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Updated 05 july 2021

Blockchain is gradually winning a leading position in the financial market and is not inferior to traditional payments in euros and US dollars. Bitcoin casinos operate based on this technology and support fast and anonymous transfers with a high level of protection.

The task of managers is to choose the right aggregator for maximising the benefits of cryptocurrency transactions in a gaming establishment.

Bitcoin casino payments: general info

The Online Casino Market company offers its clients to connect a BTC gambling platform. We have developed a reliable and profitable solution for a solid start in the iGaming niche.

Main Advantages of Cryptocurrency Transfers

The key feature of all Blockchain projects is the availability of a convenient and reliable financial module with support for digital money. The product provides fast and anonymous transfers and expands the geography of users of an iGaming resource.

Benefits of installing a Bitcoin gambling script:

High transaction speed

The average time for making a transfer in digital tokens is 3 minutes. Operations in Altcoins are carried out even faster: the manager will need only a minute.

The processing speed of crypto payments depends on the specific currency but wire transfers will take much less time than settlements in fiat money

Decentralised functioning

Such transactions are carried out directly between the BTC wallets of operators and players. Sometimes a third party or a payment aggregator is added to the supply chain.

The functioning of the Bitcoin casino script does not depend on fiscal and customs policies, banking requirements, and other financial restrictions

Absolute security

Already existing chains of money transfers cannot be changed. The history of operations cannot be faked or deleted. It is also impossible to steal information from hash blocks.

In such a technology, multi-level hashing via the SHA-256 protocol is used. BTC wallets cannot be accessed without special encrypted electronic keys

Availability from any part of the world

Payment options in Bitcoin casino software significantly expand the geography of visitors to the gambling site. All clients need to play is a custom BTC wallet.

Local gaming restrictions do not apply to Blockchain transfers. This allows operators to work with an even larger audience of interested punters

Good prospects

Bitcoin is the monetary unit of the future, which is already used by millions of gamblers.

That is why it is a good image step to start crypto casino projects. Blockchain projects are extremely profitable and require a minimum initial investment

Nuances of Choosing a Payment System for a BTC Platform

Those operators who do not know how to start a Bitcoin casino should learn about turnkey projects.

Our company offers to connect a crypto casino with a catalogue of modern BTC games, an option to control the honesty of the results, and a well-thought-out backend.

Entrepreneurs can order a financial aggregator that supports crypto transfers. The payment tool is easily integrated into the structure of an already existing gaming site and attracts new users to the gambling resource.

The main criteria for choosing a crypto casino script:

  1. Multicurrency. Most aggregators work with Bitcoins but it is good when the service additionally supports transfers in Ethereums, Litecoins, and other tokens. This increases the number of interested customers who are ready to place bets in digital assets.
  2. Connection with fiat money. As a rule, aggregators offer a convenient conversion of crypto funds into traditional banknotes and vice versa. Payment systems use a floating exchange rate: coefficients depend on the current value of a particular currency.
  3. Minimum commission. The amount of deductions does not exceed 3% of the transfer amount. An excellent choice is to connect aggregators that work without commission.
  4. Simple installation. Most often, providers offer seamless integration using API tools. The company creates a separate payment page for the gambling site. Visitors to the iGaming portal can be redirected to the official resource of the aggregator with the Host-to-Host system.
  5. Convenient and practical backend. The operator's account should contain such options as the use of templates, generation of statistics, reporting for the selected period, viewing history, and setting up payments.
  6. Cross-platform environment. A good Bitcoin casino solution with a proven financial aggregator works on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone, and other popular gadgets.
  7. Availability of additional options. Payment providers suggest that gamblers participate in the referral program, and obtain credit at a favourable interest. Vendors also connect cashback and multi-factor user identification.

The Legality of Financial Transactions in Bitcoins

Bitcoin transactions: legality

Cryptocurrency transfers are a transparent settlement method, the benefits of which have already been appreciated by millions of users and operators from different parts of the world. Most jurisdictions have started legalising digital assets. At the same time, in some countries (for example, in El Salvador), BTC is recognised as the official currency on par with the US dollar.

In 2018, the Curacao Gambling Authority issued the first Bitcoin casino licence, allowing a Latvian operator to work in the .com domain zone and accept deposits in cryptocurrency.

At the beginning of this year, the European Court of Justice ruled in favour of the legalisation of digital assets. The authority recognised Bitcoin as a payment method, thus freeing Blockchain transactions from double taxation. The EU Court calls the exchange of BTC for fiat monetary units quite legal and calls on all market participants to timely declare income in cryptocurrency.

