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Updated 23 september 2021

The gambling industry has always been considered a super-profitable and incredibly promising business. However, COVID-19 pandemic has changed the situation dramatically. Most land-based establishments in the world have faced enormous financial difficulties due to their closure.

Online gambling has become the only way to attract an audience and save financial resources for operators. Entrepreneurs have resorted to new marketing techniques to stay afloat.

Explore the history of marketing in the gambling industry and learn more about traditional and innovative advertising tools in this article prepared by Online Casino Market. This information will help you make your project as profitable as possible in any conditions.

The History of The Casino Industry

History of the casino industry

The first evidence of the existence of games of chance has been found by archaeologists. Some objects resembling gambling dice date back to the 3rd millennium BC. Presumably, at this time, or even earlier, people spent their leisure time playing various games.

If we talk about the first written mention about the casino business, we can note the oldest casino in Europe. It was opened in Italy in 1638. Di Venetia was a fairly large, impressive establishment. The casino was built by local authorities and had an official status.

The decision to open the first known casino in the world came due to the sharp popularisation of gambling in Europe. The inhabitants of Italy played various games of chance in underground establishments and just on the streets of Rome and other cities. The authorities decided to make money on this hobby of citizens.

The first gambling establishment looking like modern casinos appeared in Baden-Baden (Germany). The resort town attracted thousands of tourists from different European countries. Therefore, in 1824 a luxury gambling house appeared here. It resembled the famous Louvre by its architecture and interior.

The gambling industry developed not only in Europe but in the United States too. By the beginning of the 20th century, lots of underground establishments appeared on the territory of the country. That is why the government decided to ban gambling activities. 

In the early 30s, the State of Nevada allowed the opening of casinos and other gaming establishments on its territory. Nevertheless, the gambling business began to be controlled by the state. Over time, several more regions of the United States have allowed gaming activities.

The Evolution of Marketing in the Gambling Industry

Until the mid-20th century, there were no generally accepted marketing standards and tools. Each casino owner had his or her own goals and requirements. Nonetheless, the rapid development of digital technologies has made operators move in one direction.

The main goals of modern casino marketing are as follows:

  • focusing on technological innovations;
  • providing a lot of opportunities for winning;
  • creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere;
  • ensuring reliability and safety during the game.

Marketing in the early and mid-20th century is fundamentally different from the promotion tools used today. Previously, the main target audience was white, high-income men. All advertising campaigns were directed to this category of players. For example, men personifying well-being and success were depicted on the facades of famous casinos.

Modern advertising posters and videos demonstrate various groups of players: people of any age, gender, race, financial wealth, sexual orientation, etc.

Online gambling has become affordable to a wide audience. Undoubtedly, it allowed the operators to expand their projects dramatically. At the same time, marketing tools have changed significantly to attract as many potential players from different countries and social groups as possible.

Traditional Marketing Instruments

Traditional marketing instruments

Companies promoting online gaming projects use the following marketing tools today:

  • expanded bonus opportunities in the gameplay;
  • welcome bonuses for new users;
  • bonuses for the first deposits;
  • regular cashback;
  • free spins and bets (for betting websites);
  • seasonal promotions;
  • advertising campaigns dedicated to national holidays.

These tools work effectively under normal conditions. However, the current situation has forced many operators to resort to radical measures, the so-called emergency marketing.

Emergency Marketing Tools

Such promotion and advertising tools are used in emergencies provoked by some external factors. For example, many land-based operators have lost their profits. Some of them have opened online platforms to retain the audience. 

They offered very attractive bonuses and a lot of free games to their customers. Nevertheless, some businessmen used rather unusual advertising tools that helped them attract the attention of a wide audience and save their financial assets (and even increase them in some cases).

Holland Casino and Tino Martin

Holland Casino announced a spectacular show from the famous Dutch musician Tino Martin before the start of the world pandemic. The show was cancelled and the casino closed due to the quarantine. Despite this, the leaders of the gambling establishment agreed with the singer to record several songs in the gaming hall of Holland Casino.

The company's management posted one song a week on its official website. In parallel with this activity, they presented information about promotions and bonuses. People wishing to enjoy the show of the famous musician got acquainted with the attractive offers of the operator and registered on the site.

