Gambling Business in Curacao: How Much Does it Cost? The Online Casino Market Expert Answers

Updated 24 september 2019

Opening your online gambling business in Curacao is one of the most beneficial ideas that you could come up with. Its fiscal policy is very appealing, meaning it provides the operators with fantastic taxing opportunities:

  1. Fixed tax rate on income of 2%.
  2. Sales, tax rates, as well as import duties, aren’t subject to other taxes.
  3. No value-added tax (VAT).
  4. Annual financial as well as reports to tax authorities.
  5. Ability to remove dividends from accounts in any amount.

Online gambling business in Curacao: infographic

How Much Will You Pay to Start an Online Gambling Business in Curacao?

In Curacao, the casino licensing may consist of different components, so each package is valued separately. The prices vary from $11.5K to $50K.

Usually the price includes the following features:

  • all registration services;
  • company’s support during a year;
  • E-Gaming and the Chamber of Commerce contributions.

Moreover, there is something more important to be noticed. If you, as a business owner, had already filed an application for getting an online gambling license before, the jurisdiction is ready to provide you with a special offer that costs $6K.

What are the Necessary Documents to Complement Your Application Form With?

Apart from the money needed, you will have to collect a list of documents that the authorities require to issue a gambling license:

  • copies of founders’ IDs;
  • copy of the Articles of Association;
  • notarized letters from banks, proving you have credible accounts with a required amount of money;
  • copies of payments of utility bills that confirm the company’s legal address;
  • guarantee of the absence of a criminal conviction in the last 3 months;
  • information about casino software;
  • copy of the business plan with a detailed description of costs and future income;
  • documents, showing the presence of a casino website and a registered domain name.

Gambling Business in Curacao With Online Casino Market

Since resolving all the licensing issues is a bit time-consuming, you can ask such a professional company as Online Casino Market for a turnkey business option. It allows you to have no worries about the establishment of your future casino since we will do everything for you. Looking forward for you questions via the feedback form!

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Karen Fill

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Updated 24 september 2019