The Accertify Casino Fraud Protection Software: Review and Ability to Purchase

The Accertify Casino Fraud Protection Software: Review and Ability to Purchase

Updated 10 february 2023

A full-fledged gambling project is impossible without a good security system. Sometimes it is embedded in the structure of a gambling establishment but most often, the professional software needs to be bought separately.

According to experts of Online Casino Market, customers need to put their mind on the Accertify casino protection software, which is a flexible and multi-tasking solution that provides the reliable functioning of the gambling location.

Accertify casino protection software

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A Little Bit of History

The American company Accertify Inc was established in 2007 when it has presented its first development — the Interceptas data management platform. Later, the development of solutions for the administration and software security became the main focus area of the brand.

Accertify is a subsidiary of the American Express international concern, which offers systems for such industries as e-commerce, retail, tourism, and financial management. The manufacturer draws a particular focus toward the iGaming field, and its products are delivered all over the world.

The Most In-Demand Solutions

The Accertify product range includes:

  • software for digital personal identification;
  • the option that allows operators to connect software to protect the casino Accertify;
  • Accertify casino fraud protection software;
  • dispute and chargeback management systems;
  • the PSD2 class software, the aim of which is client authentication;
  • payment gateways.

Moreover, the brand offers many related options: technical and legal support, software maintenance, and some more solutions for the casino industry.

Such an approach helps casino owners to focus on business development, while many basic processes can be done by specialists of Accertify.

Software for the Protection of Gambling Platforms

Software for the protection of gambling platforms

As it was already mentioned, Accertify casino security software is probably the most important product in the provider’s arsenal. This distribution is connected to the features of the field.

IGaming is a dynamic and rapidly growing industry with a huge turnover. Accordingly, the number of unscrupulous market participants is also increasing. To ensure the reliability of the casino, Accertify offers its advanced developments.

Fraud Management is a special script, and its aim is to instantly detect traces of fraud and support the correct operation of a casino website.

Accertify casino security software solves the following problems:

  1. Identification of account capturing schemes. It is a common practice where fraudsters get access to the accounts of the VIP customers and then steal their money. The id verification for casino Accertify makes such a development impossible.
  2. The fight against multi-accounting. The participation of a gambler in a particular slot machine or tournament under different nicknames gives him a certain advantage over the opponents. Solutions from the described developer prevent such actions of users.
  3. Control of access to the casino for minors. It will be possible if you connect software to protect the casino Accertify. It makes impossible for minors to play slot games, and business owners can be sure of the legality of their projects.
  4. Fight against bots. The provider uses special multi-level algorithms. They instantly detect atypical traffic and block illegal accounts.
  5. Prevention of advertising abuse. They are typical for the mass attraction of new users, when, for each registration, operators should pay gamblers a certain bonus. The system detects such anomalies in the casino functioning and immediately eliminates them.

Fraud Management provides instant elimination of fraudulent schemes and any malfunctions in the casino so that operators comply with all the requirements of a particular jurisdiction. It protects business owners from losing their reputation, getting multi-million fines, and having problems with the legislation.

Features of Fraud Management

Fraud management: features

Accertify casino security software is a multi-purpose element that consists of several structure blocks, and all of them are responsible for a specific task. Let us consider its characteristics in more detail:



Risk Assessment

The risk evaluation is carried out in real-time and in relation to each transaction.

A special API technology has been introduced into the structure of the system. It gathers information on the location and characteristics of clients, payments, and related transactions.

The obtained data helps business owners to identify potentially risky operations that could cause harm


The id verification for casino Accertify filters and sorts transactions at the administrator’s discretion (for example, time in the queue, deadlines, percentage of risky payments)


The software offers more than 30 ready-made reports with the possibility of explicitation, what-if analysis, a dashboard, and data mining


The company guarantees 100% casino security: Accertify is certified by PCI DSS as a provider of services of the 1 level. All solutions of the brand meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

Global Support

The multi-language team works 24/7 to provide high-quality support to all customers

To connect verification for casino Accertify, operators will need only a few minutes. The developer provides instant integration into already existing locations and maximum adaptability.

Connect Verification for Casino Accertify

Verification is an important part of the Fraud Management product. At the same time, the Accertify verification system for the casino is primarily focused on the specifics of the local legislation.

As supporting documentation, you can request from potential gamblers a copy of their passport or ID-card, an invoice for renting an apartment, a bank statement or a confirmation of payment of utility bills.

In some cases, it is better to make a screenshot of the payment system through which you are going to make the first deposit. Everything is very individual and depends on the laws of a particular jurisdiction.

There are 2 ways to connect the id verification for casino Accertify:

  1. When a client registers on the website.
  2. When a gambler makes the first deposit.

The final choice of an entrepreneur is usually determined by the quality of the attracted traffic and the features of the casino.


To guarantee the security of a gambling club, Accertify has developed good and well-thought-out software. Its characteristics are increased efficiency and advanced functionality, and they can help operators to protect their business from such problems as fraud, identity theft, and unauthorised access of third parties.

The Accertify casino fraud protection software can be connected at Online Casino Market. We have been cooperating with the described developer for many years, so we offer the best quality-to-price ratio. We guarantee professional support at all stages of cooperation.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023