker Provider: the Catalogue of Offers

Apart from other things, users get access to traditional oriental solutions since the software was created mostly for the Asian audience.

Card Entertainment

On the developer's official website, users can find:


There are only 2 participants in the round: a dealer and a gambler but other users (up to 14 people) can place side bets — on a winner or a draw.

The goal of each participant is to score more points than the opponent. A gambler who managed to collect 9 points automatically becomes a winner


Blackjack is one of the few games where the result depends not only on luck but also on agility and the strategy chosen by users. To win, they need to score more points than the dealer but no more than 21.

The solution includes a wide range of bets: it is possible to choose between insurance, split, double, and a single hand

Texas Holdem Poker

A traditional 52-card game where it is necessary to collect the best line to win. The V8 Poker casinos software contains pairs, threes, straight, flush, full house, and other profitable combinations

Three Cards

It is a more dynamic game compared to classic hold'em. The solution contains 5 prize combinations, as well as several side bets, including Pair Plus and Ante

Four Cards Bull

This type of poker is not much different from traditional hold'em. The main difference is that in order to win, 4 cards are needed, not 5.

The V8 Poker online casinos options provider has designed the entertainment in the Asian style. Thus, a golden bull is placed on the gaming table, and all the inscriptions are made in the form of Chinese calligraphy

Three Toy

The entertainment is very similar to three-card poker with the only difference that the highest combo is 3 of kings.

It is made in the oriental style, and the design is dominated by red, gold, and blue colours

Bull Bull

The gambling software by the decent V8 Poker vendor is in-demand in the Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hunan. The game is played with 6 decks of cards, and the prize goes to the gambler with the highest combination.

In Bull Bull, there are several main bets (on the winner, loser, draw) and side bets (on the equal and doubled one)

Board Games

Elements of the V8 Poker reliable turnkey casinos are:

  • Hundred Sic Bo. An ancient Chinese game with 3 hexagonal dice. Users bet on the numbers dropped on the dice. It is possible to place small (in the range from 4 to 10) and large (from 11 to 17) bets.
  • Fish Prawn Crab. In this solution, 3 dice are used but instead of numbers, there are animals on their sides: fish, shrimp, crab, chicken, coin, and calabash. The task of gamblers is to predict the dropped combo.
  • Fan Tan. An ancient Asian game of odds that resembles roulette in many ways. The software includes fixed odds and 4 types of bets: fan, honk, kwok, and nim.
  • Xoc Dia. This is Indian folk entertainment. Prize combinations are formed from 4 red and white buttons. Users need to guess what colour are the buttons and in what sequence they will appear on the screen.

Key Advantages of the Offer

V8 Poker gambling software: key advantages

It has several features:

  1. Cross-platform interface. The product works well in all browsers, OS, and on smartphones, laptops, desktops, iPads, and land-based slot machines.
  2. Fast integration. Entrepreneurs get access to the multi-channel API. Seamless installation takes a minimum of time. In one session, you can install a complete package of entertainment along with in-game settings.
  3. Multi-currency and multilingual support. The software works with Chinese yuan, Indian rupees, Japanese yen, US dollars, and other currencies. The game lobby is translated into all languages ​​of Southeast Asia, as well as English, German, Spanish, and French.
  4. Powerful back office. Operators can launch lucrative casinos by the top V8 Poker provider for several terminals and websites. Comfortable service management takes place from a single command centre. The back office contains system settings, a reporting module, and options for the installation of external elements: payment gateways and referral programs.
  5. High performance. The V8 Poker web casinos software processes over 5 thousand requests per minute, including verification of users, acceptance of deposits and bets, determination of winning combinations, and other operations. The solution works great even in those regions where Internet connection is of very poor quality.
  6. Unusual design. Solutions were made in the style of a traditional land-based casino. The colours used by the company are green, gold, red, and blue. Virtual dealers communicate in an interactive chat and help gamblers to play the game.

Ways to Integrate Casino Games

V8 Poker turnkey casino: how to integrate

Businessmen can work with the manufacturer in several ways:

Our Service

The product is delivered as a well-thought-out aggregation platform.

Benefits of the solution include:

  • full access to the API and the server side of the project;
  • automatic updating of the system;
  • technical support for operators and their clients;
  • a wide range of in-game settings for managing user accounts;
  • access to effective promotional tools, including side bets and multiplayer card tournaments.

Agents Rights

In this case, entrepreneurs work as independent agents, interacting with both end-users (gamblers) and B2B partners (owners of virtual casinos, lottery sites and offline halls, affiliates).

Features of the option:

  • an independent gaming environment with a user lobby and server part;
  • flexible settings of the system;
  • options for the integration of external programs — financial aggregators, marketing systems, security software, and the assortment of offers;
  • different ways to work with partners: from payments for each registered user to apportionment of the net profit;
  • independent branding of an iGaming project using ready-made templates.

The Main Things about the Connection of the Brand’s Offers

Cooperating with us, you get:

  • unique slot machines, arcades, video poker, as well as table and live games from the best manufacturers in the industry;
  • advertising tools to maximise the engagement and retention of the audience;
  • reliable systems that can be rented or purchased on a turnkey basis or under the White Label agreement;
  • relevant business models for a successful project launch and further scaling of your business.

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  • The supplier produces interactive table entertainment: baccarat, blackjack, Texas Hold'em, and other popular games. Moreover, the developer has released several traditional Asian solutions including Fish Prawn Crab, Fan Tan, and Xoc Dia.
  • The software was licensed in the Philippines, and all game components were tested in the eCOGRA international laboratory.
  • The product has such advantages as a cross-platform interface, high performance, powerful back office, and simple integration. The vendor provides full multi-currency and multilingual support.
  • You can connect the game content via the Our Service or using the Agents Rights system.

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Updated 10 february 2023

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