Telegram Casino: a New Tool for Business Scaling

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Updated 02 december 2021

The trend of the gambling niche in 2021–2022 is the promotion of casino platforms, the introduction of simpler and more flexible navigation systems, and switching to the mobile segment.

Telegram casino: new tool for business scaling

The use of chatbots in Telegram is very good for the promotion of online games. Alexander Lupich, the product director of Slotegrator, said:

We position Telegram casino as an alternative user experience for the gambling niche.

In this article, experts of Online Casino Market will tell you what a chatbot is, how mobile messengers are used in the industry, and what prospects this trend has.

About the Concept of a Casino in the Popular Messenger

It is an alternative gambling format, in which the UX of the messenger replaces the classic front-end of the gaming site, and the built-in chatbot acts as the croupier.

The mobile version is fully synchronised with the main platform and duplicates all its functionality (from betting limits to the personalisation of bonuses). At the same time, the end consumer does not need to use a browser — it is enough to give commands to the bot in the form of text or voice messages.

The idea of ​​combining the popular mobile messenger and gambling platform pursued several aims:

  1. The attraction of Generation Z to the gameplay. This is a young audience that came of age about 5 years ago. According to the marketers and analysts of Slotegrator, Generation Z is distinguished by its multitasking nature, curiosity, and addiction to mobile devices.
  2. Exoneration of gambling. According to Alexander Lupich, the recognisable brand of the Telegram messenger will subconsciously become a window for new users who are uncomfortable with the casino topic, which is associated with a certain “underground” atmosphere.
  3. Anonymity assurance. Statistics show that it is much more pleasant for regular casino visitors to remain anonymous during the game session, even until the moment of mandatory verification. The chatbot in the messenger provides them with such an opportunity.

The Telegram casino is an excellent additional element of the gaming system. Moreover, it is possible to switch to the mobile version from the browser one by scanning a special QR code on the website.

This solution allows users to:

  • continue playing from the place where they were interrupted;
  • pass the automatic verification procedure without the need to create a new account or remember passwords;
  • keep access to current accounts and deposits;
  • save in-game ratings and previous browsing history.

The Functionality of the Messenger’s Bot

Developers of the solution guarantee operators the widest functionality of the backend. The program not only completely duplicates the systems of the main online platform but also makes it possible to automate and optimise some of the processes related to the management and interaction with the end-user as much as possible.

Characteristics and capabilities of the Telegram casino administration panel

User registration

For registered gamblers, operators can:

  • customise the welcome program;
  • organise a simplified verification procedure for new users;
  • launch a smooth transition from the browser version to the messenger format.

New customers are provided with a simplified registration form. It also not mandatory to switch to the basic platform

Adjustment of the bot

A feature of the Telegram casino is the ability to simultaneously launch several bots on one platform. For example:

  • a separate croupier for each gambling hall;
  • a virtual assistant who will only accept bets;
  • an interactive FAQ section with the answers to frequently asked questions, etc.

The audience cut off

Operators can set the criteria for the chatbot related to the provision of users with access to gambling products:

  • minimum age;
  • geolocation;
  • sex, etc. (in the Telegram casino of the new generation, customers can make use of the option of choosing a “non-binary gender”)

Newsletter management

To control the newsletter and work with subscribers, a separate system with a large set of personalisation settings is provided.

Through the chatbot, it is possible to set up and automate newsletters and feedback from permanently active gamblers (send invitations to participate in tournaments, information on current promotions, cashbacks, etc.)

Access to information and legal sections

It is worth noting that the described messenger is an independent international resource on the basis of which separate channels for the distribution of services are created.

The chatbot provides customers with quick access to the section related to the privacy policy and rules of the use of a gaming site. Gamblers can familiarise themselves with the playing conditions by clicking on the link or by opening the set of rules in a separate tab in the messenger window

This is not the whole list of functionalities of the Telegram bot. The messenger is constantly being optimised, and the list of offers is being expanded as well. To activate additional administrative options, you need to contact the representatives of Online Casino Market.

Advantages of a Casino of This Type

Telegram casino advantages and possibilities

Playing via a mobile messenger is a new word in the industry. The introduction of a Telegram bot into the basic platform allows operators to quickly enter new markets and attract a wide audience, focusing on young users who are interested in mobile innovations and gaining an alternative experience.

