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Updated 02 october 2020

A distinctive characteristic of a knowledgeable internet casino owner is the preparation for an imminent expansion in the nearest future. The internet gambling business in South America looks like an ideal place to launch a website of this kind and immediately work towards its upgrade because of the positive changes to local legislation. However, legal issues are not the only to grant a positive future to a gaming project.

The choice of an experienced software supplier is a big step towards a profitable internet casino. The Online Casino Market team is eager to introduce to our clients the Amatic casino provider in South America. This world-renown brand is keen on developing first-class gaming solutions as well as auxiliary administrative systems.

The Amatic software provider in South America is your direct way towards boosting the business. Order the top-notch gambling content to your internet casino and start receiving positive feedback from your attendees.

Internet Gambling Legislation in Latin America

Amatic software provider in South America

The online gambling business in South America is a favourable operational environment for potential casino owners. For now, only Colombia has a fully regulated internet gaming market among all South American countries. Its local gambling commission (Coljuegos) started issuing licenses in 2017. Therefore, all entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting an online casino with Amatic in South America are welcome to the region.

Argentina is claimed to have a regulated online gambling business in South America as well. At the same time, here, the gaming sphere is managed on a provincial level. It means what is allowed in Buenos Aires can be forbidden in Misiones or Chaco. Despite the restrictions, the Amatic gaming provider adjusts its software for every province in the country and ensures the legality of the particular gambling activity complies.

Brazil is currently working towards legalizing the internet gambling sphere. Back in 2016, there was the biggest attempt to kick off the process. However, the bill SB 186/2014 was rejected and the formation of another huge South American gambling area was postponed. At the same time, the Amatic gaming provider still develops software for this region. Since it is still possible to offer gambling services in Brazil with an offshore license, dozens of operators resort to this manufacturer for the finest gaming content development.

Amatic Software Vendor in the Latin American Market

Considering the legal situation with the sphere in the South American region, the Amatic gaming provider offers a comprehensive assortment of services. The ability to cooperate with this software supplier boosts many new operators and provides the returning casino owners with new inspiration.

The hallmarks of the long-established service supplier include:

  1. Intensive reliability and nature of the software designed for traditional online gaming portals.
  2. The possibility to launch Amatic casino software in South America on 4K screens, preserving the picture.
  3. Complete support of different platform versions (casino websites, mobile-based browser entertainment, iOS and Android applications, and even land-based alternatives).
  4. Thorough elaboration of bonus systems and accumulated jackpots in all gaming software for casinos in South America from Amatic.
  5. Integration of all the most widely used payment gateways for the particular operational region (Itau, Bradesco for Brazil; ComproPago, Mercado Pago for Argentina; Paysera, Cartão de Crédito for Colombia).
  6. A 100% assurance of the top security level due to the installation of 128-bit SSL encryption systems with an impenetrable firewall.

These major characteristics make Amatic casino software in South America extremely demanded among the operators. So, reach Online Casino Market experts and place your order to start benefiting from this proficient services supplier.

Exclusive Distinctions of Amatic Gaming Content

The company started its operation in 1993 as a land-based service provider. Its main offer was Amatic slot machines for sale. 18 years later, after enough maturity in the sphere was gained, the organization entered the internet market and started supplying software solutions to casino owners all globally.

In particular, the crucial distinctions of Amatic casino software in South America are:

Multiplatform operation

The organization had had only three years before they succeeded on the internet gambling sphere. In 2014, the Amatic software provider in South America launches multiplatform gaming option that adapts the entertainment content to any version (desktop browser, iOS and Android apps, mobile website)

Complete localization

Translating the content into one of the seven widely used languages is not special anymore. Therefore, Amatic also adapts the gaming and administrative systems to the cultural twists of the future operational region

Risk game mode

The Amatic casino provider in South America developed a unique gaming feature that extremely appeals to the locals. The risk game offers players to double or even quadruple the winnings by completing one more step during the first spinning round. Each game has unique requirements for this

Extra wagering possibilities

Amatic slot machines for sale are one of their kind. Apart from additional paylines, the developers also thought about the personal payment menu. A punter has an option to choose the deposit amount on each round with a special set of functions on the control panel

The unique development of visuals

Amatic team of designers decided to orient to minimalism. There are no bright colours in games and sharp lines. Meanwhile, the animation is still rich and profound enough to impress players

The Main Things about Amatic in South America

Amatic casino in South America

Online Casino Market gets many requests on how to buy an Amatic casino in South America these days. This is due to the insane appeal of gambling among the locals. Our clients want everything to be protected, quick, and low-budget. Consequently, we offer them a turnkey casino with Amatic in South America. This ready-made business option considers that all organizational responsibilities are carried out by our specialists.

Besides, we also provide our clients with an extensive rundown on Amatic in Latin America:

  • The Amatic software manufacturer offers a broad assortment of legal services for online gambling portals in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina.
  • The key components of Amatic in Latin America include increased reliability of the software, complete support of different platform versions, thorough development of bonus systems, integration of all the most widely used payment gateways, and many more.
  • Amatic slot machines for sale are particularly distinctive on the market due to multiplatform operation possibilities, complete localization of content, risk game modes, extra wagering possibilities, and the exclusive development of visuals.
  • A ready-made casino with the top-rated Amatic games and administrative tools is the best quick-start option that a new operator can afford.

Online Casino Market creates the best conditions for new businessmen to launch their casinos without any worries. We also ensure long-standing operators resort to us for constant updates and performance boosts. All you need to do is to contact our customer support team and order the best Amatic software to feel the real professional assistance.

For any further inquiries, please, reach us with any convenient method:

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Updated 02 october 2020