Individual Online Casino Game Development: Why it is Profitable in 2024

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Updated 29 june 2023

Original content is a valuable asset in the assortment of an iGaming site. Such games open up new marketing channels, attract solvent traffic, and improve the image of the gambling brand.

The Online Casino Market company explores the advantages of custom-made gaming production. You will learn why it is profitable in 2024 and what points in development you should pay attention to.

What Content is Preferred by Gamblers in 2024?

Modern punters are tired of traditional fruit mixes and 5-reel solutions with familiar symbols: lucky sevens, BAR icons, and other typical images.

Of course, classic slots are still relevant. However, more gamers prefer original content in 2024.

Popular types of entertainment solutions are as follows:

  1. Live dealer products. These are roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Sic Bo, Texas Hold'em, and other table games. Their advantage is communication with a real croupier in a 24/7 format, transparency in payouts, and the availability of effective social tools. Users are happy to talk through the in-game chat as well as exchange results and gifts.
  2. Bitcoin slots. These are classic 5-reel machines that accept bets in both fiat and digital money. Cryptocurrency support allows punters to play at macro and micro limits. It ensures provable honesty of the results and provides access to wagers from anywhere in the world.
  3. Crash games. The solutions are characterised by fast rounds and instant results. The content is marked by simple gameplay with an object moving along a parabola. At some point, a powerful explosion occurs on the screen. After this, the gamer either receives the wager with a good multiplier or is left with nothing. Crash content belongs to the category of multiplayer entertainment products. This gives the operator an additional advantage as an increase in the average check per player.
  4. Cluster slots. Prize combinations are created randomly — in the form of units of various shapes (from 2x2 to 7x8 and more) with intriguing features and multipliers inside. The solution attracts an audience with fast rounds and good chances for prizes.
  5. The products with a progressive jackpot. The opportunity to hit the big prize has always interested gambling sites’ visitors. It is good when the machine is connected to the cumulative jackpot series. This will be a great incentive for the growth of Internet traffic.

In 2024, visitors to iGaming sites are looking for thrills, non-standard mechanics, and catchy social tools. For this reason, top providers are constantly working to improve their corporate portfolio and present new stylish products.

The entrepreneur can buy programs from a well-known company or order software development based on individual sketches at the Online Casino Market studio.

Why it is Beneficial to Create Original Games

Online casino game development on order

Consider the main advantages of the solution:

The Relevance to Audience Needs

A thorough analysis of user preferences allows entrepreneurs to understand what content is most interesting to punters. In 2024, these are live and crash games, cluster slots, and progressive jackpot products.

The operator keeps up with the times, offering customers only those solutions that will get the maximum response from the audience and bring good income to online casinos.

The development of unique games is interesting because it allows taking into account the regional preferences of gamers one hundred per cent:

  • Southeast Asians, for example, like oriental-style slots. They contain Chinese characters, various animals, colour attributes, and other typical elements.
  • Europeans choose slot-machines with a plot. These are stories about pirates, mythological creatures, and heroes from popular fairy tales. Gamers pay attention to the high quality of graphics, sound, and playback speed.

The Use of New Marketing Channels

Users are happy to register on unfamiliar iGaming sites if unusual games are presented there. They need to play a stylish novelty quickly, become winners, and share the results with friends.

The release of original content is a great newsbreak around which you can build a successful marketing campaign. For promotion, it is worth using different communication channels (search engines, social messengers, e-mail, etc.) to get the maximum response from the audience.

Growing Popularity of the iGaming Brand

The creation of unique games is a great image move.

The presence of original content increases trust and interest in a gambling site, allowing it to stand out from the competition and take a leading position in the market. The operator signals to users and B2B partners that its online casino is confidently keeping up with the times.

There are not many gambling platforms in the industry that offer original entertainment titles. This niche is not very filled yet. This gives the entrepreneur a good incentive to grow and scale the iGaming business.

The Optimisation of Current Costs and Additional Earnings

In most cases, all gaming products from top providers that are placed on the gambling site are rented. The rights to the content belong to the software producers. Therefore, the entrepreneur is obliged to transfer monthly payments to them.

