Neural Network in iGaming: Optimise Casino Operation Using AI

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Updated 18 april 2023

The phenomenon is one of the key innovations in the industry. Its introduction simplified the work of entrepreneurs, increased the security of online casino platforms, and improved user experience. That is why customers choose to return to such gaming sites repeatedly.

AI in online casinos: basic info

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What Is a Neural Network and Why Do We Need It

Technology is the imitation of the processes in the human mind by machines and computer systems. AI programming focuses on basic cognitive skills: learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

AI-based solutions include:

  • expert services;
  • the function of information processing in natural language;
  • speech recognition option;
  • machine vision, etc.

In fact, the neural network is a universal business assistant that can not only gather and summarise information but also analyse it and make informed decisions on its basis. Besides, AI programs tend to self-learn based on previous experience.

The first such machine was developed at Stanford University by Harold Cohen, the abstract artist. The AARON robot was introduced in 1968 as a “drawing” turtle capable of creating abstract paintings.

For half a century, it was subject to several modifications and significantly improved its skills. Initially, the solution was created in the C programming language, and in the early 1990s, specialists connected the Lisp language.

The principles of functioning of modern AI programs:

  • processing of large amounts of information;
  • data analysis for correlation and identification of patterns;
  • prediction of future states.

At the moment, the capabilities of the neural network are used in various sectors of the economy. These are finance, insurance, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cargo transportation, tourism, and gambling.

Netflix, the flagship of the entertainment industry, has confirmed that it uses a neural network to personalise the customer experience. This approach helped the brand increase the attendance of the streaming service by 27% in just one year.

The Gartner online edition conducted a survey of 3,000 CEOs of different companies. Respondents named AI-driven data analytics the best technology for achieving success. According to interviewees, such programs are of the greatest strategic importance for business scaling, and therefore, the main investments are accounted for by these solutions.

Key Benefits of AI Online Casinos

AI online casino: key benefits

The representative of Sigma Group, the organiser of international and regional gambling summits, stated:

“The neural network plays an important role in the launch and development of iGaming startups. Advanced data analytics, powerful technical support, detection of behavioural patterns, and recommendations of games — all this would be impossible without artificial intelligence”.

Legal Work in the Industry

The use of AI helps operators conduct the following legal activities in the highly competitive gambling market:

Timely verification of users

Identity verification is required to confirm the age of visitors to the gaming sites. The goal is to prevent minors or individuals who are on the self-restriction and self-exclusion lists from placing bets.

The combination of AI and innovative technologies makes it possible to identify users based on biometric facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

Gamblers will not be able to use proxy servers to hide their identity or real age

Compliance with the principle of responsible gambling

AI is capable of identifying behavioural triggers, which often show the loss of control over the game by players. These are raising rates despite many failures, frequent cancellations of the withdrawal of funds, extension of playtime, etc.

The AI system takes into account the behaviour of casino visitors and, based on it, builds a safe path while launching entertainment

A guarantee of fair play

AI programs are indispensable for detecting fraud on the part of customers. These are multi-accounting, bonus stealing, and the use of online “cheat” systems to gain an advantage in game sessions. Artificial intelligence instantly blocks any illegal actions and protects compliance with the fair play principle.

One of the most famous AI programs is APRS, an automatic pattern recognition system. It can determine whether the user on the other side of the screen is a real person or a bot, thanks to which the casino can effectively fight against fraud

Risk management of transactions

AI automatically checks transactions for compliance with AML and FATF policies.

The introduction of such programs reduces the number of chargebacks, which is also important for the overall security of gambling platforms

Automation of Customer Service

A neural network is the basis for launching a chatbot.

A universal assistant solves a huge array of issues related to:

  • registration and verification on the iGaming platform;
  • making an initial deposit;
  • cashing out bonuses and withdrawing prize money;
  • information about new games, promotions, tournaments, and promo codes;
  • consulting on the issues of responsible and safe gambling.

Based on AI and popular instant messengers (Telegram, Viber, and Instagram), universal platforms are being created. Here, it is possible for operators to register players, accept bets, payout prizes, and organise tournaments or seasonal promotions.

A Telegram casino, for example, will have a backend identical to that of a mobile casino and a desktop version of the website. In this case, the front end differs depending on the device and the program for logging.

Increase in the Level of Customer Care

Among the most useful features of the neural network, we can name:

  1. Expenditure control. With the help of AI, it is possible to set up game limits, notifications about all casino transactions, and other functions. All these options are part of the overall budgeting scheme. It is created for each user based on his behavioural triggers.
  2. Round-the-clock support. AI can help with the solution of various technical and legal problems. Whether money does not come to the account for a long time or there are difficulties with using a promotional code — these and other issues are resolved 24/7 in autonomous mode thanks to AI.
  3. Formation of recommendations. The neural network studies the previous requests of players (games, software vendors, as well as favourite features and characters), and based on them, it creates a list of entertainment that will definitely interest a particular user. The formation of such a list based on AI is already practised by top software developers. Among them, there are 888 Holdings Ltd and its innovative Oracle platform.

Optimisation of Marketing Campaigns

The neural network can track and analyse the intermediate results of advertising. After that, entrepreneurs can make an informed decision to continue the campaign, suspend it, or make some changes.

AI can classify gamblers based on their behaviour and preferences. It is also advisable to launch separate marketing campaigns for each selected group to get the most out of the promotion process.

The Main Things about the Neural Network in the Gambling Niche

Neural networks in iGaming: main things

This important technical innovation makes online casinos better, more popular, and safer.

  • The use of AI ensures the legitimate work of operators. Such programs make it easier to verify customers, check their age, and adhere to the responsible gaming principle. Artificial intelligence is an important component of risk management related to payments.
  • The program is used to improve the user experience. It can generate lists of recommendations based on the preferences of players, create individual budgeting plans, and provide round-the-clock assistance.
  • AI is an indispensable component of the creation of chatbots based on messengers. Operators can use Telegram, Viber, Instagram, and other resources to expand the client base of their casinos.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 18 april 2023