ASAP Secured Casino Fraud Protection: The Best Offers from Online Casino Market

ASAP Secured Casino Fraud Protection: The Best Offers from Online Casino Market

Updated 10 february 2023

ASAP Secured began its activities in 2002. The brand is proud of its unrivalled reputation. The company provides premium services to its customers. The presence of a whole range of tools for online entrepreneurs and owners of ground-based establishments (this option is relevant for operators from Canada) is a distinctive feature of the supplier.

ASAP Secured casino fraud protection: tasks of the software

Online Casino Market will help you find out more details, evaluate the casino security from ASAP Secured, and buy the manufacturer's software solutions. Our team guarantees the best conditions, high integration speed, and good bonuses.

The Tasks of the Protection System

Identity check of a new user is a mandatory procedure that allows to predict risks and evaluate the player's prospects at the initial stages of interaction.

ID verification for casinos from ASAP Secured is designed to cope with the following tasks:

  1. Determining the age of the audience. Persons under the age of 18-21 should not play real money games (the norms depend on the legislative requirements of a particular territory).
  2. Proof of identity. This service includes the verification of documents, analysis of the user's credit history, identification of facts of participation in fraudulent activities, etc.
  3. The fight against money laundering. Casino security software from ASAP Secured will allow you to identify abnormal customer behaviour. Moreover, its priority task is to control transactions with large amounts.
  4. The right to withdraw funds. An application for a money transfer cannot be approved without confirmation of customer data in electronic payment systems or banking institutions.
  5. Geolocation. Due to licensing restrictions in some countries, ASAP Secured casino protection software forms a database of customers who are allowed to play and "rejects" users from countries where gambling is prohibited officially in automatic mode.

Benefits of Connecting the Verification for Casinos from ASAP Secured

The product of the developer is a universal integrated solution, covering all sectors of Internet entrepreneurship. Casino security from ASAP Secured allows operators to control both financial flows and the behaviour of customers, suppliers, and partners of the affiliate network.

Having decided to connect ASAP Secured software to protect the casino, the operator gets the following benefits:

  • work in 24/7 format;
  • instant processing of large volumes of information;
  • maximum automation of internal processes (errors due to the human factor are minimized);
  • a large assortment of individual settings (data processing priorities, reports on specified parameters, the ability to change the parameters for assessing security issues in manual mode, etc.);
  • prompt, qualified assistance from company consultants.

The brand's unique feature is the fact that ASAP Secured casino fraud protection can be applied not only in the online sector but also in land-based business.

Offline operators from Canada can use the following services:

  • monitoring transportation of goods (for example, conveyance of gaming equipment);
  • security personnel (both in uniform and in civvies.);
  • organization of checkpoints on the gambling house territory;
  • ID verification for land-based casinos from ASAP Secured (video monitoring, fingerprint checks, documentation authentication, and many other things);
  • protection of a ground-based object outside working hours (or during a long absence of the owner).

The Catalogue of Products

ASAP Secured software: catalogue of products

You can connect the verification for casinos from ASAP Secured in just two clicks. Just leave a request to Online Casino Market managers. ASAP Secured casino fraud protection guarantees absolute control over any "anomalies" and suspicious activities.

ASAP Secured casino security software: Key components of the system


Short description

Operation centre

The support service is working around the clock. It is ready to resolve any technical issues in the shortest possible time.

The company's specialists claim that it is possible to start the integration of security programs just a few seconds after the request

System of performance and management evaluation

The task of this software component is in automatic evaluation and prediction of the enterprise's effectiveness.

Having decided to connect ASAP Secured software to protect the casino, the operator gets access to the following services and tools:

  • courses and materials on the selection, development, and retention of personnel;

  • management training;

  • exploring the slot machine website and monitoring the correctness of its operation;

  • creation of reporting documentation (including the process of generating accounts of the enterprise);

  • customer satisfaction evaluation


This unique development of the company is designed to monitor and manage incidents and exchange of information.

ASAP Secured ID verification for casinos includes the following modules:

  • incident administering (reporting on "anomalies");

  • contact information (providing instant access to project participants, supporting its performance);

  • customer preferences (personal settings to improve the quality of interaction with the interface of the system);

  • document management (the company offers a reliable system for transferring and storing any amount of internal information)

Planning system

A set of useful software components can allow you to systematize and automate internal working processes.

The software can be used to control staff, monitor casino attendance and track incidents between an employee and a gambler

Work Alone

This is a self-learning "virtual operator." The system resembles chatbots for mobile applications. It will let you minimize the time necessary for solving typical issues


ASAP Secured security system

ASAP Secured security system is a productive and functional solution. It will allow you to protect your online project from any fraudulent activities and automate internal working processes as much as possible.

  • After connecting ASAP Secured verification for casinos, you will get the possibility to confirm the identity of users and determine their age and geolocation, as well as to request complete data needed for withdrawals. These tools will help you combat money laundering.
  • The advantages of ASAP Secured casino fraud protection software includes round-the-clock operation, the ability to analyse large amounts of information, predict risks and create convenient systems for interacting with players, suppliers, and partners of the project.
  • The company offers several services for offline establishments in Canada.

You can connect ASAP Secured verification for casinos at any convenient time. Just leave a request to Online Casino Market managers.

We guarantee complete confidentiality, free updates of the gaming system, and access to the best gambling novelties. A free demo version of our gaming platform will help you evaluate all the benefits of cooperating with us.

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Updated 10 february 2023