How the iGaming Business Affects the Global Economy

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Updated 16 september 2022

The online entertainment industry is demonstrating a rapid pace of development and increase in profitability. This greatly affects the situation in the global economy.

Legal gambling markets receive huge tax revenues from internet gaming projects. This money is spent on the improvement of various areas, such as social policy, education, medicine, road construction, and others.

iGaming in the global economy: advantages

Online Casino Market experts have analysed how the iGaming business affects the world economy. Order a gambling project from our reliable team.

The Increase in Popularity of Internet Gaming

Land-based casinos have traditionally brought large revenues to the treasuries of different countries until 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the situation dramatically. The closure of offline clubs provoked the emergence of internet projects to the fore.

Online casinos have become incredibly popular due to the following advantages:

Unlimited audience

Internet project owners do not focus on one city or region. Proper promotion allows them to reach the maximum number of potential players in different territories

Minimised costs

To open an online business, an operator does not need to buy expensive equipment or hire a large staff.

It is enough to purchase high-quality software

Easy business scaling

The entry into other promising markets and the launch of new projects in the internet environment are as fast as possible.

Multilingual interface and recognisable gaming content make it easy to scale businesses

Profitability Forecasts for Online Projects

In the next few years, the number of internet gaming projects will grow rapidly. Operators will attract the audience with the help of effective marketing strategies, loyalty programs, and bonuses. As a result, the potential lucrativeness of such start-ups will grow.

Let us take a look at the Acumen Research and Consulting forecasts:

  • According to the analysts, the profitability of the online gambling field will be approximately $172 billion by 2030.
  • The annual lucrativeness growth of the industry will reach 11.6% due to the rapid development of the mobile market.

The Gambling Industry and the Financial Performance in Different Countries

Gambling and finance in different countries

The launch of entertainment projects brings a lot of financial advantages for many states. In addition to the above-mentioned taxes from the activities of online casinos, a lot of other prospects open up:

  1. The emergence of new niches. The popularisation of online gambling has provoked the appearance of a large number of thematic media resources. The owners of these projects also pay taxes and replenish state treasuries.
  2. An increasing number of jobs. The development of the online gaming industry has caused an enhanced need for the services of programmers, marketers, customer support staff, and other specialists. This enlarges the number of jobs and stimulates the growth of the global economy.

The Main Things about the Impact of iGaming Projects on the Global Economic Situation

Online casinos and other digital gambling resources have become very popular lately. The growth of their profitability significantly affects the financial situation in the world:

  • The increase in the number of internet gaming projects contributes to the rise in the number of new jobs.
  • Tax deductions from the operation of online casinos are used to finance the social sphere, medicine, education, and other important sectors.
  • The development of the internet entertainment segment contributes to the emergence of new promising and profitable niches. Lots of thematic media resources and communities dedicated to popular games and wagering projects are appearing.

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Karen Fill


Karen Fill

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Updated 16 september 2022