Tain: Online Casino Platform

Tain: Online Casino Platform

Updated 10 february 2023

If you are planning to open casino or already did this you might heard about iPocker from Playtech. But it is unlikely that you are aware of Tain casino software that helped to launch iPocker. 

Tain does not create colorful and funny slots. But popular casino slots would never exist without Tain. Their employees develop casino software of a good quality and work on the hardest technical component. 

Tain originated together with casino game platform. In 1999 the first solutions for bookmaker business were developed. The company mainly provide gambling software for online casino on B2B market. In 2013 Tain joined Betting Promotion and together they came into a global gambling market where products for big corporations were created. 

Tain constantly expands opportunities for their casinos launching slots and connecting new services and options.

On the 2nd of December 2016 Tain casino platform was filled with the games in HTML5 format by Yggdrasil developer. Five thousand life events for sports bets were added to the online gaming platform in the same month, and in January 2017 Fast Bet option was activated. 

Company does not waste its time and resources for excessive marketing and PR. Everyone knows that Tain is the best casino game platform. It is very difficult to open online casino all alone. But after you buy or rent online gaming platform Tain this will be 99% of success.

Tain Commons System

Tain Commons Platform (TCP) for online casino

Tain Commons is an ecosystem that consists of customer’s user area and the cooperation system with providers of gaming software. If you want to add casino slots you can do it anonymously. Such data transfer will save your gaming establishment from the needless communication with providers and problems in case of its closure. 

Tain Commons System also includes the set of verification tools called “Know Your Customer”. Operator will be able to find out anything about the user, confirm or change password with the help of e-mail. And the customers will send their documents to the operator without any risk if needed. If you consider some user unreliable you can block him. 

Tain Payment Gateway System

Tain Payment Gateway

This module consists of 50 systems and 150 payment methods. It is possible to make payments at home and abroad through international payment systems. Bank fees of Tain Payment Gateway are minimal and that is why very profitable. Tain system does not apply additional charge.

There are auxiliary payment methods if your principal method of transaction is not available for some reason. Tain cooperates with the banks directly which saves time and resources. 

There are 15 transactions in a second through Tain Payment Gateway system. And this is not the limit. If your casino works on the gambling software by Tain be sure that the number of these payments per second will increase. 

Various reports of any kind is another good feature of Tain Commons. You can choose the guidelines for reports, frequency and form of papers by yourself. You can upload everything what you have in your database into the statistics and continue working with this information. 

How to Open a Casino in Three Weeks According to a White Label Script

Ready platform for online casino from Tain

What is White Label? Just imagine that you are buying gorgeous jeans of a very good quality from the manufacturer, legally sew your brand and sell these jeans under your label. Tain suggests the same.

You buy ready platform with the following components:

  • site that you can manage by yourself and even make language settings;
  • Tain payment system including wallet with multiple currency, processing system and protection from hackers and frauds;
  • huge assortment of game products: casino slots, poker-rooms, live casino and others from popular providers. Many companies deal with Tain, among them: Playtech, NYX, Betsoft;
  • extensive statistics of all the actions, players and payments in your casino. 

If you thought that you would be gathering licenses for your site for years you are wrong. Tain casino software includes licenses and payment systems in its package. Purchased casino game platform will be operating in 3 weeks already, and you will get the first regular customers.

Besides, you may invite site developers and adjust your online casino or invent any web-design on your own. Tain system is very flexible.

It is a very reasonable decision to buy gambling software from Tain. Only fancy how much money and time you will spend for buying licenses, site development and its content. 

For Small-to-Medium Business. Turnkey Casino

This offer is attractive to those who considers the budget funds for opening or buying a casino. You are connecting through the Tain Commons system and get a direct access to the world of a quality content for users. This is a very economic and efficient decision. The best casino slots from Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft and other vendors would be in your disposal. 

Advantages of the offer:

  • best casino slots;
  • access through the reliable and licensed online game platform; 
  • 150 payment methods from 50 providers of payment services;
  • multiple currency and languages configurations for your casino. 

Now it is time to open online casino. Gambling market has already reached $460 billions. When, if not now? Who, if not you? 

Every businessman meets a range of issues when he launches a casino: licenses, purchase of casino software, search of providers. The beginners try to pass this way on their own, and a smart businessman will think to buy casino software from Tain or rent online game platform. Trust me, your gambling establishment from Tain will be operating non-stop and cheer up the players. 

If you want to buy a turnkey casino or you have questions about how to create an online casino feel free to contact the experts from Online Casino Market company. They have everything for the successful start of your business. 

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

Gambling business expert at Online Casino Market

Updated 10 february 2023