EveryMatrix: Online Gambling Platform

EveryMatrix: Online Gambling Platform

Updated 10 february 2023

Affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to promote your business, because in this case several companies gain the upper hand. Developers of gambling software use such programs very actively. Operators who offer casino slots and gaming products also take part in these partnerships.

An independent and progressive company EveryMatrix was founded in 2008 by several talented programmers, who wanted to transform the world of gaming.

Before we are going to start the description of the company's activity, we would like to inform you that software for online casino from this provider is considered to be one of the most qualitative on the market, and today you can buy it from OnlineCasinoMarket.

The company has offices in Europe and Asia, and specialists who work for it are taking this factor into account by offering unique products, which were developed in a made-to-measure way.

Among such products we can name such projects as: “OddsMatrix” sports betting, online gambling platform for the management of gambling and payments “GamMatrix”, and also a solution for online casinos “CasinoEngine”.

A corporate objective is to develop, improve and provide the most effective solutions for the gaming industry, which makes casino software from EveryMatrix one of the most in-demand one.

Thus, the list of products offered by the company includes: PartnerMatrix, OddsMatrix, GamMatrix, CasinoEngine.


A PartnerMatrix system offers a perfect solution for the affiliate business with a full-stack management of creation, tracking and analysis of both partner and agent programs.

PartnerMatrix gives owners of a gambling business and developers of software for online casino an opportunity to grow and to make money according to their needs.

Advantages of the system

PartnerMatrix system as a perfect solution for the affiliate gambling business

  • A possibility of general functioning. The uniqueness of the system is the ability to combine or divide affiliates and agents. This means it can work as a partner and as an agent at the same time. Thus, partners do not need to use separate programs – just the PartnerMatrix system.
  • Universality of payments. Software of this system has an option to install a variety of plans for monetary rewards for each affiliate program in a single integrated package.
  • An ability to gather comprehensive information. Statistical data on all projects and programs can be tracked in the same service and managed with a guarantee of high reliability.
  • Operational comprehensive online reports. The company offers a feature of tracking information, and several kinds of reports that can estimate efficiency and promotion of traffic in the network between participants of the affiliate program.
  • A panel to monitor data on sub-affiliates. Affiliate or agent can see how many sub-affiliates have registered and what are their income, and also the amount of commissions. All this is possible, because of a multi-level system.
  • A guarantee of attraction and keeping the users’ interest. Members of PartnerMatrix do not need to worry about the fact that their players may want to leave the platform, because they no longer need to pass a multi-level registration on a website.
  • High speed of integration and implementation. PartnerMatrix is able to adjust quickly to any market, because it is easy to implement and it is continuously updated, adapting to new conditions.
  • An offering of a convenient and intuitive interface. Due to simplicity of the interface and a user-friendly design players can quickly use a variety of functions on any device.
  • Extensive mailing system. A mailout through both back-end and front-end network allows to deliver informative notes to those agents and affiliates, who participate in the work of groups.


Gambling software OddsMatrix will help you to organize and run a sports betting website. The program is unique, because it can be installed in an already existing gambling establishment, and to be implemented into a new online gambling platform. Customers can operate under their own brand, and if they want it will also be possible to use the company's brand.

It is not difficult to manage a complex sports betting house created on the basis of OddsMatrix. Besides, this can guarantee a flow of income.

Sports betting from OddsMatrix can be characterized by the following factors:

  • A wide range of online sports bets;
  • A great number of sporting contests, leagues, and tournaments;
  • Flexibility and complexity;
  • High-level administration tools;
  • Fair and clear indicators of income.

What is OddsMatrix?

One of the most functional products of PartnerMatrix is considered to be a software for gambling, which is needed to create a sports betting house. An integration of the platform into already working websites brings a tote into action. In case of a creation of a new website and an implementation of a new product, a new sport betting appears. At the same time, partners have an opportunity to work under their own license, and also to promote their brand.

Advantages of OddsMatrix

  • It is integrated by specialists of the company. 
  • During the process of betting all information about it and about the player enters the customer's system via a special online service.
  • Partners are invited to register their own single e-wallet, and this is an excellent way of management.
  • The company offers an integration of a turnkey website working on the OddsMatrix platform.
  • A design of the Interface can be made in the Asian and American styles.
  • The statistics of the results of tournaments can be watched online with the help of a special program available in players’ accounts in the form of active links.

In addition, the company offers a unique service – a training program to teach staff members to use the software.

Sports betting

Sports betting on the OddsMatrix platform

OddsMatrix will do everything for the business owner: create an event, calculate odds and risks, place bets and pay for them. This unique product offers to players 25 thousand of online sporting contests. The number of types of bets exceeds 250, and the number of sports is more than 50. 

With the help of a control module DIY you will be able to create and increase rates, to make payments and to manage risks.

This innovative gambling software can be proud of its quality and it gives you an opportunity to develop your business and to increase income.

Complex reporting also is very important, because it provides a detailed analysis of the information and helps to make right decisions.

The design of a sports betting website is cross functional, and speaking about an interface – you can create it by yourself as OddsMatrix offers all necessary tools and opportunities. Moreover, with the help of additional settings partner himself can create applications and marketing projects.

Sports betting works in all browsers, it has mobile versions and is available on iOS and Android. Bets can be places in three clicks.

What else can OddsMatrix offer?

The system offers a creation of sporting contests and involves a high profitability in all parameters.

The product supports a number of world’s languages, and in accordance with the wish of a customer new languages also can be added.

Here players will be provided with a profitable bonus system. Bonuses are paid for making the first payment, for placing bets and other actions. The project supports more than 50 currencies of various countries and new ones can also be added.

Partners get an opportunity to receive complex online reports that will show the activity of clients and the efficiency of the work of a betting house.

