Online Casino Marketing From Propeller Ads Media: Top 9 Features

Online Casino Marketing From Propeller Ads Media: Top 9 Features

Updated 10 february 2023

Promotion, marketing research and applying research results for improvement of work performance constitute an integral part of casino development. As what regards gambling, the secret of its success we believe to be marketing. We are going to analyze it on the PropellerAds Media example.

Online casino marketing from Propeller Ads Media

We'll just mention that the consultations on how to promote online casino are provided by the skillful specialists of OnlineCasinoMarket, which is proved to be one of the most successful providers gaming services in the marketplace. The company is ready to deliver absolutely all the services related to online casino promotion. Here you can buy gambling traffic, order the development of promotion strategy for a gaming club, or learn more about how to promote online casino.

Online casino promotion involves the use of many effective tools such as SEO, SMM, loyalty program settings, and more. 

What is Online Casino Promotion Intended for?

Promotion is a set of actions aimed at popularizing the company in order to increase sales and generate revenues. This is how you can describe online casino promotion. Every year you get more and more opportunities to successfully implement it. If you want to have a lot of solvent visitors coming to your gambling club and making solid bets, you need to have them learn about it in the first place and understand that your online casino is better than those owned by competitors. So you have to tell why your establishment is advantageous for making bets.

Casino Advertising: General Information

Attract and retain. In fact, this concept becomes the principal of any operator because having casino players who bet on money bring profits. There are a lot of tools that you can use to keep users on an online website, without which operation of a gambling club doesn't make sense.

According to the experts of Propellerads Media, even if you have an authoritative license and integrate the best software and games, all your efforts would go for nothing without promotion. Therefore, оnline casino marketing is exactly what each operator should focus on.

Online casino promotion cannot be instantaneous, and everyone who chooses to promote an online casino by using known methods is aware of it. Both working with social networks and SEO operations must be carried out gradually, qualitatively and continuously. It requires patience and attention because the result will come only in a few months.

Online Casino Promotion: Basic Tools

Casino promotion

We compiled a list of promotion methods for operators who want to know how to promote gambling website.

SEO optimization

When used intelligently, the tool helps putting a casino website to the top positions of search engines. The keywords that are correctly used in texts about your casino play the main role. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on them by including topic phrases such as online casino, play casino, best online casino games, etc. so that users could find your gambling club on the Internet among the first.

This is not a difficult job but to have your casino in the first positions in Yandex or Google, SEO optimization should be done by professionals dealing with оnline casino marketing.

Importance of loyalty programs

It presupposes:

  • bonus systems;
  • return of the part of lost money (cashback);
  • thematic promotion events (depositing of a player account on a birthday, for example);
  • prizes for registration or revisit of a casino;
  • bonus for registering a friend on a website ("Bring a Friend");
  • free spins (when playing slots) and so forth.

Online casino promotion in social networks

Experts refer to Facebook as the most important social network believing that business owners mainly communicate there. However, we cannot deny the benefits of VKontakte and Instagram. Telegram has been the latest trend, where anonymity and confidentiality are simply impossible to break. Creation of groups and promotion of online casinos in all these services is extremely efficient, and Propeller Ads Media claims that this tool should not be ignored

Clickunders (onclick) and pop-unders are very popular today

Their effect is determined by the delivery of information through announcements that are clicked on by users who are attracted by vivid and provoking information. The advertisers (operators) pay for each click (thousand clicks), redirection to a website, service purchase, and more. Specialists claim that these tools can double the profits.

Use of banners to attract customers

Banners have long been used for promotion by a wide variety of companies. This method is used by owners of online casinos as well. Placement of attractive modules with short information about a casino on side resources catches an eye and stimulates players to visit a game site, which makes online casino marketing as efficient as possible.

Referral programs

Cooperation can take place in several directions: for example, article exchanges can offer you revenues from articles placed on third-party websites. Or you can attract partners on these exchanges yourself and will have a permanent, the so-called percentage passive income.

Newslettering to users on the World Wide Web

Newslettering to users

These are brief, informative messages sent to players with announcement about promotion events, games, tournaments, and your gambling club in general. Messages can be sent to e-mails, or you arranged distribution of push notifications, which will also be very useful and motivate gamers to come to a game resource. Online casino promotion with such methods is very effective, but it requires a client address base. You may not have it but all marketing companies do, so we advise to contact them.

Use of articles and news

According to Propellerads Media experts, news and helpful articles also have an effect: they are read, shared in social networks. It is important only that these materials are not copied from other websites because only unique information will be indexed.

Online casino promotion using direct links

This format brings an effect in the simplest manner possible. No banner, text, or other material is required. You only need one page URL link, when redirected to which users will see your website, service, or game. You don't have to do anything for the desired result.

What Does Propeller Ads Media Offer to its Customers?

The main advantage of this company is a versatile marketing platform that allows running advertisements in different formats and operating on all mobile devices. In the opinion of experts, gambling advertising on the Internet from Propeller Ads Media will guarantee the success to a project at all its stages.

In addition to the tools mentioned above, there are new formats as well. For example, mobile advertising that doesn’t require the development of a website mobile version. This advertisement works on smartphones, tablets, and all other mobile devices in alert mode and on the full screen.

The Propeller Ads Media company also offers high-quality video ads in the form of short videos that are shown before, during, and after a game. They are qualitative, informative, colorful and usually attract visitors. As you know, video ads are much more efficient than text because they don't have to be attentively read, do not take a long time, and easily transmit information. This kind of advertisement is seen by millions of users, and in mobile format it’s maximally convenient for playback.

Operators can personalize the advertising format, and the system will help with it, based on the desired revenue for an advertising site and its traffic. Whatever the demands of the advertisers, the experts will help promote on the top-quality level and explain how to promote online casino.

You can use the services of advertising companies without any misgivings because the security system strictly controls all the companies involved. Viruses and hacks are as well kept track of and prevented from occurrence.

PropellerAds Media offers:

  • A perfectly set extensive base of ad sites from all over the world.
  • Over 700 million shows of daily advertising formats.
  • Ability to analyze the effectiveness of ad channels.
  • Provision of statistics about player actions.
  • A wide variety of formats and varieties of advertising.
  • Ability to run ads almost instantly.
  • The best online targeting of ads.
  • High level of service provision and competent managers.
  • Personalized approach to each advertiser.

Online casino promotion will help people remember your brand. The information about your company will reach the target audience, and the Propellerads Media workers will provide online casino marketing that meets the latest high-tech capabilities.

The Online Casino Market managers who know all about gambling will describe how to promote gambling website and help build with a literate casino marketing strategy.

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Updated 10 february 2023