Sun Monticello and Culinary Workshops

The management of the Sun Monticello casino (Chile) aroused the interest of a wide audience through the publication of interesting culinary masterclasses. They posted a video with tips for making pizza and cocktails on their official website and social media. In addition, the company presented videos with interesting facts about different games of chance.

Game World and Charity

Participating in charity events is a great way to build an impeccable reputation and gain the trust of customers. The Game World casino from Romania has made a substantial donation (over $4.5 million) to the Red Cross.

This contribution turned out to be extremely relevant today when medicine needs additional financial assistance. Gamblers and other Romanian citizens appreciated such a generous and noble deed.

Viage and Cinematography

This casino has also chosen an unusual way of promotion. The Belgian gaming brand decided to attract the attention of gamblers by publishing interesting facts about cinema. The history of making legendary films, as well as ratings of successful films and actors helped the operator to retain its audience and increase user traffic.

Monaco Casinos and Psychological Support

Monaco casinos and psychological support

This casino network (4 establishments) decided to show its customers that they are of great importance to them. All employees of the company (from croupiers to directors) expressed their thoughts about the current situation in the world. They showed their support for the players who are in a difficult situation.

Such feedback from the company and psychological support during difficult times allowed the brand to increase the level of trust and loyalty of its players.


The owners of this casino have organised an interesting promotion. The players were asked to guess the exact date of the opening of the establishment after the quarantine. The prize fund was increasing gradually every day. All participants registered on the official website of the company could take part in this intriguing draw.

Characteristics of Neuromarketing

Characteristics of neuromarketing

The main goal of any marketing tool is to attract the attention of a potential audience. Neuromarketing is based on psychological methods that allow operators to influence different groups of players using specific techniques.

Three main approaches to gambling activities are the base of neuromarketing.




  • Feeling superior;

  • desire to win;

  • irritability and anger in case of the loss


  • Playing games to get new experience;

  • fondness for surprises;

  • boredom without getting desired emotions


  • Feeling safe;

  • control over all actions;

  • feelings of fear and insecurity when losing control over the game

Based on the above features, the needs of players can be determinate:

  1. It is recommended to provide exclusive promotions and bonuses for gamers wanting to feel superior. One of the most effective marketing tools is VIP accounts in online casinos.
  2. Players needing stimulation (new emotions) will be interested in the elements of a surprise, for example, the sudden appearance of additional bonus opportunities during the game (a gamble, a multiplier, free spins, etc.).
  3. Gamblers knowing how to control the game process (finding the right balance) need guarantees of their safety and the protection of their financial resources. Therefore, they will trust the casinos that post information about their licenses and financial obligations on their official websites.

According to statistical studies, the first two types of gamblers are the most promising ones. They can bring the maximum profit to the operator. 

The Types of Players

Based on the motives of players and their approaches to gambling activities, three main types of gamblers can be distinguished:

  1. Low stakes gamblers. These are people preferring to place small, irregular bets just to have fun.
  2. High stakes gamers. They also want to get positive emotions. At the same time, unlike the first group, these people are willing to make big bets. Their main goals are risk and excitement, but not making money.
  3. Professional players. These gamers visit casinos to earn money. They win million-dollar jackpots and participate in international competitions. To become a real professional, you need to have good analytical skills and rich gaming experience.

The Main Things about Effective Casino Marketing and Advertising

To attract the attention of players and increase revenues, operators must use effective marketing tools. This theme has become especially relevant during the global pandemic.

The most important things you need to know about casino marketing and promotion:

  • use emergency marketing tools to increase user traffic in unstable conditions;
  • identify the motives and needs of your customers to offer them the best products and services;
  • focus on players preferring feelings of excitement, fun and victory;
  • get inspired by successful cases of using emergency marketing instruments.

Online Casino Market has extensive experience in promoting gaming projects. We use the most up-to-date and workable tools. Besides, we propose our clients the software from well-known manufacturers for sale (Amatic, Microgaming, Playtech, etc.), launching turnkey casinos, connecting payment systems and other services.

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Updated 23 september 2021