Among the advantages and possibilities of the Telegram casino, we can name:

Guaranteed Anonymity

It is worth noting that in any jurisdiction, to visit a gambling platform legally, users must go through the verification procedure. In this case, there is no anonymity at all.

Players carry out actions inside the messenger without the need to go to the gaming site with slot machines. Casino owners do not get access to such data as geolocation, IP address, gender or the type of device used.

This approach gives gamblers the illusion of anonymity and makes them feel more comfortable during the game session.

For entrepreneurs, the absence of a part of personal data may cause some deformation of statistics. But minor differences in reporting will not have a significant impact on the personalisation of the offer or the strategy for business scaling.

If necessary, it is possible to connect special analytical tools from Google and Yandex to the platform. To do this, operators will need to contact the managers of Online Casino Market.

Access to Various Markets

According to data for April 2020, the daily increase in the audience of the Telegram messenger was 1.5 million people. By 2022, the platform’s developers plan to reach 1 billion users.

The program is included in the list of the top 10 most downloaded mobile apps in more than 20 countries.

The popularity of the messenger can be explained by the anonymity of users and the absence of restrictions on content and actions within the system. Moreover, there is no direct advertising on the platform, which allows the audience to focus directly on the gameplay and gain the most positive experience.

Telegram is an independent mobile service. A session within the program does not fall under the definition of an online casino game. Accordingly, operators do not face legal restrictions that are relevant to traditional gaming sites and can work with traffic from any region.

Low Expenditures on the Promotion

The messenger does not support direct advertising but provides access to a wide range of advanced marketing tools.

The chatbot can be configured to collect personal data, analyse it, and generate exclusive offers. This approach makes advertising services more personalised and effective.

All basic processes are automated. Entrepreneurs just need to analyse the provided information and adjust the current promotional program for the identified requests of their audience.

User-Friendly Interface

The Telegram casino is characterised by flexible settings and intuitive controls. Various actions that are relevant for traditional gaming sites have been greatly simplified on the basis of the messenger.

With a single click, users can perform the following tasks:

  • confirm their participation in the game;
  • choose the preferred payment system and currency;
  • deposit/withdraw funds;
  • launch a specific game.

There are several ways to control the gameplay:

  • via text messages to the Telegram bot;
  • through voice commands;
  • by clicking on the navigation icons.

Security Assurances

The Telegram program is developed using universal E2E encryption tools. Information flows are encoded in such a way that only authorised users of the system can access them. Previously, similar technologies were used for military purposes.

The basic functions of the messenger include the ability to create secret chats and configure their self-destruction in certain circumstances.

All text messages, user subscriptions, and built-in chatbots are effectively protected against hacking and control on the part of any legal authority.

Variability of the Use

Telegram casinos can be used as an alternative additional element of the main gaming system or as a full-fledged service.

The messenger has a wide range of settings, which allows operators not only to provide gambling services directly to their clients but also to optimise internal business processes:

  • automate payment algorithms;
  • control the process of verification of new users;
  • collect and analyse personal information of gamblers;
  • create exclusive marketing offers;
  • automate newsletters, etc.

The program is cross-platform and can be launched on all types of user devices.

The Main Things about the Telegram Casino

Casino in Telegram: key notions

The idea of using the messenger is a great opportunity to propel gambling to the next level and provide internet casino visitors with a truly unique experience.

  • The platform enables operators to have broad audience coverage. Users from all over the world have access to this messenger, and that is why entrepreneurs can work with clients from all over the world.
  • A session within Telegram does not fall under the definition of a casino game. All actions of gamblers inside the messenger are not controlled by any legal authorities and are effectively protected against any third-party interference. Operators of a Telegram casino are excused from the restrictions imposed on standard gaming sites.
  • One of the main goals of the Telegram casino is to attract a young audience to the gambling sector. According to Slotegrator analysts, Generation Z, who came of age at least 5 years ago, are more interested in gaining a new gaming experience and are ready to pay good money for it.
To learn more about the benefits and functionalities of the Telegram casino, please contact the managers of Online Casino Market.

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