When creating custom slots, businessmen pay only once — for development services. Then the games become their property. Therefore, there are no additional costs.

If the original game is mega-successful, the businessman can further franchise it and receive a stable income from this. Another good option is to create a series of unique titles: with the same characters that fall into different locations.

How Original Online Casino Content is Created

Online casino original content

Consider the main stages of development:

The concept

It is necessary to decide what the new game will be like. First of all, the content genre is chosen (crash, slot machine, live dealer, etc.) After this, the functionality is analysed.

If this is a video title, it is important to determine its type (cluster or linear), the number of digital reels and directions for payouts, etc.

The plot of the new game is also worth working out at the initial stage. First, the operator chooses the theme, and then the colour combinations and the main characters

The prototype

This is a kind of sketch of an entertainment product. It allows the entrepreneur to transfer all the ideas into a 3D format and evaluate how the chosen concept looks in reality

Vertical slice

If attention is paid to the overall idea of the product in the previous two stages, then here we need to focus on mechanics. These are the main gameplay (digital reels, live studio, user interface, etc.), special symbols and features, additional rounds, bonuses, and other components.

At the vertical slice stage, it is necessary to make up your mind whether the game will be connected to the cumulative jackpot series. If yes, then you need to decide how exactly the user will get access to the draw: randomly during the main session or due to the successful completion of the bonus round

Content development

When the concept and prototype of the game are chosen, it is time to move on to writing code, creating a design and a 3D model of the future product. Here, the entrepreneur needs to attract specialists. These are programmers, web designers, project architects, and other professionals in their field.

At this stage, optimisation, refinement, and customisation of content, as well as integration of payment solutions takes place. It is also possible to implement a system of provable fairness of results


QA engineers check products for bugs, crashes, and technical problems, evaluate game levels and send the solution for revision if necessary. It is also necessary to examine the usability of the control panel: which buttons are superfluous, and what functions, on the contrary, are missing.

Experienced gamers can be involved in testing. They are well versed in various titles and can give an honest and independent assessment of a new product

How to Release a Popular Game in 2024

Creation of unique casino games

Here are the key points to pay attention to:

The Availability of a Mobile Version

In 2024, more than 60% of Internet traffic comes from smart devices. Experts predict that by 2027 this figure will increase even more. Already now it is worth thinking about optimising content for phones and Apple gadgets. Many providers completely refuse to create games for desktop sites, completely switching to the mobile format.

The most commonly used programming languages for developing mobile casino games are HTML5 and JavaScript.

The main advantages of the solution are as follows:

  • trouble-free adaptation of the software to the parameters of the device used (screen size and resolution, amount of RAM, etc.);
  • small size, thanks to which the game takes up a minimum of space on the gadget;
  • excellent quality of design and sound;
  • the ease of making changes (it is possible to add in-game advertising or a promo video).

The Support for Different Rotation Modes

A great solution is to develop multiple versions of the title. The minimum task is to provide two modes. These are demo (with bets in conditional credits) and traditional variations (with wagers in US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, and other local units).

The product may support multi-user mode. This feature is available by default in crash games, as well as some live dealer titles. Most often, it is American and European roulette, craps, and Texas Hold'em.

Top providers (like Microgaming or NetEnt) create content with two main modes. The rotation of the slot reels can start during the daytime. Then, after the creation of prize combinations, it may move to the night. All basic symbols are preserved here. However, their functionality and cost are changing.

By the same principle, it is possible to create modes “winter-summer”, “city-village”, and choose other locations and design options.

The Choice of Prize Potential

Most entertainment titles work based on the built-in random number generator. Its main characteristic is RTP (rate of return to player).

The acceptable rate for online casinos is 95-98%. Thanks to this, the operator can earn, and the clients can receive a decent reward. The percentage of cashback is estimated with volatility.

