Vivo Gaming: live casino software solutions from one of the leading developers

Vivo Gaming: live casino software solutions from one of the leading developers

Updated 10 february 2023

Vivo Gaming is the name which many people involved in gambling have associated with live casino games.

This fact is quite natural: the company is considered one of the leaders in the development of software for live casino s. The secret of Vivo Gaming is that its specialists take into account the needs of both operators and players. The result is a high-quality modern casino software.


What Will Your Establishment Receive From the Integration of Games With Live Dealers?

  • An increase in the loyalty of the gamblers. Live casinos have a lot of fans, so they will be delighted with the opportunity to play several games on a high-quality website with attractive dealers.
  • An increase in the profitability. This is logical: if there is an increase in attendance, the income is growing as well. Live games of good quality stimulate gamblers to play more often and bet more money.
  • An expansion of the range. When a person comes to a casino and sees the same games, he or she gets bored and is looking for new ways to have fun. In a casino with live dealers, your visitors will always be excited.


These are the main advantages of this kind of online gaming software. A casino which offers players a wide range of activities simply cannot exist without games with live dealers. This is an excellent option to attract the attention of players who do not have a possibility to visit land-based gambling establishments but want to enjoy the atmosphere of a real casino.

Licensed Live casino software from Vivo Gaming

Looking for licensed software for a live casino? Vivo Gaming is at your service!

The company creates products for both land-based institutions and online casinos. In just ten years, Vivo casino has earned a reputation on the market; as a result, it is rightfully considered to be among the leaders of the niche.

Vivo Gaming Software: Main Features

  • Only modern technologies are used in the work, for example, the broadcast is conducted in Full HD.
  • The user can communicate with other players and dealers in a special chat.
  • To attract a large audience, the developer has created a multi-language and multi-currency interface.
  • A guest can play at multiple tables; this has a positive effect on the engagement of gamblers.
  • Perfectly decorated studios with round-the-clock broadcasting.
  • Each live dealer which the player sees on the screen has passed special training. So, Vivo Gaming guarantees the quality of the provided services.

Vivo games, which you will find in the range:

  • Baccarat;
  • «Dragon Tiger»;
  • Sic Bo;
  • Blackjack;
  • Roulette;
  • Craps;
  • Poker.

Also, the manufacturer boasts RNG games, software for sports betting and lotteries, White Label casino software, and more. Vivo Gaming does not limit itself but uses its many years of experience in various areas of gambling.

7 Reasons to Buy Software from Vivo Gaming

Yes, you can choose a White Label casino or a ready-made script, but with the Vivo Gaming products, you will be sure that your live casino will function like a clockwork engine. No breakdowns, malfunctions or other disappointments; only a constant uninterrupted operation.

The reasons for that are:

  1. Security. Each operator who chooses products from Vivo Gaming can be sure that all these institutions will be safe and sound.
  2. Honesty. Vivo Gaming respects the principle of the fair play, which immediately increases the credibility of the company's products from the players.
  3. Applications for Android and iOS. Studies show that some sectors of the mobile traffic are constantly growing. Vivo Gaming could not pass by the opportunity and introduced applications for mobile devices that allow a gambler to play anywhere anytime.
  4. Using the HTML5 format. This is another aspect in favour of the software from Vivo Gaming, thanks to which a gambler can «check-in» at the casino without getting up from the sofa.
  5. Simple and fast integration. The casino from Vivo Gaming is very easy to launch: it is designed in such a way as to simplify the work of the operator as much as possible.
  6. The demand from the gamblers. For many players, live dealer roulette is more interesting than with a computer. This is excitement that does not come from playing with a machine. Give one an opportunity to play this way in your casino.
  7. Vivo Gaming is the leader in the industry of the software development for live casinos. Do you still need reasons to choose Vivo Gaming?

It is easy to buy software from Vivo Gaming: just contact the Online Casino Market company. It offers two options to choose from: buy or rent Vivo Gaming casinos. If you cannot decide, order a demo. During the test period, you will be able to evaluate the features and benefits of the software from Vivo Gaming. Then, you may launch your full-fledged profitable live dealer casino.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023