Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) Casino Fraud Protection: Buy Cyber Security Systems

Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) Casino Fraud Protection: Buy Cyber Security Systems

Updated 10 february 2023

Safe play is one of the main factors that demonstrate the reliability of the gambling platform and the protection of customers. The best way to secure financial transactions and ensure transparency of money transfers is to connect Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) software to protect the casino. 

Abilott casino security software

The British company has been working on the gambling market for more than ten years. It managed to develop a good portfolio of products for the following areas:

  • financial services;
  • gaming industry;
  • software for government agencies;
  • retail;
  • telecommunication systems.

You can connect verification for casinos from Abilott from Online Casino Market. Leave a request to our manager, and you will get detailed information about the manufacturer and its products, as well as a personal discount.

Abilott Casino Security: ISO 27001 Standard

The developer offers comprehensive products for solving different problems (from evaluating the current state of the business to reaching the established ISO 27001 standard).

The company employees have extensive experience. They guarantee full support throughout the entire cooperation period. Abilott casino protection software will allow you to reduce the time needed to implement your project by 20-30%.

The procedure for interacting with new customers is divided into several stages:

  • assessment of customer awareness of the ISO standard definition and application;
  • prompt client informing and a brief overview of the system;
  • checking the gaming platform for compliance with the standards and the introduction of GAP management systems and technical work with a slot machine website;
  • conducting an independent audit;
  • collection of evidence, reporting and the provision of training materials;
  • comprehensive work on the implementation of ISO-protocols and bringing the business to established standards.

Having decided to connect Abilott software to protect the casino, the owner of a gambling establishment receives not only effective tools to combat fraud, but also the opportunity to raise the level of his or her platform to international standards. As a result, the project gets the growth of audience loyalty, increased traffic, and the possibility to work in the global market without unwanted attention from the controlling authorities.

Connecting Verification for Casinos from Abilott: The Product Catalogue

Verification for casinos from Abilott

Casino security from Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) is based on two fundamental principles — compliance with the project and the implementation of protection tools.

Abilott ID verification for a casino: The list of solutions

Cybersecurity audit

The service aims to simplify the network of certificates and recommendations.

The task of the program is to create clear and detailed analytics, reporting tables, showing the available opportunities for improving the business

Cyber Essentials

This is a set of requirements for tendering. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to show potential partners your interest in improving security systems.

The service was developed by the controlling authority of Great Britain. Abilott offers support when applying for compliance and obtaining the appropriate certificate


Casino fraud protection from Abilott will allow you to bring your gaming platform to the level of standards in the field of processing, storage and transfer of credit information of your customers and partners

Data protection (GDPR)

The general provisions entered into force in May 2018. They apply to all member states of the European Union (28 countries).

Abilott casino security system will let you analyse the existing infrastructure of the project and offer gambling services in Europe within the framework of law

Gambling Compliance Service

The company deals with the compliance of gambling enterprises with the standards established in the many jurisdictions of the world.

Since there are no uniform regulations, casino security software from Abilott is a dynamic system, providing the possibility to personalize and customize it following the requirements of particular markets and offshore zones

The Tasks of the Software

Tasks of the security software

Casino security software from Abilott performs the following functions:

Browser application checking

The gaming application evaluation system can to provide detailed reports on any vulnerabilities of the project and create personalized instructions for their elimination

Infrastructure evaluation

ID verification for casinos from Abilott is designed to identify any possibilities for external penetration into the infrastructure of the site.

Reports created by the service contain detailed information about the detected "anomalies" and recommendations on how to fix them

Mobile app testing

This is a set of measures for detecting vulnerabilities of mobile services and malicious components.

Abilott casino fraud protection can analyse several operating systems or evaluate a large-scale network of devices connected to a single platform at the same time.

To identify "anomalies," specialized protocols are used. They meet international standards (including the provisions of Open Web Application Security Top 10)

Wireless network assessment

The system detects any inconsistencies and irregularities in the operation of wireless networks. The website operator is provided with a detailed report with a description of the errors and tips on resolving them

Gaming project scanning

Abilott ID verification for casinos is based on machine learning technologies. The product is aimed at regular monitoring of the project and minimizing manual intervention

Cyber attack imitation

This tool allows you to evaluate the security of a gambling establishment and develop a personalized methodology to combat any unauthorized actions


Thanks to Airnow Cybersecurity (Abilott) casino fraud protection, real money games have become much safer. The system allows operators to ensure the transparency of financial processes and bring their business projects to an entirely new level of quality.

  • Protection software from Abilott can enable you to develop your gambling project following ISO 27001.
  • The verification system creates personalized reports on all identified vulnerabilities and detailed instructions for resolving them.
  • The team of developers offers an exclusive service — an imitation of a cyber attack. It will allow you to evaluate the operability of the security systems in dangerous conditions.

You can connect verification for casinos from Abilott in just a couple of clicks. Just contact Online Casino Market managers.

We offer flexible terms, complete confidentiality, and high-quality technical support at all stages of cooperation. Moreover, you can buy gaming novelties from us. Our assortment includes products from leading suppliers, from traditional fruit slot machines to card games and lotteries, as well as live content and betting solutions.

A free version of our gaming system will help you evaluate the benefits of cooperation.

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Updated 10 february 2023