Depending on the level of the prize potential, 3 types of games can be singled out:

  1. Highly dispersed content. This category is characterised by large winnings that do not drop out too often. A gamer can get x5,000 or more to the base rate, depending on the technical parameters of the software. High-volatility entertainment titles include crash games, progressive jackpot products, and lotteries.
  2. The solutions with medium volatility. A huge number of bonus features and rounds that provide additional rewards can be found here. Line and cluster slots, live dealer amusements, bingo, keno, and blockchain machines are products with medium dispersion.
  3. Low-volatility games. This category includes retro slots and fruit mixes. They are characterised by frequent prize combinations. However, the winnings remain minimal.

It is important for an entrepreneur to clearly identify the technical characteristics of the product: RTP and volatility. In 2024, the audience prefers content with high and medium dispersion. It attracts both beginners and experienced gamblers.

Fair Play Certification and Support

The presence of quality approval is a clear sign that the results of the game can be trusted. Experts check the built-in RNG, bonus program, special features, self-limiting tools, and other software components.

Independent verification is carried out by:

  • Gaming Laboratory International;
  • iTechLabs;
  • BMM Testlab, and other international organisations.

An alternative to certification is the implementation of a system of provable result honesty. The Fair Play feature is available by default for crash games and Bitcoin slots as they are based on blockchain technology.

The results of the rounds are pre-encrypted using cryptographic tools. The keys to the hash function are randomly distributed between the participants in the sessions and the software provider. By comparing all the elements of the code with the help of special programs, the user is convinced from personal experience of the honesty and transparency of the outcomes.

High-Quality Visualisation of Original Content

Major trends in game development are as follows:

  • Virtual and augmented reality. The future belongs to VR and AR slots. Even today, this type of entertainment demonstrates high levels of audience engagement. Gamers seem to fall into another dimension. The technology gives such a realistic picture.
  • 3D graphics. An important nuance is the presence of animated effects. They provide authentic gameplay and give it dynamics, focusing on important points for the user. This is the creation of a prize combination, receiving a bonus, switching to a new mode, etc.
  • Consistent colours. The priority is bright shades with stylish effects (backlight, gradient, etc.). Sharp contrasts should be avoided, as well as the design of the game exclusively in pastel colours.

Why it is Better to Order the Production of Unique Games from Professionals

Game creation on order

The creation of an entertainment title is a complex and lengthy process that requires certain knowledge and experience in the industry. The entrepreneur needs to take care of many technical processes (programming, testing, layout, etc.), come up with an attractive and, most importantly, functional design, and protect the product from bugs and failures.

The best choice is to order the development of original content at the Online Casino Market studio due to:

  1. Cost optimisation. Collaborating with professionals is always faster and more affordable than releasing a game on your own. Our staff consists of experienced programmers, web designers, and QA engineers. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the high quality of the finished product.
  2. A fresh take on trends. We are aware of the latest changes in the gambling market and offer operators only content that is sure to interest the audience. Blockchain, VR, mobile layout, and non-standard mechanics — our team integrates only the best components and technologies into games.
  3. Helpful services. Along with the development of content, you can order its promotion. Online Casino Market is implementing an interesting and recognisable marketing campaign that will impress the target audience.

The Main Things about the Creation of Custom Casino Games

Original content is a great incentive for users to visit an iGaming site and place a winning bet.

  • The advantages of such an approach to software production are the growing popularity of online casinos, the attraction of solvent Internet traffic, and the use of new marketing channels. Content development helps to optimise operating costs and generate additional income.
  • In 2024, the types of content that are in demand include crash games, cluster slots, crypto entertainment titles, amusements with live dealers, and progressive jackpot machines.
  • Content production consists of several stages. These are the creation of a concept and prototype, a vertical slice, code writing, design creation, and testing.
  • The entrepreneur should consider the presence of a mobile version, the support for different rotation modes, prize potential, and the visual appeal of the game. Finished products can be tested in an independent certificate authority or a provable fairness mechanism can be added.

You can order the development of unique content at the Online Casino Market studio. We will implement your most daring ideas, and create a fully functional game with an excellent response from the audience.

The Online Casino Market company provides such gambling services:

  • the creation of turnkey online casinos;
  • the installation of White Label platforms;
  • the integration of payment services;
  • gambling site marketing;
  • the creation of a business plan, and others.

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