How Gaming Sites Have Changed in Two Decades

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Updated 16 september 2022

The first gambling portals appeared in the late 90s. The entertainment sites of that time bore little resemblance to modern gaming services. Significant changes have been made in design solutions, payment services, content, and other elements of internet slot machine clubs.

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Gaming Platform

Online gaming platforms: technologies

In the past, entertainment websites offered their customers to download wagering applications. This approach was not very convenient. It was focused primarily on desktop users. Moreover, not every computer had the necessary technical capabilities to install such apps.

The transition from Flash technology to HTML5 has made online casino sites more versatile:

  1. Gambling applications run without downloading.
  2. Programs work flawlessly on any device.
  3. The software integration process is quick and easy.

To access the gaming functionality, users just need to open the required site in a computer or mobile phone browser.

Gaming Content Quality

The first online slots were implemented as traditional one-armed bandits with 3 reels and fruit icons on the screen. The mechanics of these games were pretty monotonous.

Modern content creation technologies have made it possible to endow entertainment with more vivid and exciting features. There are new, interesting characters, catching plots, attractive bonus options, and other peculiarities.

Visualisation quality has improved significantly:

  • transitions between frames became imperceptible;
  • animation elements load quickly;
  • images are clear and expressive.

The specifics of the reel rotation have also changed dramatically. In addition to regular spins, players can play games with cascading mechanics, exploding and expanding symbols, and other techniques.

The Emergence of Live Casinos

The improvement in the quality of the internet connection allowed developers to realise the idea of ​​live dealer gambling clubs. Such virtual establishments convey the vibe of real casinos to the full.

Professional croupiers who speak several languages ​​work there. Therefore, players from any country can join tournaments. Users have the opportunity to chat with each other and ask questions to dealers.

The furniture and equipment used in live casinos complement the overall atmosphere of gambling sessions. Professional tables for poker, roulette, mah-jong, and other games allow players to feel the effect of a real presence in the best wagering establishments in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau, and other gambling megacities.

Payment Methods

Casino payment systems: popular tools

To replenish gaming accounts in the first online casinos, users had to wait for a bank transfer to be credited for several days or even weeks.

Modern payment methods let punters make deposits instantly. The most popular money transfer tools today are as follows:

  • crypto wallets;
  • electronic financial systems;
  • mobile payment services;
  • bank cards, and others.

Bitcoin modules deserve special attention. Cryptocurrency instruments allow users to make secure instant transactions without additional fees. Maintaining the complete anonymity of punters is the main advantage of this method.

Changes in Gaming Legislation

The activities of early internet projects were practically not controlled by regulatory authorities. Over time, many countries have developed appropriate gambling legislation regarding the operation of online businesses.

Such laws protect both players and entrepreneurs. The legislation allows governments to control tax revenues. The money received is spent on the development of many important areas: medicine, education, sports, the social sector, and others.

For legal work in the internet space, an entrepreneur needs to obtain a licence. It is possible to receive a local permit by contacting the regulatory authority of the desired country. Another option is to get an international licence allowing simultaneous activity in several markets.

To obtain such a document, an operator should apply to any offshore jurisdiction:

The Implementation of Responsible Gaming Principles

The emergence of more entertainment projects has provoked the spread of the ludomania problem. Responsible operators care about the safety of the customers. Therefore, they take some measures to prevent and combat gambling addiction:


Players can restrict access to gaming sites on their own. IP address, e-mail, and other user information are recorded in a special database.

It is common for many entertainment resources. A punter will not be able to register on other gambling sites as well


If users spend too much time in online casinos, they receive notifications with a suggestion to pause

Financial restrictions

Players can set maximum limits for replenishing gaming accounts in order not to make impulsive decisions associated with large amounts

Psychological support

Operators publish contacts of organisations that help their clients cope with gambling addiction. It is possible to contact these help centres anonymously

Promotions and Bonus Offers

Casino marketing: promotions and bonuses

Over the past 20 years, the level of competition in the gambling market has grown significantly. To attract and retain customers, entrepreneurs have begun to use various marketing methods. Promotions with valuable prizes and loyalty programs let operators interest the target audience.

The most popular reward methods are as follows:

  • bonuses for registration and the first deposit;
  • free spins;
  • draws of valuable gifts;
  • loyalty points, and others.

The Main Things about Internet Gaming Evolution over the Past Two Decades

The gambling industry has changed significantly in recent years.

The most substantial innovations are as follows:

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Karen Fill

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Updated 16 september 2022