AFIMAC Casino Fraud Protection Software: Sale, Review

AFIMAC Casino Fraud Protection Software: Sale, Review

Updated 10 february 2023

IGaming is one of the most dynamic and promising areas in the modern economy that annually generates a profit of multi-billion dollars. For that matter, the number of requirements regarding the reliability and security of gambling platforms is increasing significantly. It is important for operators to take care of the safety of not only their own funds but also the money of customers.

AFIMAC casino security software

Online Casino Market recommends operators to connect AFIMAC software to protect the casino. This is a high-quality and multi-task product that makes unauthorised access of third parties simply impossible.

It only takes a few minutes to integrate the AFIMAC casino security software. For more detailed information, please contact the manager of Online Casino Market.

Brief Description of the Company

AFIMAC has been providing professional security services for more than 30 years. Initially, the American brand was focused only on the land-based industry, offering comprehensive support for the construction and mining sectors, retail, medicine, air travel, and freight traffic.

Over the past 25 years, AFIMAC has managed to cooperate with hundreds of brands of Fortune 500 — the list of companies that have experienced emergency conditions from period to period.

AFIMAC solutions are especially valuable for the brands affected by natural disasters (tornadoes, floods) and economic crises. In due time, they were all offered well-thought-out anti-recessionary measures that allowed them to quickly get out of a difficult situation with minimal financial losses.

The corporate headquarters is located in the city of Milton (Ontario, Canada), and the company’s solutions are delivered primarily to North American markets. However, many products, such as AFIMAC casino protection software, are already popular all over the world.

Features of the AFIMAC Casino Security Software for iGaming

AFIMAC casino fraud protection software

To ensure casino security, AFIMAC has developed the unique AFI Security software.

AFIMAC casino security software combines modern technology with proven methods of risk management and business continuity. Clients of the developer can be sure that their facilities, personnel, and assets are protected from both internal and external threats.

The AFIMAC casino fraud protection software is based on 3 main modules. We offer you to consider them in more detail:



Security and Fraud

A flexible risk management system is included in the structure of AFI Security. Its aim is to identify account capturing schemes, prevent the advertising abuse, and prohibit illegal interference of third parties in the operation of the gambling platform.

In the process of creation of the Security and Fraud block, the manufacturer focused on such modern technologies as secure Internet gateways (SIG), API integration, firewalls (IPS, Firewall), and other progressive developments

Payments Risk Assessment

The risk management module related to the transactions in the gambling business.

Capabilities of the block:

  • Verification of payment details before their processing
  • Automatic rejection of risky operations
  • Customisation of additional filters and access levels depending on the preferences of administrators
  • Control over the correct distribution of money doled out for online casino loyalty programs


A flexible AFIMAC id verification for a casino, thanks to which users can be sure that their personal data will be completely confident and safe

Having vast experience in the development and implementation of complex and effective procedures, AFI Security offers complete protection of platforms against illegal interference by third parties.

Operators can focus on strategic planning (revenue increase, international expansion), while many basic processes are already debugged with the help of the provider.

Security and Fraud

To ensure casino security, AFIMAC has developed an effective information security module.

The block is the main component of AFI Security software and performs the following tasks:

  1. Comprehensive protection against malicious software (viruses).
  2. Prevention of the influence of external threats (DDoS attacks, hacking attempts).
  3. Protection against incompetent actions of personnel — both purposeful and caused by accidental negligence.
  4. Protection against technical failures in the operation of server hardware and software.
  5. Timely fixation and analysis of activity that may threaten the operability of a gambling resource.

It is worth noting that AFIMAC casino security software is a cross-platform product. In practice, it means the same high-quality protection when using both mobile devices and desktop computers.

The Main Technologies

To guarantee security, AFIMAC uses the following advanced technologies:

  • IPS — an effective system, the aim of which is to prevent external interventions into the work of the gambling platform. The principle of its operation is based on the use of signature analysis of network traffic. IPS instantly detects suspicious activity, the reason for which can be massive DDoS attacks.
  • Firewall — a network firewall that includes several protection functions simultaneously. It blocks spam, affection of viruses, illegal intrusions, and targeted attacks.
  • SIG — special Internet gateways in the AFI Security structure. They organise the transfer of traffic through the most secure Internet communication channels.

Connect Verification for Casinos AFIMAC

Verification for casinos AFIMAC

The developer strongly recommends operators to connect AFIMAC software to protect the casino. It is necessary to make customers confirm their identity when entering a gaming site or trying to make a transaction (deposit and withdraw the money earned in the slot machine and transfer funds to another account).

The AFIMAC id verification for casino takes into account the local laws of the jurisdiction where operators work. In practice, it solves another problem —control of access of minors to the platform.

As you know, there are countries where people under the age of 21 cannot play casino games. In other regions, this parameter is reduced to 18 years. There are also states where regulators maintain strict controls over the fact that access to the gaming site is prohibited to people with signs of ludomania (there are special registries for this).

The AFIMAC id verification for casino also takes into account all the features of local legislation, which makes it possible for operators to work legally.

It is quite simple to buy and connect verification for AFIMAC casino. This option is included in AFI Security, and the integration itself takes place with the use of API protocols.


AFI Security is a good and well-thought-out product for the comprehensive protection of gambling business:

  1. Flawless risk management system. The only task of operators is to deal with the administration of a casino.
  2. Multilevel transaction management module. Suspicious payments are rejected automatically thanks to well-known fraud patterns and targeted risk statement.
  3. An additional block for the verification of gamblers guarantees absolute confidentiality of data.

The AFIMAC casino fraud protection software can be ordered from the Online Casino Market. We offer optimal cooperation conditions for all our customers, as well as round-the-clock technical support at all stages of software implementation.

More details can be obtained from our manager. Contact information:

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023