Vuetec Ltd: Live Casino Software

Vuetec Ltd: Live Casino Software

Updated 10 february 2023

If you want to buy live casino now it is the time. The gambling venues are becoming popular due to the fact that several new gaming zones are opening in the regions of Russia where casino is allowed. Games are discussed in mass media, news and social networks. 

Unfortunately, not everybody can visit new gambling venues and feel a unique atmosphere of casino. It is worth to think about starting business in this industry. 

In fact, you do not need huge resources to open casino. Your gambling venue will be working online that is why you should not worry about renting premises and casino capacity. 

Also you do not have to think about hiring process, croupier, restaurants and entertainment for the guests. Your customer can be located in another part of the world at home or at work but doing same bets. 

Live casino launching consists of several elements: 

  • registration;
  • domain;
  • server;
  • site;
  • live dealer casino software;
  • content and live dealer casino games.

There is nothing difficult in getting registration, domain and server. It is more complicated to look for the premises for your casino and its repairs. 

More constructive approach is needed in the questions related to content and live casino software. You should take a close look at the market and offers that will be convenient for you. If you want to buy live turnkey casino we suggest you to pay attention to the live dealer casino software provider Vuetec Ltd.

Top-quality live casino software from Vuetec Ltd

About the Company

Vuetec Ltd started to develop live dealer casino software 15 years ago. Company does not have their own studios but they can offer you something more interesting – live dealer casino games in a real land-based casino. In 2005 this supplier started to develop only live casino software.

Office of Vuetec Ltd is located in one of the largest cities of Great Britain — Liverpool. The company hired about 50 employees. Friendly team pays careful attention to each client. That is why choosing Vuetec Ltd as a vendor you choose reliable friends that will help you to create a unique product. 

Nowadays the company arranged streaming of more than 30 mln games, that is why their experts know for sure how to launch live turnkey casino of a good quality or how to seize big audience. 

Vuetec Ltd offers several options for cooperation: 

  • live casino platform that can be integrated to your site through API; 
  • providing ready for use live turnkey casino that will work with Vuetec Ltd licenses; 
  • live dealer casino software and mobile live casino for land-based gambling venue. 

Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer casino games by Vuetec Ltd

Vuetec Ltd provider was always one step ahead not only in technologies but also in gaming content. Online gamblers are interested in traditional games but provider added one more version of blackjack (BlackJack Payout) and poker. 

Review of live dealer casino games from Vuetec Ltd

It is one of the most popular casino games. Users play roulette from Vuetec Ltd in accordance with standard rules. Conditions for betting and payments for both online gamblers and real casino visitors are the same.

Payment percent in this version of blackjack is 98–99%. The gamer can choose the best combination. Main point of the game is to gather an amount of cards that will exceed dealer’s amount. But this sum should be more than 21. 

User plays against casino but he can lay down any time and get payment on his cards. In such a manner user can control risks. 

It is also played according to the general rules except some modifications implemented specially for online casino. VueTec was one of the first companies that launched live poker and adapted it for a new version. 

There is a pack of 52 cards on the table. The goal of user is to gather the biggest combination and win. 

Rules of the game are similar. Camera sensors read information from the cards and stream it to the game window.

This game gives users unforgettable feelings. Even the gamer is online he feels like in a real land-based casino. It is needed to cooperate closely with the dealer in baccarat. 

The task of user is to gather amount of two cards equal to 9. Cards categories slightly differ. Bull is equal to 1, ten and images – 0 points. 

If the cards amount exceeded 10 then 10 points should be deducted from combination. 

You can play either against other users or croupier. Baccarat is a really thrilling game when you know the rules. 

Many casinos in Great Britain operate on live dealer casino software from Vuetec Ltd. They do not spread themselves to all gambling areas and deal only with live dealer casino games.

Vuetec provider is considered one of the best here. Their team can create unique live turnkey casino for you with ready gambling solutions, content and security system. And after launching you will enjoy casino updates. 

You can buy live dealer casino software developed by Vuetec Ltd from Online Casino Market. Besides, their experienced specialists can advise you for free in any question related to live casino and its successful promotion at the gambling market. If you do not have time for individual business development the company can offer to buy live turnkey casino

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023