The system is constantly being updated with adding new types of sporting events and betting. OddsMatrix has high engineering specifications, reliable settings and simple interface. The technical support service is available twenty-four hours a day.

Sports betting

Bets can be made on a variety of tournaments including: football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, golf and many others. On the website it is also possible to find some exclusive types – there are more than 50.

The system includes tournaments, leagues and divisions both large scale and small.

Speaking about types of bets we can say that there are plenty of them, for example:

  • 1 × 2;
  • several kinds of handicaps;
  • on goals of a particular player;
  • on a team that needs to score a goal;
  • on the number of goals;
  • on the goals made from a corner-kick;
  • on the number of yellow cards etc.

Sports betting created in the HTML5 format greatly simplifies the entire process of betting and saves partner from unnecessary actions and from the waste of time. Besides, there is no need to contact traders to buy online channels – OddsMatrix itself will make all necessary actions.

A client can customize the design and the interface in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so he won’t have a need to contact online servers. OddsMatrix controls all the entire process, manages risk, and provides clients with legal and licensing services.

Operations with the interface are made online with the usage of the tool “True Push”.


Another unique product of the company is an online gambling platform GamMatrix, which manages content, payments and players’ information. The platform is flexible and it can be used to perform various operations with games, managing all of their options in an affiliate program. 

Software for online casino from GamMatrix is qualitative and popular among many operators. More than one hundred interfaces were integrated in the system, which manages e-mail, payment services and a security of affiliate programs. The casino platform offers 50 different methods of payment based on programming and universality of features.

Advantages of GamMatrix

The aim of the platform is to integrate casino software of any kind and gaming products into the system with a single e-wallet. Among the advantages of the system we can name:

  • An ability to integrate the software into casino websites;
  • The platform guarantees the passage of all transactions and operations, including technical support and a management of accounts;
  • Round-the-clock technical support;
  • Information about players is in a single database and is available in the form of reports;
  • An ideal management of the bonus system, gameplay and actions of affiliates;
  • High-class hosting and a possibility to back-up;
  • A guaranteed protection against viruses and DDoS-attacks.

The system accepts and supports the integration of software from third-parties, who offer an application programming interface (API), with a unique role-based system. This item refers to software for gambling, systems of processing and management relating to payments, content or communications with customers.

A role-based way of management can be found in all parts of the system and applies to all functions from the entry to the provision of a right to use payment options. 

All processes that occur in the system and all actions performed by users are recorded in the audit system, where they are tested in affiliate programs.

Suppliers of games to EveryMatrix are the most famous brands in the world: Asia Gaming, AuthenticGaming, Betgames.tv, BetSoft, EGT, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Genii, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playson, OmiGaming, ProGaming, Endorphina. Their casino slots are already integrated into a new casino, which was designed by highly qualified specialists from EveryMatrix.

As you could see, GamMatrix perfectly fulfills its basic tasks: casino software and gambling software.


This project was invented for the integration into online casinos’ websites. It can be used to activate and deactivate various games and to sort them by categories and ranks. Moreover, users get bonuses and points for registration and the number of their visits. 

Software for online casino CasinoEngine offer more than 4 thousand games, which can be managed from a single account and the management of funds take place through a single wallet in a personal account.

Operators have an ability to integrate into their casino a huge range of games from such popular providers as Microgaming, IGT, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and other well-known brands from all around the world. To conclude an agreement the operator only needs to sign one contract with EveryMatrix, and then he will be able to use products from all suppliers integrated by CasinoEngine.

Advantages of CasinoEngine:

  • casino software of the highest quality;
  • a unique and customizable interface – operators are provided with an opportunity to choose services and games, based on profitability, popularity and other parameters;
  • a single wallet and a personal account – the management process becomes easier when all games are gathered in a single database with a single wallet;
  • an application programming interface (API) through which you can add gambling software or popular products from new developers, whose software has not yet been integrated into CasinoEngine;
  • a possibility to use 40 currencies of the world and an opportunity to use additional currency if necessary;
  • a management of the loyalty program (bonuses and jackpots) – bonuses can be rewarded for many actions, including the frequency of players’ visits to online casinos, the number of deposits made, etc., in a single personal account, because of the unique software for online casino;
  • a possibility to install a system of incentives into gambling software – it includes several types of jackpots like famous “Mega Fortune”;
  • a process of management of games is made with the usage of a unique system, which consist of several game modes (including the anonymous mode);
  • a provision of a free training system and constant technical and professional support;
  • a presence of the mobile version of software for gambling from CasinoEngine.

What can you do in your personal account?

Casino software CasinoEngine allows you to select in your personal account types, categories and titles of games, icon design, labels, rates, descriptions, territories and many other parameters. You can also change and give bonuses for different actions: for registration, for making a first deposit, second deposit and so on. With this unique online gambling platform operators can set geo-targeting to control the size of bonuses and wagering requirements, and evaluate bonuses after reading the results written in reports.

Reports are made for all processes: an activity of players, types of transactions and their quantity, an effectiveness of the products and the work of employees. Reports are sent via email in the form of tables and Excel files.

CasinoEngine project is one of the most important in the list of products from EveryMatrix. Its platform can work both autonomously and with GamMatrix (which will bring the most effective result). It is also worth noting that CasinoEngine solution is compatible with other online casino platforms.


EveryMatrix provides operators with an opportunity to develop their gambling business and increase an income. Unique capabilities of its casino software placed the company on a victory podium like one of the largest and the most successful brands in the gaming market.

You can buy online casino software from EveryMatrix or rent it even today from OnlineCasinoMarket. From this vendor you can also purchase a casino on a turnkey basis and to take opinion on how to install and to use it properly.

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