In the US, issues regarding virtual tokens are decided at the state level. To start a Bitcoin casino in Delaware, Michigan, and Nevada, business owners do not need to obtain a permit, for example.

Financial Systems for Crypto Transactions from Online Casino Market

From us, clients can order a BTC start-up with built-in payment modules. We cooperate with the best providers, guaranteeing high speed and absolute security of money transfers.

Let us consider the most successful brands in the gambling sphere that are suitable for a turnkey Bitcoin casino.


The provider’s service contains dozens of payment methods. Moreover, the operator manages transactions in such popular digital tokens as Bitcoin, Altcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Throne.

Benefits of installing the cryptocurrency casino script with the Moneygrator system:

  • a single integration session that allows managers to conduct more than 100 operations with digital currencies without waiting for each transfer to be rechecked);
  • high level of protection thanks to the antifraud system and user verification service;
  • fast processing of payments (the time of accrual of funds depends on the chosen digital asset but, in general, it does not exceed 5–7 minutes);
  • convenient back office with a history of transactions, reporting, and other useful options.


The payment aggregator supports BTC transactions since it is the most liquid and in-demand currency in the global economy. This is a 2-in-1 solution: operators can accept BTCs and exchange them for fiat money.

The main reasons to find a Bitcoin casino for sale with the BitLoad4U system:

  • no need to use external aggregators since all options for receiving, sending, and exchanging tokens are already available on the aggregator’s platform;
  • direct interconnection with popular fiat systems (China Unionpay, Visa, MasterCard, and other services that support IBAN accounts);
  • licensing of the BitLoad4U project in the prestigious Maltese jurisdiction is a huge advantage for those who are considering registering their iGaming business in this country;
  • convenient mobile application with an excellent choice of additional options (reporting, exchange transactions).


The American company specialises in digital money management. The brand's main product is the BitGo Portfolio Professional payment system. Moreover, the service provides options for the storage and trading of cryptocurrencies.

The development of a Bitcoin casino with the BitGo aggregator is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • the Portfolio Professional module for simultaneous work with digital and fiat monetary units, instant exchange of funds at a loyal rate;
  • simple and secure integration based on SDK wallets and API tools;
  • access to the innovative Prime Trading service for electronic money trading;
  • placement of cryptocurrency in the BitGo Trust insured cold storage.


The international brand supports secure transactions in Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum, and other promising tokens. Besides, the service offers a convenient exchange of digital funds for fiat money.

Features of the payment system:

  • instant deposits in cryptocurrency (the time of accrual of funds does not exceed 3 seconds);
  • convenient binding to national money with the search for the best conversion rate;
  • low commission deductions (0.5%) without any restrictions on the deposition and withdrawal of financial resources;
  • support for smart contracts (crypto payments are linked with a certain amount of fiat currency, which must be paid within 1–1.5 hours).


This electronic financial system is one of the leaders in the global market, which has recently also been working with digital money. The solution is very popular among gamblers: more than 100 thousand transactions pass through the service every day.

The decision to create a Bitcoin casino with the Skrill program has the following advantages:

  • fast exchange operations between cryptocurrency and fiat money (dollars, euros, yuan, pounds sterling) at a convenient rate;
  • ability to work without mandatory authorisation but with the use of conditional bookings;
  • safe and legal transactions (the brand’s payment system is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland);
  • the Knect loyalty program with an accumulation points system for each transaction made in digital assets.

The Main Things about BTC Transfers on Gambling Platforms

BTC casino payment systems: key notions

You can buy Bitcoin casino projects from our studio. We are ready to provide a high-quality solution with a catalogue of dynamic slot machines, an advanced CRM system, and a financial aggregator.

You can also choose to install a Bitcoin payment service from the best providers in the industry. Our specialists recommend such software vendors as Moneygrator, BitLoad4U, BitGo, Alphapo, and Skrill.

  • The advantages of settlements in digital money include fast and secure operation, expansion of the geography of users, and decentralisation that allows the services not to depend on the opinion of government agencies.
  • The main characteristics of a reliable aggregator include the provision of a cross-platform environment, work with a minimum commission fee, easy connection, and support for exchange operations with fiat currency. The presence of a convenient backend will simplify and increase the efficiency of program management.

To get a free test version of a Bitcoin gaming site, please contact the Online Casino Market managers.

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