Google Display Network: Online Casino Advertising

Google Display Network: Online Casino Advertising

Updated 10 february 2023

Google is the most reliable partner. With Google Ads tools you will get an excellent gambling traffic for online casino and you will be able to analyze an advertising campaign. 


Google Display Network created an entire digital culture that even created new position – PPC-specialist (pay per click). Moreover, thanks to this service Google can make a dream of any gambling business owner come true – monetize gambling site. 

Google Display Network will help to ensure targeted gambling traffic so you do not have to look for a third service to buy casino traffic.

Pay per click advertising service

Google Display Network Review

Advertising platform GDN is a multi-platform service that helps to set up targeted advertising on web-resources. Advertisers’ ads appear on 2 mln sites and in 650 thousand apps every day. You can promote your online casino in this huge niche. 

There are several formats to display advertising that will help to buy gambling traffic: 

  1. Text. Google search service before sites rating has a space for several lines of advertising links and two text lines. This is an efficient way of online promotion but since the rate per click depends on the situation at the media advertising auction the price may be very high. More detailed targeting can increase conversion and decrease the price. 
  2. Banner. Photos, pictures, multimedia ads. Various formats and resolutions are available. You can adjust drafts, add interactive elements and special effects, for example, animation. 
  3. Gmail. User’s ads in Google mail service. It is very useful because you can save, scroll and expand ads. If you make your ad interesting and with a good offer you will get targeted gambling traffic for online casino of a good quality. 
  4. Mobile apps. You can create ads that are focused on certain mobile apps or devices. Moreover, a detailed analysis of ad effectiveness will be available in the statistics of advertising campaign. 

Google Display Network service

How to Promote an Online Casino With Google Display Network?

Google Display Network is a context media tool. If Google AdWords helps to define key search words and find an audience that is searching for certain goods, sites, articles or services GDN allows to define the group thanks to targeting settings. 

As an example let’s review the following situation. You have online casino with video slots. You want to buy gambling traffic and launch advertising campaign for a certain targeted audience. Your audience: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, male from 18 to 24, gambling sites visitors.

Settings options for context media advertising: 

  1. You should put all key details in audience settings. You can also mention certain resources (video, web-pages, mobile sites) where you want to promote your online casino. 
  2. Outreach to an audience of interested clients with the help of remarketing. Online casino advertising will be displayed for those who already visited your site. Also it is possible to set up targeting on key requests with Google AdWords option. 

If you want to open casino in Internet and buy gambling traffic we would advise you to launch targeting advertising campaign for targeted audience and after this – remarketing advertising. In such a manner you will increase a rate of repeated site visits and number of regular clients.

Full control of resources with advertising is one more pleasant moment. Account administrator has the rights to exclude sites or add them to the list of advertising platforms. GDN advertising platform will help to increase online casino outreach, intrigue new gamblers, interact with site visitors, increase conversion and company awareness. 

Like in Google AdWords you can estimate how successful your online casino advertising was per various rates of targeting effectiveness. In order to see all statistics you need to go to context media network tab and choose rates and dates range. 

Instructions is an integral part of any Google tool. You can set up Google Display Network targeting by yourself using tutorial pop-ups, buy casino traffic and manage advertising campaigns. We would recommend you to deal with this service and buy traffic for Internet casino using test budget. This will help to define the goals of comprehensive advertising campaign or check literacy of PPC-specialist whom you want to hire.

How to promote an oline casino with Google Display Network

How to Monetize a Gambling Site?

If you want to get income from site traffic and monetize gambling site you should connect Google AdSense service. This advertising platform provides unlimited opportunities for income. Price per click can vary from several cents to dozens of dollars. 

Main tools of Google AdSense:

  1. Filters. You do not want to place ads of your rivals, do you? Using ads filters you should not worry that online casino advertising of your rivals will be on the site. 
  2. Advertising campaigns review. This tool will allow you to watch current ads, filter them by features and see revenue. 
  3. Context media filter. Online casino traffic should be valuable for advertisers as this affects an income of your site. Their purpose is to buy casino traffic. And the more casino traffic, the better for you. If your site is not appropriate for some requests you should exclude this context. 
  4. Ads choice. Google AdSense like other Google services is automated. And if the service is not able to choose context media ad you can do it by yourself. 

There is a lot of ways of drawdown: e-payments, Western Union Quick Cash or popular payment systems. Citizens from various countries and regions can pick up any convenient method. 

Advertising platform Google Display Network and Google AdSense are excellent services you can rely on. It is easier and more secure to buy casino traffic with the help of Google Display Network. Implacable reputation of Google and various advertising tools will help if you want to buy casino and launch advertising campaign immediately. And if you want to modify your site into a profitable business by means of advertising we recommend you Google AdSense as an independent big network of advertisers and site owners. 

You can buy gambling traffic for online casino from Google Display Network by filling an online application on the site of Online Casino Market company. If you want to promote your online casino, monetize gambling site and drive traffic to online casino you should contact experts from Online Casino Market. Online casino advertising is an essential aspect for successful business. 


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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023