Can a Citizen of the United States Obtain a Gambling Licence?

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Updated 12 july 2024

The possibility of receiving an official gaming permit for US residents depends on multiple factors. For example, it should be taken into account what state you live in or plan to open a business.

Gambling licence in the United States

Online Casino Market will guide you through the aspects of project legalising and assist in all the necessary preparations.

Internet Gambling Licence: Core Nuances

In the United States, there is no universal legislation regarding the regulation of the gambling industry. The only common point in legal documents in all regions is age: players and business owners must be over 21. In all other matters, each state reserves the right to regulate this market at its discretion.

For a long time, in the United States, gambling was banned everywhere, except for special zones for this activity. Although today there are significant indulgences in this matter, you can still find partial restrictions in some states, while in Utah and the Hawaiian Islands casinos are completely prohibited.

As for digital gambling, the situation is also quite complicated. At the moment, local authorities are trying to develop laws that will help to effectively manage cash flows through the web gambling channels but things are moving rather slowly.

Getting in Touch with Professionals

For entrepreneurs, it is highly recommended to contact experts who will guide them through all the steps of obtaining a permit.

The requirements for potential licensees are often very strict. Among them, there are:

  • age limits;
  • the absence of problems with the law and criminal records (including for relatives);
  • a clean story of tax debts.

It is necessary to be prepared to provide proof that you have about 200,000 USD at your disposal, which can be used to pay out players in case your business fails to take off or goes bankrupt. To do this, it is enough to use a bank statement or a loan agreement for the required amount. Its size is determined by each state separately.

In addition, local permits are not issued for one person. Licensing is carried out by a company registered in a particular region, and all its founders and shareholders are subject to verification.

The Main Things about Obtaining a Licence in the US

It is better to receive a permit with the support of experienced consultants. Online Casino Market’s qualified managers will help you with every step of your journey.

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  • custom game development;
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Karen Fill

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Updated 12 july 2024