Bet It Best Casino Fraud Protection: A Profitable Investment for Your Business

Bet It Best Casino Fraud Protection: A Profitable Investment for Your Business

Updated 10 february 2023

Stable operation of a gambling resource is impossible without high-quality protection from various external and internal threats. Some gaming platforms have built-in security systems, but, as a rule, operators prefer to buy additional programs.

Bet It Best casino fraud protection

Online Casino Market recommends you to pay attention to casino protection software from Bet It Best. This effective and well-thought-out solution will bring your business to an entirely new level.

Brief Overview of the Company's Activities

Bet IT Best GmbH is a German brand specializing in the development of advanced software for the gambling industry. The manufacturer is oriented to both investors and owners of gambling companies, as well as end consumers of gaming services.

B2B direction includes:

  • Bet It Best casino security software; 
  • software for betting shops (online and offline areas).

As for the other spheres, the developer presented a vivid and multifunctional website. Over 100 different bets on team sports are available to users. Players can predict the final score in football, basketball, or volleyball matches, as well as the result of rugby or hockey tournaments.

Another advantage of the betting website lies in the presence of the modern "livescores" function. Thanks to it, customers can watch broadcasts of interesting matches in a real-time format, as well as play for their favourite team.

The company has developed a unique sports news aggregation service that covers real-time news from 4,500 different sources. Local, regional, national, international, and twitter sources, interviews, and stories on popular channels are taken into account.

The headquarters of the developer is located in Munich (Bavaria, Germany). The number of employees exceeds three hundred people. All solutions are presented in English and German. At the same time, operators can connect Bet It Best software to protect the casino with any interface language.

The Main Tasks of Security Software

As already mentioned, iGaming companies are subjected to hundreds of attacks by intruders every day. Their main goal is to seize the resources of operators. The financial assets and personal data of gamers are of particular interest here.

Bet IT Best security software

ID verification for casinos from Bet It Best can solve the following problems:

  1. Multilevel protection against the influence of malicious codes (viruses, dangerous scripts, encoded cyphers, SQL injections). Destructive elements can be embedded in server system components, caching systems, a database, and other important components of a gambling resource.
  2. Prevention of DDoS attacks and hacking attempts. These actions are aimed at a partial or complete halt of the gambling platform operation. Attackers steal money from players and operators when programmers are trying to deal with the problem. Besides, DDoS attacks often demonstrate unfair competition.
  3. Protection against software piracy, reverse engineering, and illegal use of the intellectual property. In addition to stealing money, scammers are often engaged in reverse engineering. This is an illegal exploration of program code to understand the principles of its operation. As a rule, the information received is sold to competitors of the gambling service.
  4. The fight against multi-accounting. Gamers often use this technique when participating in major tournaments. They play games from several accounts at once to gain an advantage over other participants in the competition.
  5. Combating bots. Mass registration on a slot machine website for money laundering is another problem that may be faced by operators. As is known, many resources offer welcome bonuses for new customers. Attackers organize the massive creation of "empty" accounts to hustle money from online casinos.
  6. Identification of risky payments. These are transactions exceeding the established limit, as well as money transfers performed using unreliable bank cards (payment systems have so-called "blacklists" of such cards). Identification and blocking of risky payments protect the operator from illegal actions and the loss of a license.
  7. Protection against technical failures and incompetent actions of personnel. Not all problems of the system are connected with the activities of scammers. Very often, employees of the company may violate the safe operation of the resource (intentionally or accidentally).

Thus, Bet It Best casino fraud protection takes into account all known and typical fraudulent schemes.

The operator can be confident in the integrity and safety of his or her business, and focus on strategic tasks (business extension, access to foreign markets). ID verification for casinos from Bet It Best can help you turn such a scenario into reality, ensuring the reliability and safety of your project.

Characteristics of the Products

To guarantee casino security, Bet It Best has developed the well-thought-out and multi-tasking product. Bet It Best casino fraud protection is based on the implementation of many progressive ideas and tools.

Let us consider the key technologies used by the manufacturer:



Anti-fraud systems

Anti-fraud services perform continuous monitoring and verification of payments according to many parameters set by the administrator. The goal of such actions is to determine potentially risky transactions

UDP, TCP, DNS filters

Casino security software from Bet It Best filters all existing types of DDoS attacks at the network, transport, session and application level (for Internet traffic)

Secure Internet Gateways (SIG)

They deal with corporate information security problems caused by the spread of mobile and cloud gambling technologies

API integration

Thanks to this tool, you can connect verification for casinos from Bet It Best in just a few seconds, without making adjustments to the structure of the program code and software life-cycles

To ensure casino security, Bet It Best has applied various innovative IT technologies. At the same time, the developers of the brand are always improving their ready-made products, providing updated releases and additional plug-ins for working with programs.

ID Verification for Casinos from Bet It Best

ID verification for casinos from Bet It Best

One of the critical components of the German software is a progressive user authentication module.

ID verification for casinos from Bet It Best works based on KYC technology (Know Your Customer). It means that new users must go through two-level registration. Then, each subsequent access to the homepage of the gambling website is recorded on a cloud disk. The storage is used for internal, systemic, and statistical purposes.

The program registers the data on the address of the available file, the date and time of access, the amount of data transferred, notification of successful access, a web browser, and the requested domain. Further, this information is used to analyse suspicious activities, for example, when someone tries to log into a gamer's account from a different IP address.

To guarantee casino fraud protection, Bet It Best monitors the safety of the users' data. Gamers can be sure of the absolute confidentiality of the information provided by them.

Connecting verification for casinos from Bet It Best is a rather simple process. The ultra-fast API integration can cope with this task in just a few minutes.


Bet IT Best GmbH is one of the leaders in the production of well-designed security software for online casinos.

The brand offers the following options:

  • Comprehensive solution of tasks related to the protection of gambling services. Both hacker attacks and technical malfunctions in the operation of programs are taken into account here.
  • Close attention is paid to the management of risky payments. The system rejects suspicious transactions automatically, ensuring the work of the operator in the legal field.
  • Software integration is a simple and convenient process. The developer provides professional technical support at all stages of cooperation.

To connect Bet It Best software to protect your casino, contact the Online Casino Market manager. We will propose good terms for cooperation and the best quality-to-price ratio in the market.

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Karen Fill

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Updated 10 february 2023